Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.3.2

Published on 19 June 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Gauge element. Added the Labels property to customize the display of signatures.
ExeptionProvider. Support for disabling the Send Error button. And also added the ability to send messages to your server.
Gauge element. Now all types have titiles with the ability to enable them.
AddOpentypeFont multi path.


The DataColumnCollection and DataParameterCollection editor.
Applying of report styles during undo and redo operations.
Some improvements with opening and closing editors in the designer.
Web viewer, designer. Some icons were replaced on new ones.
Gauge element. Now the colors of TickMark, TickLabels are taken from the theme of the element.
Gauge element. Fixed the problem of TickLabel overlapping TickMark.
Visibility of headers when the table element does have data is enabled.

Fixed Bugs:

The incorrect cloning of the Gauge element.
Some issues with drag & drop arguments to values in the simple Chart editor.
Fixes and improvements in the simple Chart editor.
Some improvements for the Request from user varaible of datetime format during editing.
Some bugs with the WYSIWYG editor for text and RichText components.
Gauge element. Range-Custom mode did not work correctly.
Issues with the JSON data parser.
Some issues with SummaryType in the Table element.
Issues with filtering, if conditions count was 1 or 2.
External URL for SubReport and Drill-Down.
Disable log on try-parse DateTime.