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We continue the series of articles about two-dimensional barcodes. In this series, we told you about:

In this article we will describe the Maxicode barcode in detail.

What is Maxicode

A Maxicode is a two-dimensional barcode invented in 1992 for cargo handling systems. Its matrix consists of several target circles in the middle and a set of cells around it. Maxicode is always the same standard size - 2.54 by 2.54 centimeters (1 inch by 1 inch), and at this relatively small size, it can accommodate up to a hundred characters.

The advantages of the Maxicode

The advantage of this barcode is that it allows you to obtain the information accessible without a database quickly. It will be read, even if its label is damaged, and the probability of misreading will be extremely low. It may contain any information relating to read products. If the capacity of one barcode is insufficient, you can combine up to eight Maxicodes into one barcode. It is still used by some shippers and consignee companies and even some stores in China. However, with the advent of other two-dimensional barcodes designed for the same purpose as Maxicode but containing more symbols, more companies are abandoning it.

How to add and customize the Maxicode in a Stimulsoft report

The method of creating Maxicode does not differ from other two-dimensional barcodes, but its parameters differ, namely the following tabs:

  • Mode shows the selected Maxicode barcode type;
  • Process Tilde shows whether the ~ character is used when encoding;
  • Trim Excess Data shows whether the data encoded in the barcode is cropped when the capacity of the barcode is exceeded;
  • Structure Append Position allows you to change the type of structured position;
  • Structure Append Total allows you to change the type of total structure.

Examples of reports with Data Matrix barcode

The Ikea Check report contains the barcode in which a type of material the furniture is made of is encrypted.

The Worldwide Truck Production report shows how many trucks were produced worldwide in different years. The barcode encrypts the website that served as the source of information for this report.

In the Wholesale Check report, the Maxicode encrypts the parameter that indicates the fragility of the material.

Using the Maxicode barcode will make your work with reports more efficient due to its advantages, such as its small size and the ability to read quickly. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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