Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.2.2

Published on 13 March 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The GetAnchorPageNumberThrough and GetAnchorPageNumber functions.
Export settings forms for dashboards.
Variables now are supported.
An applied filter is shown on an element.
Interactions for dashboard elements in JS.
The FilterOn property was added to the element filter.
The Font property in dashboard element styles.
Support for OData version 4.
Titles for trend lines.
A new tool button added to the element. This button helps to change a type of the element in the designer.
The new methos viewer.refreshViewer is added.


Dashboards WPF. Table Element, hid an empty list for a Sparkline type column.
Map: Improvements in the grouping mode by countries.
WpfV2. GlobalizationEditor. Expanded the list of available cultures in the window of adding a new culture.
Work with OData.
Work with MongoDB.

Fixed Bugs:

Deadlock in report rendering.
Serialization list of variables.
HTML text formatting.
Export to the TXT format.
Border styles.
Report parser.
The TimeSerial function.
MapStyle, GaugeStyle, ChartStyle. If you set an empty array in the properties of the Color[] type, then an error occurred while drawing.
BorderEditor. The form was cut, if you switch between the Advanced and Simple tabs.
Issues with nullable values in the filters for dashboard elements.
The problem with CacheHelper and data logging on the preview.
A bug with names of columns with spaces when creating through NewField in dashboards.
The String.Contains method.
Support for word wrap in table cells in dashboards.
The issue with applying the custom style.
The DateTime parser.
The components of the page in the viewer were not updated correctly, if you call to change the data in the displayed report and call the Render method.
Incorrect painting of the interlaced rows was fixed.
Some issues with the full screen mode.
Rendering of Pie Charts with one value.
Getting the JSON file by "https".
Invalid Content-Type header for IE browser in .NET Core components.
Clearing the data cache when changing the connection.
The dashboard was not loaded, if there was SQLl and the connection to them occurs with an error.
Correction of work with column names which has spaces.
Time without a date was not parsed (HH:mm:ss).
Maps did not work in IE.
Work with the SQL data in dashboards.
Map. Type group. Colors for groups were incorrectly set.