New Features
1.The ability to select an icon for the "Image" component on the properties panel in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
2.The OpenConnection function for HTML5 designer was added. With this new option, you can configure and set custom request headers (for example, authorization).  RWeb
3.A new data adapter for connecting to the Google BigQuery data store and retreiving data from this service was added.  RWebRNetRWpfDWinBIDesigner
4.Added the ability to configure restrictions for a specific variable.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
5.The ability to use expressions when conditionally formatting the "Chart" element on the dashboard was added.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBICloud
6.The ability to use predefined styles when conditionally formatting report components was added.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBICloud
7.The ability to use expressions when conditionally formatting the "Chart" element on the dashboard was added.  RNetRWpfDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBIDesktop
8.The ability for node.js to specify header and "crypt" command when using remote URL in data adapter was fixed.  RJS
9.Support for Antiforgery Token in the HTML5 Viewer ad HTML5 Designer for .NET Core and .NET 5 was added.  RWeb
10.Export to PDF now supports the 'href' HTML tag.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.Export to Word now supports for the 'href' HTML tag.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.The "MonthIdent" function now supports an abbreviation of the month.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
13.The new "Table of Contents" component is added to the report engine.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
14.The ability to drag and drop columns in the "Table" element when viewing the dashboard was added.  RNetBIDesigner
15.The "Size" property is added to the "Dimension" columns of the "Table" element. Also, the "Word Wrap" property is added to the "Table" element.  DWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
16.The "Frozen Columns" property is added to the "Table" element.  DWinBIDesigner
17.The new "Show Total" property was added to the columns and rows headers of the pivot element.  DWinBIDesigner
18.The "Total Label" property is added to the pivot's columns and rows.  DWinBIDesigner
19.PDO data adapters for MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, and PostgreSQL data storages were added.  RPHP
20.Added support for icon scalability when viewing reports in WPF.  RWpf
21.Support for an extended list of items for the "Shape" menu on the WPF v1 report designer toolbox was added.  RWpf
22.The ability to configure report viewing options in the WPF v2 report designer was added.  RWpf
23.Added the ability to switch between editable "Check Box" components using the Tab key when viewing reports in the WPF viewer.  RWpf

1.The algorithm for designing reports using the wizard in the WPF report designer was updated and optimized.  RNetRWpf
2.The algorithm for displaying the "Map" component editor in the WPF report designer was updated.  RNetRWpf
3.The algorithm for processing and filling the background of labels for the "Chart" component in the WPF report designer was optimized.  RNetRWpf
4.The algorithm for processing and displaying icons in the "Image" component when editing a report in WPF v1 was updated.  RWpf
5.Editors of the "Image" component in the WPF v1 and WPF v2 report designers were optimized and synchronized.  RWpf
6.Culture editors in WPF v1 and WPF v2 report designers were optimized and synchronized.  RWpf
7.The algorithm for displaying a thumbnail of the current style of an element on the Ribbon tab in the report designer was updated.  RNet
8.The algorithm for displaying the available styles in the property panel for the "Sparkline" component in the WPF report designer was updated.  RWpf
9.The algorithm for calling the "Get Started" window in the WPF report designer was updated.  RWpf
10.The report caching algorithm was updated and optimized.  RWebDWeb
11.The algorithm for processing a dashboard table with a large number of data rows was updated and optimized.  DJS
12.The editor for setting colors in the report designer was updated.  DWebDWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
13.A menu for creating XML connection in the report designer was updated.  RJSDJS
14.Updated and optimized the algorithm for calling the filtering menu with a large number of data lines.  DWebDWinDJS
15.Some improvements in the country codes while searching in the "Map" element.  DWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
16.Resizing of the "Cross-Tab" editor form was added.  RNetBIDesignerBIDesktop
