Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.2.3

Published on 28 April 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Export to PDF. Textbox indicators are now exported as native primitives.
Ctrll+S hotkey to the designer.
Trend line for charts.
Trend lines for charts.
The LineStyle. LineWidth properties were added to the Line Series of the Chart Element.


Do not request to redraw images in the designer (the new option StiOptions.Designer.PreloadImageFromDataColumn).
It was improved the condition for selecting the AND/OR operation to dashboard element filters.

Fixed Bugs:

Some issues with custom scalling in the designer.
The issue with the database columns definition.
The issue with the Chart axis labels formatter.
The issue with the Scatter chart line color.
The 'StiOptions.Designer.Panels.Dictionary.ShowRelationNewMenuItem' property did not work in some cases.
An issue with the Number formatter.
Export to Word. If there were control symbols in the HTML text then it resulted a corrupted file.
EngineV2. Bookmarks/Tags on some containers were not working in the Interpretation mode.
Export to Excel. Some cells contained incorrect values "#% # ..." in the Interpretation mode.
NetCore. Small height of the text line on non-Win systems.
Charts in external SubReport were not printed.
Export to Excel. Some issues with RTL alignment.
Export to CSV, CrLf in headers now work correctly.
Export to TXT. A bug with wordwrap.
Some bugs with the 'Gauge Editor'.
The Trial text in a SubReport page.
Viewer. There was no options bar on the mobile device.
A bug with the DataWorld form.
A bug with Back Color in the conditions for indicator.
In the JS designer, SaveReport was called instead of the SaveAsReport command.
An issue with checking whether brackets are needed in the expression.
Wrong help links in the viewer.
A bug with drag drop of business objects from the dictionary.
Scatter line with date arguments.
The Font size mode property for the Indicator.
Show icon indicator from conditions.
The Back Color parameter in indicator conditions.
The issue with showing labels, if TopN for charts was used.
An issue with selecting a Border Color for Shape.
If Culture was set in the report then this culture was not rendered.
An issue with the Drill-down.
Speed improved.
The data failed to get into the cache, the elements were rendered at once.
The YAxis property was added to the all series of axis area type of the Chart element.
Some issues with the placement wizard.
The error occurred in the report printing in NET Core 3.1 in the WPF viewer.