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Stimulsoft Reports.UWP
Creating reports usually consists of two parts – creating reports in the report designer and
delivering reports to end-users.
The product price starts from $699.95 per license

Reporting Tool for Windows 8/8.1

Creating reports usually consists of two parts – creating reports in the report designer and delivering reports to end-users. For the first part we provide a good reports designer with the great set of tools to increase quality of finished reports, decrease time of reports creation and providing easy way to design reports for non-developer users. For the second part we are happy to propose the pure Windows 8 reports viewer to display all possibilities of created reports to customers. Both parts are important and both parts must be perfect! This is why we recommend using Stimulsoft Reports.UWP in your Windows 8 apps, to make the both parts of the report rendering perfect!

Designed for Touch

Stimulsoft Reports for Windows 8 is specially designed to be touched! We provide great touchable interface of the reports viewer. We make work with reports more comfortable and ergonomic. Let's the report content directly follow your fingers! Zooming, dragging, sliding, scrolling, navigation – you can quickly and easily interact with your report content. Touch reports and get visual response on your actions! How will your reports look in the viewer and how will your customer interact with your reports? There is only one way - simple, intuitive, beautiful and fast! The reports viewer for Windows 8 is powered by beautiful and consistent animations for all aspects of the report showing.
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT

Business Reports in Your Windows 8 Application Today

We do not provide the report engine which can show only demo reports. We do not provide reports which can show the features only in sample projects. We do not provide things which work only in the sandbox! No toys, just really working arrangements! You can use our products to create a real-world business application as do thousands of our other users. Banking, financing services, communications, educations, government, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, insurance - in many areas of the modern world our reporting tools already work and make our world a little better and easier!

Powered by UWP

Our reporting tool is created with help of pure Windows 8 runtime. You can use Stimulsoft Reports.UWP in creation reports that will run on both ARM based editions of Windows 8 and Intel based Windows 8 without modifications. Our components are created in the C# language and can be used with any programs or libraries targeted for the Windows 8 runtime. You can use any programming languages which support UWP.
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT

Your Reports Everywhere

Get the report in the format you need! You do can print reports. We have powered our report engine with the UWP printing core. You can show reports. We provide the Windows 8 viewer for your reports. You can save reports to more than 30 different file formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and many others. Do you want to check the report later? No problem! Save it into an internal xml format for future using. Do you want to show reports in Silverlight, ASP.NET? No problem! All our products are compatible!

Standalone Report Designer

We provide the fully featured report designer for creating reports in Stimulsoft Reports.UWP. You can create, design, and view reports with help of intuitive interface. The report designer we provide is localized in more than 25 languages. It has a big amount of special report creation tools which can radically decrease report design time and the report designing cost. Once the report is created you can save it to the file or cloud. Then the report viewer can easily display it. Reports which are created in other our products can be used in Stimulsoft Reports.UWP too.
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT

Flexible Licensing Model

Stimulsoft Company offers very simple licensing model for our reporting products – licensing per developer. You need licensing only for developers who work with our reporting tool. You do not need to pay any royalties for your end-users. You do not need to pay any royalties for the ASP.NET server deployment. You do not need to pay any royalties for distributing your application with our reporting tools. Also we always try to meet the needs of our customers – we provide easy subscription program and low-cost upgrade rates. We always listen to our customers.

One Reports World

We provide many products for the report creation. And all of these products use the same report format and the same methods to work with reports! You can create report only once, and with help of any of our products. Then you may use created reports of the brand new platform without migration issues! The report will work on many platforms. Our products cover many programming platforms and we continue our work to expand our report solution on new programming areas. So you always will have one powerful tool for report generation for all cases in your hands!
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT
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