Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2018.3

Published on 11 October 2018
New Features
1.The first version released! Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB allows developers to implement the required data visualization and their own infographics in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core projects. 
2.Support forf the drag&drop from the dictionary to the text element editor.  2018.3.2
3.Support for dashboards in Publish.  2018.3.3
4.Interactions to the Chart elements.  2018.3.3
5.Columns-Rows, Rows-Columns buttons to the Pivot element form.  2018.3.3
6.Korean Localization.  2018.3.4
7.Export the table data to the CSV format.  2018.3.4
8.The ForeColor, Font properties to table and table columns.  2018.3.4
9.Error messages about loading libraries when publishig a report or dashboard.  2018.3.4
10.Pivot Table control.  2018.3.4
11.Clear formatting button to the text element editor.  2018.3.5
12.TextFormat for pivot elements.  2018.3.5
13.The new check is added to the report checker which detects the wrong initialization value of a variable.  2018.3.5
14.The new report checks were added to check script in events which was not used in the interaction mode.  2018.3.5

1.Structure of the NuGet packages.  2018.3.4
2.SVG animation of the Gauge component.  2018.3.4
3.Series support for the Funnel Chart.  2018.3.4
4.Updating current libraries in .NET Core to the latest minor versions.  2018.3.5
5.Support for copying fields in the editors with the CTRL button pressed.  2018.3.5

Fixed Bugs
1.Tooltips on charts in the dashboard.  2018.3.2
2.Some bugs with the context menu at the panel element.  2018.3.2
3.Australian Capital Territory was added to the Australia map.  2018.3.2
4.A bug with painting country names for a small countries.  2018.3.2
5.Exporting List and Table elements without data.  2018.3.3
6.Maps did not work when the report was published as the exe file.  2018.3.3
7.When exporting dashboards from code, no data was loaded into .NET Core.  2018.3.3
8.A bug with opening and saving the dashboard page.  2018.3.3
9.Japanese localization of UI.  2018.3.3
10.Interactivity. Filtering for maps in dashboards.  2018.3.3
11.The error with creating the Text element in dashboards.  2018.3.3
12.The ability to format and align the cells in the Table element.  2018.3.4
13.The correct file name when exporting a dashboard or element.  2018.3.4
14.Some issues with sorting in elements transformation.  2018.3.4
15.Incorrect checkbox states when exporting ListBox and TreeView items.  2018.3.4
16.The HeaderForeColor and HeaderFont properties to the Table element.  2018.3.4
17.The dashboard was exported incorrectly with tables on several pages.  2018.3.4
18.Some double parsing corrections.  2018.3.4
19.Errors when exporting filter elements in dark themes.  2018.3.4
20.When exporting a table, columns could be printed out of the page.  2018.3.4
21.Graphic columns of the Table element are now exported as text.  2018.3.4
22.A bug with maps data.  2018.3.4
23.An error occurred while canceling the publish of the report into the standalone application.  2018.3.4
24.When loading the dashboard, the control panel of the report was displayed in the HTML5 viewer.  2018.3.4
25.Automatic exporting to PDF did not work when printing dashboards from code.  2018.3.4
26.Issue with data during export of maps to PDF.  2018.3.4
27.Tooltips of the Charts component.  2018.3.4
28.The problem with the Shift-F5 shortkey in the designer when a report was closed.  2018.3.5