(Stimulsoft) March 4, 2013. Stimulsoft Company is pleased to announce the report designer for WinRT is now live. The component is integrated into the software product Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT. The component supports the ARM and Intel versions of processors. The report designer allows creating and editing reports on any device running Windows 8.

"The idea to design the report designer for touch is a very old one - says Anton Lozovsky, a senjor developer. - Since the technology was poor and it was impossible do what we needed. And, even if we met the requirements, it did not allow us to finalize the idea into something real. With the release of Windows 8, we got our hands full of trump cards. All we needed was to keep performance and reliability of our previous report designers and speed up the component without losing comfort. Working with our WinRT report designer, everyone can feel himself/herself like a magician who masters reports with waves of his/her hands!"

Options for managing components varies: you can build reports using a mouse or stylus or just your fingers. The report designer for WinRT has the required set of features to create reports of any complexity. The interface of the report designer is stylized under Office 2013 UI with customizable colors. The component has a built-in ability to view reports in the WinRT viewer. The report designer is localized in 28 languages, including English, German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Russian and others.

The component is available for using in prerelease builds of Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT from February 1, 2013 at http://www.stimulsoft.com/en/downloads/reports-winrt. A free demo version can be downloaded in the Windows AppStore at http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/stimulsoft-designer/038823e2-fc6c-409b-9e57-e4de5460903d.

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Stimulsoft is a leading supplier in the market of reporting tools for all major development platforms from Microsoft. Customers of the company are many large and small business organizations, government, educational and non-profit institutions in over 130 countries around the world.

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