The warmest greetings to you! A new version of our software will come out very soon. Today, we would like to introduce you to the most significant and exciting innovations we are preparing for more convenient and efficient work with your data.


Add new capabilities to your reports using visual programming in report events. An integrated tool from Google Blockly in the Event editor will allow you to create various scenarios when events may trigger.



Automate reporting processes using the built-in scheduler in Stimulsoft Designer. Export your reports and send them by Email "just in time" without any action from a user.



Use analytics in your PHP applications. We are going to release a full-featured solution for the PHP platform.

Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP

Manual Data Entering

Enter your data manually to design analytical panels.

Manual entering

Text in Shapes

Add flowcharts to your reports using shapes and text in them.

Text in Shapes
Citius, Altius, Fortius - Communiter! We have finished the Olympic Games in Tokyo analysis and collected various interesting information and statistics in one dashboard. Do you want to know how many countries are competing in Tokyo? Or how many athletes will compete in different sports and events?

Today we would like to announce changes in system requirements for products. Starting with version 2021.4 of Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards, you should have at least .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher to work with our products when using WinForms and WPF platforms.

Framework versions for .NET Core libraries remain the same:
  • .NET Core 3.1 and higher for WinForms and WPF products;
  • .NET Standard 2.0 and higher for Web products.
In April 2021, Microsoft released Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley (according to the inside information - Windows 11). This update includes a major redesign of the user interface, improved animations, updated built-in applications, and many other new features and system optimizations.

We at Stimulsoft subscribed to get preliminary versions and have already tested our software on the latest Sun Valley build currently available. We are glad to inform our clients about full compatibility and the absence of errors in their work. We will monitor the release of new assemblies, perform further tests, and at the time of the release of the final version, Stimulsoft products will be ready for work.
We are pleased to announce the release of the new version Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Dashboards 2021.3, which is now available for download. In this release, we added 5 views for the Chart element of a dashboard, a new data adapter for Google Analytics service, a new Condition Editor, expanded the functionality for Variables, and added many other features and improvements.
Several charts in one
In the new version 2021.3, you may specify up to 5 views for the Chart element of a dashboard. Each view is a distinct type of chart with its data fields. Switching views is carried out in the viewer using controls. At the same time, the views are configured in the editor of the Chart element on the additional parameters panel.

Chart View

New functionality for variables
In this release, we have expanded the capabilities of variables of the List type. First, we have added the ability to create dependent variables for them. Previously, this was only possible with variables of the Value type. Now you can create dependent variables for each type and their combinations. In addition, you may specify default values for variables of the List type.

Depndent Variables

Table column visibility
In the 2021.3 release, we have expanded the ability to control the visibility of data fields for the Table element in dashboards. When designing dashboards, you can now specify the condition to include a data field through an expression defined as the value of the Visible parameter of this field in the element editor. When viewing the dashboard in the viewer, we added control for the visibility of the table columns. This control contains a list of all the columns in the table. Just disable the checkbox next to the columns you want to hide. You can disable or enable this control in the dashboard design mode in the Interaction menu.

Enable Columns

Summary Alignment
In the new version, we added the ability to align the total horizontally - left, right, center. This is applicable for the Table element in dashboards. You may change the alignment of the table column total using the Summary Alignment property. Just select the data column in the table editor and set the required value on the properties panel.

Summary Alignment

Searching in filter items
We have added the ability to search for values for filtering dashboard elements - List Box and Combo Box. The search field will be displayed automatically if the number of values in the element is more than 10. Then you just need to enter the text you need to find.

Search in Filters

Google Analytics adapter
In this release, we have added a new adapter to receive data from the Google Analytics service. You can find them on the Google tab in the New Data Source window. Now you can create reports and dashboards for web analytics.

Google Analytics

Customizing icons for indicator series
Starting with release 2021.3, you can customize icons for different indicator values when using the series. Previously, you could only select a set of icons for all values of the series. Now you can define the value range for the icon to apply. Ranges for icons are set in the indicator editor if there are series. To do this, set the Mode parameter to Custom.

Customizing Icons

Color picker
In release 2021.3, we added an Eyedropper tool in the WinForms report designer. Select this tool and, keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag it to the element whose color you want to get.


Safe copy of the report
Starting with release 2021.3, we added protection against unintentional program closure when designing a report or dashboard in the Stimulsoft BI Designer for Windows application. Now, in case of emergencies, a backup copy of the report is saved. The next time you start the application, you can restore it by clicking the Recover button in the Recover Items window.

Safe Report Copy

New condition editor
In version 2021.3, we have updated and optimized the editor for conditional formatting of dashboard elements. Now the second value of the condition can be specified as an expression. And for the Table element, the ability to define the table columns for which it is necessary to apply conditional formatting has been added. Previously, it was required to determine its conditional formatting for each column of the table.

Condition Editor
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