Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2018.3.1

Published on 11 October 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Dependent variables.
Own HTML text parsing instead of native Java.
The Map editor in the Designer.
Support for custom fonts.
The combination of keys CTRL + Enter for designer forms.
The Resources panel in the viewer.
The AvailableInTheViewer check box is added to the resource form in the designer.
The option to add report resources to the generated documents. A new panel is added to the viewer for viewing and loading resources.
The Shapes editor form in the designer.
The Move to resource button to edit the connection form in the designer.
Support for fonts from resources.
New types of resources (PDF, Word, Report Snapshot).
Support for sub-reports from resources.
The LocalizationDirectory property. The ability to load the list of localizations in the HTML5 designer.
Properties to setup the preview window in the HTML5 designer.
The find functionality by items in the request parameters.
Conditions for the Primitive component.
The New page button on the Insert panel in the designer.
The new shapes menu to insert panel and toolbox.

Fixed Bugs:

Issues with JSON database parser.
Errors with DateTime functions.
The Datetime JSON parser.
The HTML text rendering.
The AutoSeriesKeyDataColumn for the Chart component.
Bosnian localization.
Export to Word.
Rotation of Charts.