Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2019.2.1

Published on 13 February 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The NegativeTextBrush and AllowUseNegativeTextBrush properties are added to the style of a component.
The TextFormat and AllowUseNegativeTextFormat properties are added to the style of a component.
The Negative in Red property is added to the text formatting.
Style30 is added to the Chart, Map and Gauge components in the report engine.
New types of data formatting were added to the text format.
Style31 is added to the Chart, Map and Gauge components in the report engine.
The Page.ExcelSheet is added to the GlobalizationStrings.
The Pareto chart.
Export to Json data format.
The ToCurrencyWordsEs function. Added support for currencies "COP", "PEN", "CRC".
Support for hyperlinks in HTML tags.
The new static option StiBaseOptions.WebClientCheckTlsProtocols=true is used to support Tls11 and Tls12 protocols.


Some improvements in the text format function.

Fixed Bugs:

StyleEditor, the search stopped working.
Fixed bugs with drawing styles in Ribbon after clicking ShowMore.
Corrections of the file filter for JPEG images.
Data Source from Cross-tab columns type.
CrossTab rendering with columns only.
Report resources available in the document were not taken into account when exporting to PDF.
When compiling a report, Alias was lost for resources.
The error occurred with local library paths when project was published.
Issues with running the report designer from the component menu of the StiReport component.
The error with licensing of the Web viewer in Reports.Net.
A specific error when opening "js preview".
Tools disappeared from the Insert tab when going back from the Preview to the designer page.
The pop up to save the report after applying the change from the Page tab.
Setting displaying the viewer through Preview Settings.
Issues with Interative Sorting.
The error occurred when building a treemap with zero values.
The functions Int16.Parse, Int32.Parse, Int64.Parse did not work in the Interpretation mode.
Report compilation error when using the ReportImage property.
In some cases, StiPrinterSetting was incorrectly serialized.
The SumTime aggregate function did not work correctly with calculated columns.
The ExcelSheet property was not saved in the JSON document.
StiCompilationErrorCheck sometimes pointed to the wrong component.
EngineV2. The exception occurred, if CacheMode=On and PageNumber was used in expressions.
Drawing Watermark. Now Alignment works, if Stretch=true and AspectRatio=true.
Export to PDF. Improved support for custom fonts when the mode FullTrust=false.
ViewData for BusinessObjects was looped on nested lists.
Incorrect export of images if the system has a scale greater than 100%.
The events in the Report Tree when you select an item in it disappeared.
The error when building autoseries of a chart when arguments were not present.
Setting trend lines in the Chart editor.
The Totals.CountAllLevels function did not work in the Interpretation mode.
The SumTime function did not work in the Interpretation mode.
When breaking up text with HTML tags, some tags were lost at the break point.
Export to Word. When using the RichText as Image option, the FileExtension for EMF images was incorrectly specified.
Summary totals were not appearing on every page, just as the header.
Engine. In some cases, the value of some expressions containing aggregate functions was not calculated.
Incorrect calculation of the text height in the barcode, if the font size was not specified in points.
Export to Word/Excel/HTML. Sometimes, when using primitives, empty cells appeared in the right part of the document.