Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.4.1

Published on 21 October 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Dashboards Wpf. The sorting menu for Chart, Gauge, Indicator, Progress.
Dashboards Wpf. Support for Full Row Select for Table.
Dashboards WPF. Support for the Fit mode for the Table element.
Select icon for OnlineMap.
The Chart mode in OnlineMap.
Sort menu for Chart, Gauge, Progress, Indicator elements in dashboards.
Conditions for indicators elements in dashboard.
Interactirons and Layout for Gauge,Progress, and Indicator elements.
Support for MongoDB queries.
The 'StiOptions.Designer.AllowAsyncDataCommands' option is added.
Ability to connect to Azure CosmosDB through SQL API and MongoDB API.


Designer WinForms. The vertical/horizontal scrollbar was too light and merged with the main color.
The Culture report property is now applied to formatting of all elements in the Dashboards.
Drwing Labels for Progress Bar.
Rendering Axis Labels when specifying the Width property.
Drawing charts with no data connection.
Key-Columns sorting is added in the Relation Editor.

Fixed Bugs:

Improved Gauge rendering. If the component is small and contains many labels that lie on each other, they will not be rendered.
Dashboards Wpf. The Indicator was incorrectly displayed if the Scale of the system is more than 100%.
WinForms Viewer did not display page numbers correctly when switching between them, if the viewer opens in a separate window.
The Close button in StiWindow did not display correctly, if the Scale of the system was 125,150,175,225,250,275... etc.
Improved Demo.exe. Now, if you select the category of dashboards on the Welcome Screen, then this folder will be selected at startup.
Interaction elements in JSON are incorrectly saved.
A bug with styles when the type of a dashboard element was changed.
The trial watermark in the full screen preview.
Rounding values when working with variation in indicator conditions.
Displacement of signatures in indicators.
Duplicating Chart Condition when saving to mrt.
The problem with displaying elements with fractional size values.
When Recent Files were displayed, a check was made to see if they exist.
A bug with Key-Value pair drawing in the report variable.
HiDPI painting improvements.
Some issues with SQL Command.
Dashboards WPF. Unchecked All for TreeView did not work.
Optimization of memory cleaning in the Ribbon WinForms designer.
Some optimizations of clearing memory in StyleEditor of the WinForms designer.
System fonts fallback now work in Wysiwyg mode and with HTML tags.
Export to Excel. In some cases, due to GroupSeparator, numbers were passed as strings.
Export to RTF. In some cases, an exception occurred on empty RichText.
CalculatedColumns for BusinessObjects now work in the Interpretation mode.
Conditions for Sub-Report now work properly.
Some elements from GlobalizationStrings were lost when changing the culture.