17.The "Sort" property of the "Cross-Tab" component is hidden now because it is not been frequently used.  RNetRWpfBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
18.The dashboard engine now supports real-time refreshing of the text element, which contains the Time variable.  DWinBIServerBIDesigner
19.Some improvements regarding the flickering of the dashboard viewer via processing the "Refresh Time" property.  DWinBIDesigner
20.The algorithm for updating dashboard components using a timer in the WPF viewer has been optimized.  DWin
21.Updated the algorithm for adding outline strokes in report wizards.  RNetRWpf
22.The algorithm for drawing templates of styles for the "Cross-Tab" component on the Ribbon panel in the report designer has been updated.  RNetRWpf
23.The algorithm for displaying the "File" menu in the WPF report designer was optimized.  RWpf
24.Updated the algorithm for displaying the user avatar on the WPF Ribbon tab of the report designer.  RWpf

Fixed Bugs
1.A bug with loading a report file that contains a dashboard into the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
2.An error in the editor of the "Data" band, when using a business object as a data source for this band, was fixed.  RNetRWpf
3.The error with displaying thumbnails of custom styles for the "Map" component on the Ribbon tab in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RNetRWpf
4.Fixed a bug with the icon size when changing scale in GIS maps.  DWin
5.A bug with double clicking the "Submit" button on the parameters panel in the viewer was fixed.  RWpf
6.An issue with applying custom styles for the "Map" component in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
7.The error with editing an array of values for the "Color" property on the properties panel in the WPF v2 report designer was fixed.  RWpf
8.An issue with selecting a segment of a map to which a custom style is applied was fixed.  RWpf
9.Fixed an issue with losing a focus in the WPF v2 report designer when closing modal windows of component editors.  RWpf
10.The error with saving the value for the "Color Each" parameter when editing the "Map" component in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RNetRWpf
11.A problem with moving component editors when they are called by double clicking in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
12.A problem with creating Australia and Austria maps when designing a report in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
13.The error when loading a dashboard thumbnail in the Demo WPF application was fixed.  RWpf
14.A problem with applying the date format to variable values when editing a report in WPF report designer was fixed.  RNetRWpf
15.A bug with adding .mrt extension to a file when saving a report from the web designer was fixed.  RWebBICloud
16.The error displaying barcodes when viewing a report was fixed.  RJS
17.A problem with displaying a "Tooltip" when hovering over dashboard elements was fixed.  RJSDJS
18.Fixed a bug with color editor for chart series.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBICloud
19.A problem with the position of the interactive sort icon in reports was fixed.  RWebRJSBICloud
20.The error with specifying the current page of the report template when switching to the Preview tab was fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBICloud
21.A bug with filling a company information when designing a report using the New Report Wizard was fixed.  RWebDWebBICloud
22.A problem with copying and pasting report bands to the clipboard was fixed.  RWebRJSBICloud
23.The error with calculating the position of the scroll bar in the "Table" element was fixed.  DJS
24.The error with using variables with DateTime data type was fixed.  RJSDJS
25.A problem with chart labels that appeared after animation was fixed.  RWpf
26.The error with authentication when creating a connection to the data storage using the OData v3 protocol was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
27.The error with displaying values for a scatter chart was fixed.  RWebRNetDWinBIDesigner
28.An issue with processing of SQL parameters if they are not present in the report data dictionary was fixed.  RJSDJS
29.Some problems occurred when using JS components for the Vue.js platform. .  RJSDJS
30.Some issues with loading modules in custom projects was fixed.  RJSDJS
31.The error with processing custom values of a "List" type variable was fixed.  RJSDJS
32.The algorithm for processing some functions in dashboards was updated and optimized.  DJS
33.The issue with displaying errors when using SQL data sources was fixed.  RJSDJS
34.A bug with checking encryption commands in data adapters was fixed.  RJSDJS
35.Some bugs with zipped files of the product packages was fixed.  RJSDJS
36.A bug with processing the "Table" element with filters installed in Stimulsoft Designer.JS was fixed.  DJS
