Reports Designer.Wpf V.2 is the brand new, written from scratch, report designer to work on the platform Windows Presentation Foundation.

One of the most important innovations is that the designer has become the most dynamic – all complicated methods which load the resources or create an interface now work asynchronously. Most part of the interface is rendered asynchronously dynamically only when needed, not when you run the designer.


The new designer retains all the advantages of the designer for WPF – user-friendly interface, work with multipage report templates, stylized localization into many languages etc. In addition, in the new designer we have corrected all the errors and bugs. Due to this it became much faster.


The new Reports Designer.Wpf V.2 will be shipped together with the old one. The user can choose between which designers to use.
In the version 2014.3 of Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Reports.Fx we have reworked lots of forms of editing components. This was done to make work with our products easy and convenient.

In Mobile Designer and Mobile Designer for MVC we have completely changed the interface of the form DataSetup. DataSetup is used to edit any Data components. The form was redesigned and became more convenient and intuitive.


We have also significantly redesigned the interface of the form Image that is used to edit the component StiImage.


The form Text now has several new features – we added the tabs System Variable and Summary.


Another important change was adding system variables in Mobile Designer. Variables appeared in the tree and, consequently, in the forms of editing elements.

system variables

In order to make work with the component SubReport easy, we improved the editing form for this component. Now it is possible to choose from where the report will be taken for editing. For this you can use one of the report pages, the file on the local disk or specify the universal path to the file or website.

sub report

It is also worth mentioning that we have integrated fully functional editor of the component RichText in the Mobile Designer.

richtext editor

For easy editing of the component Group Header Band, all the basic properties on the Properties Panel were moved to the edit form. This greatly simplified the editing of this component. In the editing form the basic properties were combined in tabs Expression, DataColumn, and Summary.

group header
On our website and the official YouTube channel we uploaded 22 new videos on Stimulsoft Reports Server.

In these tutorials you will find information on how to install the report server, basics of working with the navigator, how to create and manage server items, run the scheduler, add new user roles, create simplest reports and more.

We have added the new function to check expressions in the utility Report Checker.

Especially it will be useful for those users who primarily work with reporting tools of other companies that use different syntax.

In the editing window of an expression you will find a button Check, which can be used to verify the correctness of a particular expression.

Microsoft Excel by default allows you to edit any fields in the file. But sometimes it is necessary to restrict editing a document or some fields in it.

The document in which you want to restrict editing can be, for example, an invoice or check. When you export a report to MS Excel you may use the property Restrict Editing which allows you to partially or completely restrict editing of the document. This property can be found in the menu of the viewer or from code:


If you set the value Yes, then it will not be allowed to edit any of the fields the Excel file: