Stimulsoft Ultimate 2016.1

New Features
1.The styles tab to create data wizard in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
2.StiOptions.Designer.PropertyGrid.ShowPropertiesWhichUsedFromStyles to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
3.Support for images in Watermark.  RJS
4.The Duplicate item is added in the page context menu of the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
5.The new static option to set the rounding StiOptions.Engine.MidpointRounding, by default it is set to MidpointRounding.ToEven.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.The Events tab to the property grid in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
7.Add grid to page in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
8.The preview in the JS Designer replaced on the fully functional viewer.  RJS
9.The grid to the page in the JS Designer.  RJS
10.The Duplicate item is added in the page context menu of the JS Designer.  RJS
11.The styles tab to create data wizard in the JS Designer.  RJS
12.Swing viewer add variable text editor.  RJava
13.The current version is saved to the report template.  RJS
14.Support for variable list types.  RJS
15.Export to PDF. AES-128 encryption (Acrobat 7 and later).  RNetRWpf
16.The new barcode GS1-128.  RWebRNetRWpf
17.Print as PDF, Print with Preview for HTML5 Viewer and Designer.  RJSRPHP
18.The adapter to connect to PostgreSQL.  RJS
19.Add Table component in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
20.Support for URL path for JSON database.  RJava
21.Data sources from other data sources to Mobile Designer & Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
22.Interaction edit form in Mobile Designer & Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
23.The CrossTab editing form in Mobile Designer.  RWeb

1.Export to PDF. The SHA-256 digest now used for digital signature.  RWebRNetRWpf
2.The new style menu in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
3.Updated localization.  RJS
4.Increased speed of rendering large sub-reports. For complex reports speed increased in several times.  RWebRNetRWpf
5.The ToWordsUa() function.  RJava
6.The report printing process can be interrupted by setting the IsStopped report flag.  RNet
7.Improved support for multi-threading when working simultaneously with the report template and ready report.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.Selecting styles in the Gauge editor.  RNet
9.Improved handling of the CJK punctuation in the wysiwyg mode.  RNetRWpf
10.Export to PDF. Improved compatibility with the PDF/A standard.  RWebRNetRWpf

