New Features
1.The new option - AllowWordWrapTextEditors for more flexible customization of the report designer was added.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
2.The new options - ShowFileMenuNewReport and ShowFileMenuNewDashboard for more flexible customization of the report designer were added.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
3.The "Labels" group of chart properties was added.  RWebRJSBICloud
4.A new overload of the ToCurrencyWordsPtBr (value, uppercase, dollars, cents) function was added.  RWebRNetRWpf
5.The AllowSQLFormatting option is added to the SQL editor in the SQL data source editor.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
6.The new component - "Math Formula" for reports was added.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
7.New events "OnDesignReport" and "OnViewerEvent" for the Blazor viewer component, and "OnDesignerEvent" for the Blazor designer component have been added.  RBlazor
8.Support for Antiforgery Token in the HTML5 Viewer ad HTML5 Designer for ASP.NET MVC was added.  RWeb
9.The new functions are added - PercentOfGrandTotal and PartOfGrandTotal.  RWebRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBICloud
10.A map of Afghanistan is added for the Map component in reports and for the "Region Map" item in dashboards.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIServer
11.The new 'make spacing equal' buttons are added to the dashboard settings form.  DWinBIDesigner
12.A new component "Table of Contents" has been added. With the help of this component you can automatically create table of contents in reports.  RJava
13.Visualization of the loading process of the report and report designer was added.  RBlazor
14.The ability to export dashboard to the HTML file was added.  DWebDWinDJSBIServerBICloud
15.The ContentAlignment property is added to the dashboard. The property can be changed via the dashboard editor form. This property allows changing the positioning of the dashboard's elements in the viewer.  RWebRJSDWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
16.Support for the ODBC data adapter for designing reports was added.  RPHP
17.The possibility of localization of the variable items property with the help of the GlobalizationStrings.  RWebRNetRJSDWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
18.A new Azure SQL adapter for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure service was added. You can use it to design reports and dashboards.  RWebRNetDWebDWinBIDesigner
19.Dependent variables now support list types.  RNetBIDesigner
20.The ability to pass parameters from the request URL to the report was added.  RJSRPHP
21.A new event onPrepareVariables was added. It is called at the time of rendering a report and provides the ability to set or change the values of report variables on the server side.  RPHP
22.The ability to force cookies refresh on every request to the server was added. Using the AllowAutoUpdateCookies property, you can enable this mode for HTML5 viewer and report designer.  RWebDWeb
23.The new option AllowAntiforgeryToken to enable or disable auto request and send the antiforgery token in Web components. By default, it is set to true.  RWeb
24.New events OnInitialized and OnAfterRender for Blazor viewer and designer are added.  RBlazor
25.A new check in the report checker for charts in reports when using "Expression" as a series value was added.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
26.Added the ability to use "Icons" in the "Chart" element of dashboards.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
27.Support for SVG images for NET Standard 2.1, .NET Core 3.1, and .NET 5.0 frameworks was added.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
28.The possibility to get variable's label with help of the expression - "myvar.Label".  RNetDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
29.The possibility of sorting items in the request from user variables is added.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRJavaDWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
30.The Hand cursor is shown over the table columns with actions.  DWinBIDesigner
31.The ability to export a report to a Microsoft PowerPoint file was added.  RJava
32.The new ToCurrencyWordsEs function is added for using in reports.  RJava
33.The GetParam function is added.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
34.A new Azure Blob Storage adapter was added. It is used for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure Blob service, which can be used to design reports and dashboards.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
35.The ability to select the "Box And Whisker" chart type in the simple chart editor.  RNetBIDesigner
36.Added the ability to sort the values of variables of various types in the "Request from User" mode.  RWpf
37.Custom controls instead of standard ones were added. Also, the algorithm for applying themes to controls in WPF components was optimized. The control themes will now be loaded when you use those controls.  RWpf
38.The ability to create a connection to the Data.World service from the WPF report designer was added.  RWpf
