Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2010.3.900

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The MS Access adapter is added to the report engine
New GUI themes are added to WinForms products: Office 2010 Blue, Office 2010 Silver, Office2010Black
New GUI themes are added to WinForms products: Window 7, Vista
New Html-tags are added
Configuration selection in the properties panel
A new BarCode type is added: Royal TPG Post KIX
A new check for the GrowToHeight property
Now the Chart component can work with Business Objects
Now you can use styles in Conditions
The dot Connect Universal Data Adapter is now supported. Adapter files can be downloaded from our Downloads section of the website
A new Royal TPG Post KIX 4-State BarCode is available
The Import.Rtf tool is added


The Chart component now supports Business Objects
The Code Tab is hidden by default now. You can switch on it from the context menu of tabs
You can switch off any viewer tabs from the context menu

Fixed Bugs:

Some changes in check – StiCanGrowGrowToHeightComponentInContainerCheck.
Some changes in component placement on bands
Some bugs with placing components in the report designer
Some changes in export to PDF and Keywords and CreatorName
ContextualTabs is not localized in WinForms report designer
Some bugs in the export to PDF format and Arabic numbers
Some bugs with text render and HTML tag – “ ”.
Some bugs in the PageNofM function and SubReports
Some problems with the CrossTab component and the PrintOnPreviousPage property
Some issues with conditions
Some issues with drawing primitives with the None style
Some bugs with breaking text in nested containers
Some problems with the Interaction property
Some issues with sorting of Virtual Sources
Some issues with StiInheritedReportComparer class
Some issues with the export to HTML and IE6
Some problems with the PrintOnPreviousPage property and the DoublePage mode of a report engine
Some issues with the localization of WinForms RibbonViewer
Totals functions and sorting/filtering in some cases
Some issues with the PreviewSettings property
Some bugs with dot-matrix printing in x64 systems
Some problems with the text component editor and totals
Problem with rescaling the size of borders
Some bugs with the ShiftMode and containers
Some problems with chart wizard
Some bugs with FootersOnAllPages and Grouping reports