New Features
1.PositiveColor and NegativeColor were added to the indicator style in dashboards.  DWin
2.The AlternatingCellForeColor was added to the pivot table style in dashboards.  DWin
3.The ForeColor was added to the gauge style in dashboards.  DWin
4.The PortNumber property for Web components controls the port in the URL.  RWebDWeb
5.The ImagesQuality property for the HTML5 viewer.  RWeb
6.The Data transformation property to dashboard elements.  DWeb
7.Support for Azure Storage Table.  RNet
8.The Use Abbreviation property is added to the text formats Currency and Number.  RWebDWin
9.The UseAbbreviation property to the TextFormat.  RWebDWeb
10.The TextFormat Number. Support for UseAbbreviation в WPF V1/V2.  RWpf
11.The NegativeTextBrush and AllowUseNegativeTextBrush properties are added to the style of a component.  RWebRNetDWin
12.The TextFormat and AllowUseNegativeTextFormat properties are added to the style of a component.  RNetDWin
13.The Negative in Red property is added to the text formatting.  RNetDWin
14.The NegativeSeriesColors property is added to the Chart element.  DWin
15.A collection of UserValues values for the HTML5 viewer, in which you can pass your values for using in JavaScript or on the server side.  RWebDWeb
16.Support for user defined data in the elements (without data tables).  DWebDWin
17.The FullScreen button is added to the dashboard viewer.  DWin
18.The Edit button is added to the dashboard viewer.  DWin
19.Number and currency abbreviation in format options.  RJava
20.The new functions were added to the dashboards - SumIf and CountIf.  DWebDWin
21.Dialogs of export settings in dashboards.  DWin
22.Style30 is added to the Chart, Map and Gauge components in the report engine.  RWebRNetRWpf
23.The DarkGray style is added.  DWin
24.Exporting tables to JSON data.  DWebDWin
25.The new function is added - QuarterName.  DWebDWin
26.New types of data formatting were added to the text format.  RWebRNetRWpfDWin
27.The new functions were added - DateTime, Time. A Time management was added.  DWin
28.Style31 is added to the Chart, Map and Gauge components in the report engine.  RWebRNetRWpf
29.The TextFormat property to a style.  RWeb
30.The Welcome screen in the report designer.  RWeb
31.The ShowDesignButton option in the report designer.  DWeb
32.The new property is added - NegativeColors.  RWeb
33.The new property is added - NegativeSeriesColors.  DWeb
34.DataFilters to dashboard elements.  DWeb
35.The DarkGray style.  DWeb
36.The Pareto chart.  RWebDWeb
37.The TextInCells component.  RJS
38.The TopN function is added to a chart, indicator and progress elements.  DWin
39.The TopN property is added to a chart, progress, and indicator.  DWeb
40.Support for graphic cells in the dashboard tables.  DWebDJS
41.The Page.ExcelSheet is added to the GlobalizationStrings.  RWebRNetRWpf
42.The V icon for indicators.  DWebDWin
43.The Pareto chart.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
44.Export to Json data format.  RWebRNetRWpf
45.The ToCurrencyWordsEs function. Added support for currencies "COP", "PEN", "CRC".  RWebRNetRWpf
46.Support for hyperlinks in HTML tags.  RNet
47.Pivot Table. The TopN function.  DWin
48.The ShowHyperlink option is added to the table element for the dimension columns.  DWin
49.The Interaction property is added to the Chart element.  DWin
50.The Group property of an element in the dashboards now works through all pages in the report.  DWin
51.Interaction properties for Chart and Table Column.  DWeb
52.The new static option StiBaseOptions.WebClientCheckTlsProtocols=true is used to support Tls11 and Tls12 protocols.  RWebRNetRWpf
53.The GetAnchorPageNumberThrough and GetAnchorPageNumber functions.  RJava
54.Export settings forms for dashboards.  DWeb
55.Variables now are supported.  DWin
56.An applied filter is shown on an element.  DWin
57.Interactions for dashboard elements in JS.  RJS
58.The FilterOn property was added to the element filter.  DWin
59.The Font property in dashboard element styles.  RNet
60.Support for OData version 4.  RNet
61.Titles for trend lines.  RNetRJS
62.A new tool button added to the element. This button helps to change a type of the element in the designer.  DWin
63.The new methos viewer.refreshViewer is added.  DJS
64.Export of HTML text to PDF as text (not image).  RJava

1.Updated support for OData V3.  RWeb
2.Support for MongoDB.  RNet
3.Showzero in legend for the Pie chart.  RNet
4.TextFormat Number. Support for negative colors in WPF V1/V2.  RWpf
5.Improved error messages when sending a report via E-mail.  RWeb
6.Improved export of bool table values.  DWebDWin
7.The dark mode of the dashboard UI is added.  DWin
8.The improved ExportReportResponse event for the Web viewer.  RWeb
9.Some improvements in the text format function.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinDJSRUWP
10.Displaying the name of the selected style in the designer.  RWeb
11.Support for the dark UI in the viewer.  DWeb
12.DataTransformation button from the right side of each element was moved to the DataTransformation property.  DWin
13.Scaling axis headers for charts.  DWeb
14.Dashboards WPF. Table Element, hid an empty list for a Sparkline type column.  DWin