39.The ability to create a connection to the QuickBooks service from the WPF report designer was added.  RWpf
40.The ability to export dashboard to the SVG file.  DJS
41.The ability to embed all used data into report resources was added.  DJS
42.The ability to display and edit inaccessible data sources was fixed.  RJSDJS
43.Support for the adapter for connecting and retrieving data from the Google BigQuery service.  RWebBIServerBICloud
44.The ability to specify the maximum size and enable the word wrap for the columns of the "Table" element on the dashboard was added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud

1.The algorithm for specifying the color code was optimized. Now you can specify the HEX color code.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
2.The "Cross-Tab" editor in the WPF report designer was updated.  RWpf
3.The algorithm for applying abbreviations for numeric and currency values in reports with the ru-Ru culture installed was updated.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
4.The "Cross-Tab" component editor for the WPF report designer was updated.  RWpf
5.The processing logic of the "Map" component style and the "Region Map" element was updated and improved. Also, we added the ability to select the style mode for the heatmap - Lightness or Darkness.  RNetRWpfDWin
6.The list of options for Blazor components has been optimized.  RBlazor
7.For ease of use, the "Theme" option of the Blazor Viewer is moved to the component properties.  RBlazor
8.The issue with the algorithm for processing the Switch function in the "Interpretation" calculation mode was updated. Up to 20 pairs of arguments are now supported.  RWebRNetRWpf
9.Updated syntax for setting parameters in SQL query on the server side. You should now use @Param instead of {Param}. The previous syntax will work in conjunction with the new onPrepareVariables event.  RPHP
10.Selection of a digital signature in the export to PDF is updated.  RWebRNetRWpfBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
11.The Report.PreviewMode property was moved to the Report.PreviewSettings.PreviewMode.  RNetRWpfBIDesigner
12.Updated the Series Labels Color property for a predefined chart style.  RJS
13.Updated the list of variables menu when creating or editing a dependent variable.  RNet
14.Optimization of the "Save" menu and the export settings window in the WPF viewer.  RWpf
15.The algorithm for processing the "Gauge" component in reports and dashboards for WinForms and WPF viewers was updated.  RWpfDWin
16.The error with displaying custom styles in the extended editor of the "Gauge" component was added.  RNetRWpf
17.The error with creating a new connection to the data storage from the "Get Data" item in the welcome window was fixed.  RWpf
18.The interaction editor in the WPF report designer was updated.  RWpf
19.The data viewing algorithm was updated. Sorting of values is now added in the "View Data" window.  DWebDJSBICloud

Fixed Bugs
1.A bug related to the button to call the regional map was fixed.  DWebDJS
2.A problem with saving grid alignment in the MVC report designer was fixed.  RWebDWeb
3.A bug with displaying the dashboard grid in the report designer when resizing the dashboard was fixed.  DWebDJSBICloud
4.Issues with some return values for the ToCurrencyWordsPt function were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
5.The error was fixed with processing the color of the base text when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file when the checkbox is checked for the "Allow Html Tags" parameter.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.Some errors in the GetUsedDataSourcesNames function algorithm when processing parameters of aggregate functions were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
7.The error in processing the page background color when exporting a report to a *.pptx file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.Some chart processing errors when exporting a report to an image from the WPF viewer were fixed.  RWpf
9.An error in the "Right to Left" mode for text when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.An issue with processing and rendering special characters on Linux systems in .NET Core projects was fixed.  RNet
11.The error of processing negative values by the ToCurrencyWordsEnIn function was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.A problem with processing a null image in a watermark when exporting a report to a PDF file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
13.Some issues were fixed with the digital signature verification errors when exporting a report to a PDF file, in cases where the certificate did not contain private keys.  RWebRNetRWpf
14.Encoding errors in font names when exporting a report to a PDF file were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
15.Compilation errors when using VB.Net in .NET Core projects were fixed.  RNet
16.The import error from Microsoft Excel files for some cultures was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
17.A bug with using the owner style for report components was fixed.  RJava
18.An error with processing date in DateTime data from XML data source was fixed.  RJava
