A watermark in the report can now be the result of the expression.

Expression in Watermark

To do this, in the text field of the watermark, put an expression, for example {25+135/25}, and then, after the report is rendered, the result of this expression will be a watermark in the report. You can also specify an expression with the variable name, and then the watermark will be a selected value of this variable.

Text in Watermark

This option is not available in Reports.Java. Please watch the video to see in detail how to use expressions in watermark.
Now the report can be password protected. To do this in the Report Designer, click the Protect Document command in the menu File -> Info and specify a password. After that, when you click Save, the report is packed and encrypted. To open it, you will need to type a password.

Report Encryption in Reports.Web and Reports.JS
Now, in the HTML5 Report Designer, you can check the report for errors. Also, you can get a variety of recommendations to improve the report. To do so, click the Check for Issues command in the menu File -> Info or run the report for rendering from the report designer.

Report Inspector in Reports.Web and Reports.JS
We will add the ability to export a report to PDF and embed other files in this document. This may be different files. For example, data files such as XML or CSV and others. In particular, Excel files can also be embedded. Embedding files in a PDF document provides an opportunity to use modern standards when exporting reports.
Our team has made complete refactoring of components WebViewer, MobileViewer, and MvcViewer. As a result, we have completely updated the component to view reports - WebViewer. Now, this component is a universal full-featured tool for viewing reports. At the same time, the WebViewer component has a number of advantages over the older versions. Increased speed of report processing and improved with cache, optimized work with large reports (big reports). WebViewer is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and supported in any browser. Also, this component is adapted for mobile devices.

Rethought Web Viewer
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