15.Map: Improvements in the grouping mode by countries.  RNetRWpf
16.WpfV2. GlobalizationEditor. Expanded the list of available cultures in the window of adding a new culture.  RWpf
17.Work with OData.  RNet
18.Work with MongoDB.  RNet
19.Some improvements in the view data functionality.  RWebRNetDWin
20.Using the StiOptions.Viewer.Windows.Exports.Show... properties are available in the Dashboard viewer.  DWin
21.An Async version of the Print, Export, Render and Compile methods are available now.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin

Fixed Bugs
1.The dashboard did not load if you did not connect to the database in the Web designer.  DWeb
2.Some issues with the naming of the datasource in the dashboards.  DWin
3.Some fixes were made about the support of style colors in the dialogs in the dashboards.  DWin
4.Some bugs with the combined using of the data transformation and the dashboards were fixed.  DWin
5.A bug with loading text formats from the XML report template.  RJSDJS
6.The error finding text in the viewer.  RWebRJS
7.A bug with even odd style in a dashboard table.  DWebDJS
8.Options for dashboard export settings in the viewer.  DWebDJS
9.A bugs with Get Style from Selected components in dashboards.  DWebDJS
10.A bug with save as .mrx.  RJSDJS
11.DatePicker was displayed beyond the screen.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
12.The error displaying watermark in the DIVt display mode of a report.  RJS
13.The problem with cutting the title in the dashboards tables.  DWebDJS
14.When editing a variable, newline characters disappeared from its value.  RWebRJS
15.The problem with the displacement of cells in the dashboard table.  DWebDJS
16.Map editor. The ColorEach parameter in the DataColumns mode disappeared.  RNet
17.The Get Style from Selected Component command for the StiMap component did not work.  RNet
18.The status of the selected version for OData.  RNet
19.The issue with page setup for dashboards.  DWebDJS
20.StyleEditor. Click Here was not clicked.  RNetDWin
21.Dashboards WPF. Dashboards did not switch when switching tabs from right to left.  DWin
22.The error occurred while changing a type of created chart in .NET Core.  DWeb
23.The error with retrieving columns in the SQL connection in the Flash designer.  RWeb
24.StyleEditor, the search stopped working.  RNetDWin
25.Fixed bugs with drawing styles in Ribbon after clicking ShowMore.  RNetDWin
26.Dashboard support for the OnInteraction event in the viewer.  DWeb
27.CacheMode = None mode for dashboards was working incorrectly.  DWeb
28.Some bugs with filtering and expressions.  DWebDWin
29.Change localization of the viewer using web API.  RWeb
30.Corrections of the file filter for JPEG images.  RWebRNetRWpf
31.Data Source from Cross-tab columns type.  RNet
32.Display labels from tag in charts.  RJava
33.CrossTab rendering with columns only.  RNet
34.Report resources available in the document were not taken into account when exporting to PDF.  RWebRNetRWpf
35.When compiling a report, Alias was lost for resources.  RWebRNetRWpf
36.Some issues with drag&drop color ranges in the gauge element editor.  DWin
37.The error occurred with local library paths when project was published.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWin
38.Issues with running the report designer from the component menu of the StiReport component.  RNet
39.DataColumn serialization.  RJava
40.The DarkTurquoise style is added.  DWin
41.An error with Full Screen Mode in some projects.  RWeb
42.The error with licensing of the Web viewer in Reports.Net.  RNet
43.When renaming a style, it was reset in report components and dashboard elements.  RWebDWeb
44.Bugs with showing a watermark before and behind text.  RWebRJS
45.A bug with layering of country names in maps.  DWeb
46.The internal error occurred when searching for libraries using IIS.  RWeb
47.The error with determining routes in .NET Core 2.2.  RWeb
48.Issue with Parser null values.  RJava
49.A specific error when opening "js preview".  RNet
50.Tools disappeared from the Insert tab when going back from the Preview to the designer page.  RNet
51.The pop up to save the report after applying the change from the Page tab.  RNet
52.Setting displaying the viewer through Preview Settings.  RNet
53.Sort arguments for Funnel series.  DWin
54.Issues with Interative Sorting.  RNet
55.The error occurred when building a treemap with zero values.  RNetDWin
56.The error with licensing of the Flash MVC designer.  RWeb
57.The functions Int16.Parse, Int32.Parse, Int64.Parse did not work in the Interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
58.Report compilation error when using the ReportImage property.  RWebRNetRWpf
59.In some cases, StiPrinterSetting was incorrectly serialized.  RNetRWpf
60.The SumTime aggregate function did not work correctly with calculated columns.  RWebRNetRWpf
61.The ExcelSheet property was not saved in the JSON document.  RWebRNetRWpf
62.StiCompilationErrorCheck sometimes pointed to the wrong component.  RNetRWpf
63.EngineV2. The exception occurred, if CacheMode=On and PageNumber was used in expressions.  RWebRNetRWpf
64.Drawing Watermark. Now Alignment works, if Stretch=true and AspectRatio=true.  RNetRWpf
