Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2019.1.1

Published on 18 December 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New maps - USA and Canada, North America.
Web API for the HTML5 viewer (the preview version).
New maps - South America, USA and Canada, North America.
Using of Calculated Columns is supported in the Data Transformation and Dashboards.
GlobalizationStrings now support the Chart.Series.TopN.OtherText property.
The following methods are now supported in the Interpretation mode - ToLongTimeString, ToLongDateString, ToShortTimeString, ToShortDateString for DateTime.
New functions - ToWordsAr and ToCurrencyWordsAr.
The Round(x,y,MidpointRounding) property now works properly.
Now sorting and grouping by Calculated column works.
The following functions work in the Interpretation mode - Int16.Parse, Int32.Parse, Int64.Parse.
Vienna is added to the map of Austria.
The following functions not work in the Interpretation mode - Totals - CountAllLevels, CountAllLevelsOnlyChilds, CountOnlyChilds.
The new StiOptions.Print.BarcodeAsBitmap=false.
Advanced DateTime formatting was added.
New functions were added - StrToDateTime, StrToNullableDateTime and TryParseDateTime.
The RelationDirection property was added to the JSON connection.
The CreateNestedPage option was added to the Sub-Report component editor.


The editor of the GlobalizationStrings property was redesigned and improved.
The Relations dialog.
Improved code to save to JSON report styles.

Fixed Bugs:

Incorrect loading of an empty array of colors.
The new map - South America.
The IsNewReport flag was not set if an error occurred while saving the report.
EngineV2. The state of the Enabled property of the page is not restored after Condition is applied.
When increasing the font size of the barcode text was cut.
In some cases, if there were hyperlinks incorrectly set, the corrupted file could be obtained.
EngineV2. Looping the band nested in containers with the CanShrink property enabled.
Some improvements in the map of Germany.
Some functions did not work in the chart expressions.
When interpreting in filters in the "Data is Expression" mode, the conditions "contains" / "begin with" did not work.
Export to PDF. Some parts of composite maps were not exported.
The dictionary did not clear the BusinessObjects list when loading a new report from mrt/json.
Page columns did not work correctly when the UnlimitedHeight option was enabled.
EngineV1. Looping with nesting bands and the nested band size of bigger than one page.
The obsolete StoreImagesInResources property threw a compilation error on some systems.
Text rendering in the Wysiwyg mode could cause errors in multithreading.
Export to PDF. The exception occured on the maps.
The ProcessAt=EndOfReport property did not work in the cache mode.
The DrillDownEnabled property was ignored in some cases.
The error occured when parsing the map of Guyana.
Expressions in variables with spaces in names on the HTML5 viewer panel did not work correctly.
Crosstab totals subheader.