19.A problem when closing the drop-down list in the "Conditions" editor in the WinForms report designer was fixed.  RNet
20.A bug related to variable deserialization was fixed.  RJava
21.A currency formatting error for the "Indicator" element values in dashboards was fixed.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
22.A bug with displaying animated lines in the chart was fixed.  RWpf
23.The issue with the trend line style in charts was fixed.  RWpf
24.The ussue with the line drawing error that connected points with zero values were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWinDJSBIDesigner
25.The error with loading packed report with date values in the chart was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
26.The issue with showing menu shapes from toolbar designer was fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
27.The issue with the rendering error for geometry in dashboards was fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
28.The issue with displaying the progress of an element in the preview with scrolling was fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
29.Some issues with using the Marker property in the Chart element in the compilation mode.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
30.The error with opening the .MRT JSON report with histogram chart was fixed.  RWebRWpfDWinBIDesigner
31.The error with setting a font for axis header in the "Chart" report component was fixed.  RWpf
32.A bug with text wrapping in the axis header for the "Chart" component was fixed.  RJSDJS
33.The error with processing filter values for the "Chart" element when viewing dashboards in the WPF viewer.  DWin
34.The error of processing an image of the Metafile type, when it is loaded as a watermark of a report page in the WPF report designer, was fixed.  RWpf
35.An issue with displaying a double border when enabling the borders of the "Panel" element in dashboards.  DWin
36.A problem with drawing graphical areas of the "Treemap" chart was fixed.  RWeb
37.An issue with wrapping text with quotes in labels of the "Chart" component was fixed.  RJSDJS
38.A bug related to changing the width of the summary cells in the "Table" element when viewing the dashboard in the WPF viewer was fixed.  DWin
39.A bug related to the calculation of the component size with the enabled text wrapping was fixed.  RJS
40.The error with processing dates depending on the set report culture was fixed.  RJS
41.Component rendering failed when options are set to null for Blazor components.  RBlazor
42.Some errors related to Email addresses when exporting a report to a PDF file were fixed.  RJava
43.A problem related to disabled labels for a "Pie" type chart was fixed.  RWeb
44.A bug with the first printing from code to HTML related to the ongoing animation of charts was fixed.  DWeb
45.The error with the drill-down of the report data in the Web viewer was fixed.  RJava
46.The error occurred with changing the data column type to byte[] when creating or editing in "Data transformation".  RNetDWin
47.Some errors with the calculation and display of text margins in the Web viewer were fixed.  RJava
48.Some problems were fixed with the TOC component in the "Right to Left" mode when exporting a report to PDF.  RWebRNetRWpf
49.Some problems in the text size calculation algorithm were fixed.  RJava
50.A bug with the colors of values in the legend of pie charts when using conditional formatting was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSBIDesigner
51.A bug related to cyclic reloading of the designer when the OnPreviewReport and OnDesignerEvent events are called was fixed.  RBlazor
52.Some bugs with universally unique identifier (UUID) when creating or editing a PostgreSQL datastore connection was fixed.  RJava
53.Some errors were fixed with image processing when exporting a report and dashboard to an HTML file when the div viewer mode is set.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
54.The error with processing zero borders of elements on the dashboard was fixed.  DJS
55.A bug related to displaying Y axis labels when the property "Start from Zero" is set to "True" was fixed.  RJSDJS
56.The error in processing the first element of a numeric array when receiving data from a JSON file was fixed.  RNetRWpfRJSDWinDJSBIDesigner
57.The error with text alignment in the report for the div viewer mode was fixed.  RJSRPHP
58.A problem occurred when displaying the report parameters panel in the viewer.  RBlazor
59.A bug with calling the "Send Email Settings" menu when viewing a report in the viewer was fixed.  RBlazor
60.The issue with drawing Doughnut and Funnel charts with single values was fixed.  RWebRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
61.Some issues with hyperlinks of the TOC component was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRBlazor
62.The error with processing null values when using Roslyn compilation was fixed.  RWebRNet
63.The error with processing the href tag in the .NET Core engine was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
