Stimulsoft Company, a developer of software for Business Intelligence, releases a new version of the reporting tool. The key features are integrated into the product report designers for HTML 5 and WinRT.

The HTML 5 based Web report designer now looks different. The Ribbon GUI, familiar to everyone, was chosen as the primary product interface, all kinds of menus (drop-down lists, forms, dialog boxes) now have a smooth and nice animation. Each item gets a special drawing. Thanks to that the designer now looks easier. In addition to the visual changes, the report designer has a function of automatic synchronization with the server when the connection with it is lost. After reconnection, the report will not be lost. Evaluation of the component is available immediately as an online demo application at It is possible not only to view the reports, but to create your own ones.

The first report designer for WinRT is developed by the company specialists. It supports ARM and Intel versions of processors. The report designer allows creating and editing reports on any devices running the Windows 8 operating system.
The phrase "make by your own hands" is now literally applicable to the reporting. It is because of the built-in ability to design reports not only with the mouse, but also directly with your fingers. No language barriers exist in the product. The report designer is localized into 28 languages, including English, German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Russian and others. The report designer is available as a demo version of the Windows AppStore store in the category Business.

The list of changes is much broader. Please read more about new features implemented in Stimulsoft Reports at

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The company develops tools for processing, analyzing data, displaying them and printing. Software products are available for different technologies .NET Framework, PHP, Flex, Java, HTML5 and WinRT. No matter what kind of technology is used by a developer, Stimulsoft Reports will help you create the best applications in shortest time.

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