Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2019.1.1

Published on 18 December 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New maps - USA and Canada, North America.
The Area property is added to the Chart element.
Support for Globalization in Stimulsoft Dashboards.
The Area.ReverseHor and Area.ReverseVert properties were added to the Chart element.
The Area.GridLinesHor and Area.GridLinesVert properties were added to the Chart element.
Using of Calculated Columns is supported in the Data Transformation and Dashboards.
New maps - MiddleEast, Oman, Qatar.
Support for Custom styles for Pivot table.
Support for Custom styles for Filter elements.
Support for Custom styles for the Table element.
Vienna is added to the map of Austria.
Advanced DateTime formatting was added.
StyleEditor. For the GetStyleFromSelectedComponent command, support for all elements of dashboards was added.
New property is added to all dashboard elements - Layout. You can control a visibility of FullScreen and Save buttons.
The GlyphColor property is added to the Indicator element.
New functions were added to the Dashboards - NormalizeName, Iso2, Iso3, Iso2ToName, Iso3ToName.


There were no custom styles in the Style property for the Indicator and Progress items in the PropertyGrid.
Optimizations of the StiMap element.
WinForms DesignerForm. Now when closing, the window state is remembered (Maximize or Normal), so that the next time you open it, it will restore the state.
Improved code to save to JSON report styles.
StyleEditor. Improvements on drawing icons of all styles into one style.

Fixed Bugs:

A problem with aligning wizards windows by center at startup.
The new map - South America.
Improved export to Excel for the single Table element.
Export of items on the panel.
Export of items with borders.
Some improvements in the map of Germany.
The error occured when parsing the map of Guyana.
StyleEditor. The search in the form was broken.
The Copy Style tool for dashboard elements did not work.
Issues with the Maps heatmap.
The Size and ShadowSize properties of the StiBorder class could not be set to 0 from the Property panel.
Issues with the full screen mode.