One of the ways to visualize the data in the report are charts. The chart component in our products is available long time ago but from the release 2015.2 we added animations in charts for reporting tools - Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf and Stimulsoft Reports.Web. In addition, our new product Stimulsoft Reports.JS also has this possibility. Animation of charts greatly increases the attractiveness of reports.

Animation in Charts

In addition we added new functionality to the chart style to setup – areas, series labels, legends, axes, grid lines etc.
Starting with the version 2015.2, you can retrieve data from the Excel file. To do this, you should select the New Data Source and identify the type of source as Excel or just drag the excel file to the data dictionary. Enable the First line parameter as the title, if necessary. Each sheet of the Excel file is imported into a separate data table. Now, based on these data, you can create reports.

Excel Data Source
In earlier versions, it was necessary to call the new connection command to create a new data source. Then the New Data Source command was called, and, based on this connection, the data source was created. After in-depth analysis, taking into account the wishes of our users, we optimized this process and redesigned the form of creating the new data source. Now you need to select New Data Source in the data dictionary, define the source type, select the connection string, and select data tables.

New Form to Create New Data Source

All types of data sources are grouped by the type of a connection. It is also possible to create a list of favorite data sources.
Previously, when creating reports and transmitting data, built-in and external data adapters were used. In order to use external data adapters, it was necessary to download the adapter from the site, unzip the file, add a reference to the dll and etc. And only after that you could work with a particular type of data. From the version 2015.2 all adapters that were external, were grouped and embedded into the reporting tool.

We cannot distribute the database libraries from vendors. So the user, when selecting a desired data source, will be prompted to download the necessary libraries from the NuGet gallery.

Data Adapters NuGet

At the same time, if you are using an external data adapter then your reports will work as well.
At the end of September 2015 we will release the new versions of reporting tools – 2015.2. One of important changes is a brand new report component - Gauge.

The information in the reports looks better if it visualized. One of the tools for data visualization is the Gauge component. This one is designed to display a specific value out of the range of values. Gauges are divided into linear and radial. From the release of 2015.2 in the reporting tools Stimulsoft Reports.Net and Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf will have the Gauge component.

Radial Gauges

Linear Gauges

Gauges are presented as a separate component in the report designer. This component has a fully functional editor, with help of what the gauges can be configured.

Gauge Editor