Fixed Bugs
1.Error with zero values when rendering a line chart.  RJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
2.Report unit serialization problem.  RJava
3.Custom data source serialization in memory.  RJava
4.A problem with saving designer options.  RJS
5.A bug with applying the styles collection in the Designer JS.  RJS
6.Converting images when exporting from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP. Only in webkit version and async mode.  RJS
7.Fixed loading of the textformat.  RJS
8.Modified security of querystring.  RJS
9.Some issues with loading JSON.  RJS
10.Error with text wrapping in the designer.  RJS
11.Error with defining the text measure in node.js and nw.js.  RJS
12.Error with the Boolean type in the TextFormat.  RJS
13.Error with the Date type in the TextFormat.  RJS
14.Error with exporting Arabic characters in PDF.  RJS
15.The problem with not saving the designer options to cookies.  RJS
16.A bud with applying the styles collection.  RJS
17.Showing several unicode characters in the designer.  RJS
18.The date was not correctly defined in DateTimeFormat.  RJS
19.The ability to save log of actions in the Office2013 theme in the Flash Designer.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
20.Bugs with copy-paste in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
21.A bug when the designer was added to the master page.  RWeb
22.If the text was split into several pages then, in some cases, formatting of text from the second page was incorrect.  RNet
23.Improved work of properties of the KeepHeaders band and PrintIfDetailEmpty for master-detail reports.  RWebRNetRWpf
24.Исправлена ошибка при переключении локализации в дизайнере. Switching UI localization in the designer.  RNet
25.Truncate function.  RJava
26.Exception on adding restrictions to the dictionary.  RSilverlight
27.A problem with editing new values in the Globalization Editor.  RWpf
28.When selecting the type of displaying "Show From Series" labels the type by defaul was incorrectly displayed.  RNetRWpf
29.Highlighting the selected series in the chart editor after moving through the tabs.  RNet
30.Processing DBNull values in expressions. This is added for the compatibility with .NET reports.  RJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
31.The problem with the custom font.  RJS
32.Styles from xml mrt were not loaded.  RJS
33.Issue with the date (time) parsing.  RJS
34.Issue with checking DBNull.  RJS
35.The viewer is embedded in the tab of the designer.  RJS
36.Loading mastercomponent from the XL template.  RJS
37.Loading filters from the XML template.  RJS
38.Loading conditions from the XML template.  RJS
39.Loading variables from the XML template.  RJS
40.Work of the Contains functions.  RJS
41.Alignment of am image in preview.  RJS
42.Displaying transparent styles.  RJS
43.Stack overflow when sending the exported report on the server side.  RJSRPHP
44.Problems withshowing zero values in some cases.  RPHP
45.Currency with big values.  RJava
46.The error with the values of the variables in an editable list in WebViewerFx.  RWeb
47.The StiJDBCDatabase connection without driver name.  RJava
48.Some errors of dateTimeFormat.  RJS
49.EngineV2. The exception when using the group band after the data band with columns.  RWebRNetRWpf
50.Some issues when using ReportCacheMode.  RWebRNetRWpf
51.Incorrect processing of national characters in chart labels.  RWebRNetRWpf
52.When enabling the RightToLeft property for the RichText component the clipboard failed when the page is refreshed.  RNetRWpf
53.The chart table has new properties DataCells.ShrinkFontToFitMinimumSize and DataCells.ShrinkFontToFit.  RNetRWpf
54.Export to PDF. In some cases, when using the checkbox, the backcolor of other components was incorrectly exported.  RWebRNetRWpf
55.Some text wrapping rules in the Wysiwyg mode.  RNet
56.The ability to set the property Center Position for the Gauge.  RWpf
57.Adding Radial Range List in Gauge.  RWpf
58.The {Today} function could through an incorrect date.  RJS
59.Some issues with drawing the advanced border.  RNet
60.If a component uses the style, the properties of the components, which are taken out of style are no longer displayed in the property grid.  RNet
61.The problem with the displacement of the text when viewing the report.  RJS
62.When loading the report, some elements of the chart might be styled improperly.  RJS
63.Creating a chart in the chart Wizard.  RWpf
64.Support for xFFFF literals in expressions.  RWebRNetRWpf
65.An error displaying null-value in the ViewData designer.  RNetRWpf
66.Incorrect spacing when printing multi-line text in the StiTextQuality.Standard mode.  RNetRWpf
67.Some bugs in the parser of expressions.  RWebRNetRWpf
68.Text wrap in Chinese/Japanese/Korean languages in the StiText Quality.Wysiwyg mode.  RNetRWpf
69.The new BreakIfTrue property is added into the Highlight Condition class. This property stops processing next conditions if the current is being executed.  RWebRNetRWpf
70.Check for the correctness of the file name when saving from the viewer.  RNetRWpf
71.Customization of styles in the Gauge component.  RNet
72.Export error in charts.  RJava
73.Scale for the Chart and Gauge was not considered in the HTML export.  RNetRWpf
74.Export to PDF. There was an exception when exporting hyperlinks improperly created.  RWebRNetRWpf
75.The focus on the selected type of Labels for the Chart component.  RNet
76.A few last report pages were not saved in some cases when using fast caching.  RWebRNetRWpf
77.Serialization of variables.  RJava
78.Exception when using the FNC1 command among digits in the Code 128 Auto bar-code.  RWebRNetRWpf
79.In some cases, the sum of the page, when using the KeepFooterTogether property, was incorrectly calculated.  RWebRNetRWpf
80.Improved work of the Copies property in the printing settings of the report.  RNet
81.When you export to XPS/Word/Excel the empty barcode was not hidden and was displayed with the default value.  RWebRNetRWpf
82.Some issues with using WordWrap and Angle together with the component style.  RNetRWpf
83.Improved displaying of styles in the Style Designer editor.  RNet
84.Speed up the rendering of reports with complex data sets.  RJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
85.Adding operation.  RJava