65.Export to PDF. Improved support for custom fonts when the mode FullTrust=false.  RWebRNetRWpf
66.ViewData for BusinessObjects was looped on nested lists.  RNetRWpf
67.Export to PDF. The size of the Tab symbol is now correct.  RWpf
68.The BindingVariable property now only works if the DependingValue check box was checked.  RJS
69.Filters did not work if any methods were used in the expression.  RJS
70.MultiCondition was not loaded from the template in th XML format.  RJS
71.PrintIfEmpty did not work correctly when having nested bands in reports.  RJS
72.In the filter, the "is not null" check did not work correctly for the number.  RJS
73.The ExcelSheet property was not saved and did not work.  RJS
74.Export to Word. When the AllowHtmlTags property was enabled, the cell background was not applied.  RJS
75.When formatting DateTime, the formats y, Y, s, u, m, M now work correctly.  RJS
76.Incorrect export of images if the system has a scale greater than 100%.  RWebRNetRWpf
77.A bug with data table cache.  DWeb
78.DatePickerElement had some issues with date ranges.  DWebDWin
79.The events in the Report Tree when you select an item in it disappeared.  RNet
80.Displaying data as a date by the Y axis in charts.  RJS
81.The error when building autoseries of a chart when arguments were not present.  RNet
82.Setting trend lines in the Chart editor.  RNet
83.The StiClone component did not work.  RJS
84.The Totals.CountAllLevels function did not work.  RJS
85.The SumTime function did not work.  RJS
86.The Totals.CountAllLevels function did not work in the Interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
87.The SumTime function did not work in the Interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
88.When breaking up text with HTML tags, some tags were lost at the break point.  RWebRNetRWpf
89.Export to Word. When using the RichText as Image option, the FileExtension for EMF images was incorrectly specified.  RWebRNetRWpf
90.A bug with duplicating dashboards.  DWeb
91.Correct positioning of a Tooltip on charts.  DWin
92.The background color of the chart when exporting to Excel.  RJS
93.Summary totals were not appearing on every page, just as the header.  RWebRNetRWpfRUWP
94.Engine. In some cases, when using StiTable, GroupHeaders did not work correctly.  RJS
95.The Contains method did not workfor variables of type List.  RJS
96.Bookmarks worked incorrectly on the first page of the report if there were bookmarks with the same names on other pages.  RJS
97.Engine. In some cases, the value of some expressions containing aggregate functions was not calculated.  RWebRNetRWpf
98.Incorrect calculation of the text height in the barcode, if the font size was not specified in points.  RWebRNetRWpf
99.Export to Word/Excel/HTML. Sometimes, when using primitives, empty cells appeared in the right part of the document.  RWebRNetRWpf
100.ImageUrl now works in the export to HTML.  RUWP
101.Deadlock in report rendering.  RJava
102.Serialization list of variables.  RJava
103.HTML text formatting.  RJava
104.Export to the TXT format.  RJava
105.Border styles.  RJava
106.Report parser.  RJava
107.The TimeSerial function.  RJava
108.MapStyle, GaugeStyle, ChartStyle. If you set an empty array in the properties of the Color[] type, then an error occurred while drawing.  RNetDWin
109.BorderEditor. The form was cut, if you switch between the Advanced and Simple tabs.  RNet
110.Issues with nullable values in the filters for dashboard elements.  RJS
111.The problem with CacheHelper and data logging on the preview.  RWeb
112.A bug with names of columns with spaces when creating through NewField in dashboards.  DWebDJS
113.The String.Contains method.  RJava
114.Support for word wrap in table cells in dashboards.  DWebDJS
115.The issue with applying the custom style.  RWebRJS
116.The DateTime parser.  RJava
117.The components of the page in the viewer were not updated correctly, if you call to change the data in the displayed report and call the Render method.  RWpf
118.Incorrect painting of the interlaced rows was fixed.  DWin
119.Some issues with the full screen mode.  DWin
120.Rendering of Pie Charts with one value.  RWebRNetDWeb
121.Getting the JSON file by "https".  RNet
122.Invalid Content-Type header for IE browser in .NET Core components.  RWebDWeb
123.Clearing the data cache when changing the connection.  DJS
124.The dashboard was not loaded, if there was SQLl and the connection to them occurs with an error.  DJS
125.Correction of work with column names which has spaces.  DJS
126.Time without a date was not parsed (HH:mm:ss).  DJS
127.Maps did not work in IE.  DJS
128.Work with the SQL data in dashboards.  DJS
129.Map. Type group. Colors for groups were incorrectly set.  RNet
130.Report rendering events in WebDesginer.  RJava
131.Clearing the data cache when updating dashboards.  DWeb
132.Wrong algorithm for saving a new report or dashboard in the main menu of the designer.  RWebDWeb
133.Some issues with alternating rows.  DWin
134.A problem with hostname in MVC on some server configurations.  RWebDWeb
135.The Find function in WebViewer.  RJava
136.Some issues with locating actions buttons when designing dashboards.  DWin