Stimulsoft Company, a leading developer of software for Business Intelligence, announces a new version of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate 2013.3, which includes components for WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight and WinRT.

"Would you rather have a panacea? Or maybe you want to have a key to open all doors? Or correct answers to all questions? In other words, you want to have a universal tool that could greatly facilitate your life. – says a leading developer of Stimulsoft, Anton Lozovskiy. – Unfortunately, this wish is just a pipe dream, a utopia. Fortunately, Stimulsoft managed to turn the dream of a universal reporting tool into a reality."

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a reporting tool that unites reporting components for the .NET Framework. It contains everything you may need to work with reports of any type and complexity.

What does Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate offer for a developer? These are 10 mighty report designers compatible with each other. Designers have a rich set of functionality, ranging from components such as bands, cross-tabs, charts to editors of complex conditions, sorting, and filtering. 12 report viewers that allow viewing, editing, and printing reports on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate includes innovative product Reports.WinRT that works on all devices running Windows 8.

What exactly do users get in applications? They get tools for working with reports on any platform – WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, and WinRT. Customers can export reports to more than 30 file formats - PDF and DOC, CSV and PNG. They may edit and create reports in the designer, delete, add pages, edit predefined reports, send them by email, and more. Reports created in WinForms, ASP.NET or Silverlight are fully compatibility with each other. All report designers have the same structures of user interfaces, built on the basis of the most popular software products, in particular Microsoft Office. Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate has ability to work with reports on mobile devices using the Multi-touch technology. The first of its kind report designer for WinRT allows creating reports by touch of a finger or stylus.

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Stimulsoft is a leading supplier of components for creating reports for the most popular development platforms. Stimulsoft's customers include many large and small business organizations, government, educational, and non-profit institutions in more than 130 countries worldwide.

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