64.The export error related to handling the height of table cells and element headers when using the scale of the operating system more than 100 percent.  DWebDWin
65.Errors with units when using compiled sub-reports was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
66.The issue with the packers of report resources.  RJava
67.The error was fixed with processing data columns of the DateTime type in JSON data sources for some cultures.  RWebRNetRWpf
68.Some bugs with the JSON serializer in reports.  RJava
69.The error with processing bands located on the "Panel" component in sub-reports was fixed.  RJS
70.Added support for various units for HTML tags - pt, px, em, cm, mm, in.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
71.The error in processing the "Word Wrap" property for .NET Core and JS components was fixed.  RWebRJS
72.The issue with using filtering in the table element together with the MonthIdent function.  DWinBIDesigner
73.The image processing error when exporting a report to Microsoft PowerPoint file was fixed.  RJS
74.Some issues with processing the ShrinkFontToFit property was fixed.  RJS
75.Small problems with the Right-Handed option in the windows.  RNetBIDesigner
76.A problem with focusing the cursor in the list of parameters when viewing a report or dashboard was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
77.Some errors in the algorithm for exporting a report to an HTML file were fixed.  RJava
78.Errors in processing values of some X-axis properties of the "Chart" component when saving a report to the .mrt (JSON) file were fixed.  RWebRNetBIDesigner
79.The error in processing the "Empty Band" band was fixed.  RJava
80.Some errors in the algorithm for exporting a report to a PDF file were fixed.  RJava
81.The error of loading the localization from the InputStream class for the Web viewer.  RJava
82.The error with processing the ToString() method, depending on the localization of the report, was fixed.  RJavaBIDesigner
83.The error in handling exceptions in the wysiwyg mode for some encodings when exporting a report to a PDF file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
84.A problem related to encoding some characters in MIMEType for embedded files when exporting a report to a PDF file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
85.A problem with aligning text to the right related to the content in the text of escape codes in the Dot-Matrix printing mode was fixed.  RNet
86.The error of displaying the tooltip on hover, related to the content of certain characters, when exporting a report to a PDF file, was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
87.The error with processing the "Refresh Time" property for dashboards was fixed.  RWebDWebBIServer
88.The error of processing variables with null values in the Web viewer was fixed.  RJava
89.A problem with the text editor after drill down is executed in a report was fixed.  RWebDWebBIServer
90.An issue with formatting dates in variables was fixed.  RJava
91.A problem related to the "Data Column" window when creating a list of variable items was fixed.  RJSDJS
92.A bug with the Save window when exporting a dashboard to an HTML file was fixed.  RJSDJS
93.A problem with processing the "best" values for dashboard charts with multiple series was fixed.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
94.Export to pptx. A font for empty textboxes was exported incorrectly.  RWebRNetRWpf
95.Export to PDF in .NET Core. Editable fields worked incorrectly if the font used was not loaded.  RWeb
96.The error with processing integer data when creating a JSON data source was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
97.The error occurred with the position of the chart title.  RJava
98.The error occurred with processing data fields when retrieving them from the database.  RJava
99.The error with processing conditional formatting of the "Color Scale" type in reports was fixed.  RJava
100.The error in processing the list of dependent variables was fixed.  RJava
101.The error when retrieving data columns from storage in the report designer was fixed.  RJava
102.Some issues with visibility of the Dimension Column in the table element are fixed.  DWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
103.Some issues with loading of the TOC component from the JSON file is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
104.Some issues with auto-sizing in the view data function.  DWinBIDesigner
105.Some issues with spaces in data columns in the dashboards.  DWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
106.A bug with using the Right to Left mode when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file for Arabic languages was fixed.  RJava
107.The error of using data sources in variables with the "Request from User" mode enabled was fixed.  RJava
108.The issue with displaying of a donut chart when specifying a single value in reports and dashboards was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
109.The error with processing file paths in the "Image" component was fixed.  RJava
110.The ability to specify "Color Each" in the Gantt chart was added.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWinBIDesigner
111.An issue with exporting hyperlinks when converting a report to a Microsoft Word file was fixed.  RJava
112.An issue with saving and loading of conditional formatting of chart signatures from * .mrt file with JSON markup was fixed.  RNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
113.Some issues with the processing variables which names equal to standard property names of the report.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
114.The ViewData property of the gauge interaction was not saved correctly in the JSON format.  DWebDWin
115.The error in processing the "Retrieve Only Used Data" option was fixed.  RJava
116.The error with processing the font color when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file.  RJava
117.The issue with the ablility to specify "Color Each" in a waterfall chart wasfixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
118.An issue with displaying different font styles for chart labels was fixed.  RWebRJS
119.Fixed a problem with displaying different font styles for chart labels when exporting a report to HTML.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
120.Incorrect displaying of the "Bullet" type gauge when dragging a component onto the report page was fixed.  RNetRWpf
121.The issue with displaying of the form of a data source of GIS type for various values of operating system scale was fixed.  RNet
122.Displaying of the list of variable elements, with the ability to select a value by the user in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
123.The issue with processing algorithm for a variable with the Image data type when a user selects a value in the WinForms viewer was fixed.  RNet
124.Some bugs with the "Table of Contents" component editor in the WPF designer were fixed.  RWpf
125.The issue with editing item values in a variable was fixed.  RWpf
126.The error with URL redirection when selecting a value in the 'Table' element of the dashboard in the WPF viewer was fixed.  DWin
127.The error when creating a data source based on the "Cross-Tab" component if the report uses "Business Objects" was fixed.  RNetRWpf
128.A bug with displaying the "Tooltip" element of the "Chart" dashboard in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
129.A problem in the report designer when calling the "Publish" tool in the report designer was fixed.  RNet
130.A problem in the WPF report designer that occurred when calling the "Interaction" editor from the properties panel was fixed.  RWpf
131.A bug with selecting the values of the "Table" dashboard element in the WPF viewer was fixed.  DWin
132.A problem with the data dictionary toolbar that occurred when closing the "Map" component editor in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
133.A problem with focus when entering values in the properties panel in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
134.The error with loading the SVG image as a watermark in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
135.The ability to save the dashboard as a Report Snapshot file was added.  DWebDJS
136.A problem with adding fonts with different styles to reports and dashboards.  RJSDJS
137.The error of processing a chart of the "Spline Range" type was fixed.  RJS
138.The error with processing empty chart labels was added.  RJS
139.The error with processing the "Funnel Weighted Slices" type charts was fixed.  RJS
140.The algorithm for processing the ToString() method for a variable of the "List" type was updated.  RJSDJS
141.The error with conditional formatting of the "Clone" component was fixed.  RJS
142.An algorithm for processing the presence of a data adapter was added. If there is no adapter, a corresponding message will be displayed to the user.  RJSDJS
143.The error with processing data and styles for the "Gauge" component in reports was fixed.  RJS
144.The error with processing attributes when loading the MDC file with the XML markup was fixed.  RJS
145.The issue with the processing error when there is no page in the report was fixed.  RJS
146.The algorithm for processing the Month() function in dashboards was fixed.  DJS
147.The error with processing the Enabled property for dashboards was fixed.  DJS
148.The error with processing chart values in dashboards was fixed.  DJS
149.A problem with the first start of the report designer for macOS was fixed.  RJSDJS
150.The error with importing data from Excel file that contains empty lines was fixed.  RJSDJS
151.Some bugs when using the Round() function in dashboards was fixed.  DJS
152.The image processing algorithm when converting a report to an SVG file was fixed.  RJS
153.Some problems when using packed scripts was fixed.  RJSDJS
154.An issue related to the "Undo" command after copying to the clipboard and pasting from it when working in the report designer was fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
155.The error that occurred when changing the column type while creating or editing data transformation was fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
156.Some problems in the "View Data" window were fixed.  DWebDJSBICloud
157.Some bugs with the regional map editor were fixed.  DJS
158.Some bugs with CacheHelper were fixed.  RWebDWeb