37.The issue with saving resources when working with components in Node.js was fixed.  RJS
38.The ability to use asynchronous or synchronous mode in the report generator engine was added.  RJSDJS
39.The issue with the "Length under Labels" property for the chart axis was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
40.Export to Word. LineSpacing for Microsoft YaHei on the China version of Windows now should work correctly.  RWebRNetRWpf
41.Export to Excel. The control character in the text could cause the broken file output.  RWebRNetRWpf
42.The issue with the CheckBox painting, if no Wingding font installed, was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
43.QRCode. Now the MatrixSize property works correctly.  RWebRNetRWpf
44.Report engine. VirtualSource.Filter And/Or now works in the interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
45.The ToCurrencyWordsEs function now uses the correct gender for currency.  RWebRNetRWpf
46.Export to PDF. The exception occured on OpenType fonts in NetCore.  RWebRNetRWpf
47.Export toTXT. The 'Out of range' exception on some reports.  RWebRNetRWpf
48.The DataMatrix barcode. Fixed the issue with the 'Out of range' exception occured on empty data.  RWebRNetRWpf
49.Report engine. RichText.Break on Win7 now works slower but more precise.  RWebRNetRWpf
50.Reports engine. The bookmarks were shown for Disabled bands.  RWebRNetRWpf
51.The Bubble column was not correctly shown.  DJS
52.QRCode. The errorCorrectionLevel property was not applied. It always was the Level1.  RJS
53.Report engine. For UnlimitedHeight, an extra height segment was added.  RJS
54.A bug with CodePages library dependencies in NuGet packages for .NET Core Framework was fixed.  RWebDWeb
55.The issue with the "TopN" property for chart series was fixed.  RJS
56.Drawing of the Progress element for high order numbers was optimized.  DWebDJSBIDesigner
57.A problem with multiple saving of the Cookie Container in the report object was fixed.  RWeb
58.Errors occurred when clicking Disable Buttons in File Menu.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
59.Designer.Wpf V2. An error occured when selecting a Custom style from the PropertyGrid.  RWpf
60.Viewer.Wpf. An error occured if SVG was set in the image of the Watermark page.  RWpf
61.Dbs Viewer.Wpf. Some maps displayed incorrect lables.  RWpf
62.Designer.Wpf V2. An error occurred if you first execute the Close command of the current report, and then open any other.  RWpf
63.Designer.Wpf V2. StiImage Editor - the Close button did not close.  RWpf
64.Dbs Viewer.Wpf. Long filters for the Chart component were displayed incorrectly.  DWin
65.Designer.Wpf V2. Themes were not applied correctly when using StiDesignerControl.  RWpf
66.Dbs Viewer.Wpf. In ListBox, SelectAll did not display CheckBox.  DWin
67.DesignerWpf V2. The error occurred when selecting a color in ColorPicker.  RWpf
68.Viewer.Wpf. If you open the search panel, then the next scaling of the report caused the error.  RWpf
69.Dbs Viewer.Wpf. In the Table component, the selection from the default selected row was not cleared.  DWin
70.Dbs Viewer.Wpf. The Table component had incorrect text color when selecting a row.  DWin
71.Designer .Wpf V2. The wrong editor was called when editing the "Text" property of the "StiText" component from the property panel.  RWpf
72.Compilation issues in .NET Core with VB.Net script were fixed.  RWeb
73.Problems with the work of CacheHelper with JSON report templates were fixed.  RWebDWeb
74.The issue with overriding the system prototype for some cases was fixed.  RJSDJS
75.The "First Row Is Header" property was not saved to the JSON format of the report.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
76.Incorrect specification of default values for the "OnClick" property in the Indicator element was fixed.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
77.Some looping issues during the report rendering of the clone component were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
78.Some issues with not loading data into the "Map" component from the data transformation source was fixed.  RNetBIServerBIDesigner
79.Now you can change properties of each table column in the Property panel by clicking on the table column header.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
80.When publishing a report, a bug with a closing braсket in the license key was fixed.  RJava
81.Fixed an issue with duplicating names in the custom fonts category in the font selection menu.  RWebDWeb
82.The availability of "StiDesignerControl" in the Visual Studio toolbox is reverted.  RNet
83.A bug related to measures in the text component was fixed.  RJava
84.Incorrect naming of the column label of the table element was fixed.  DWin
85.The error with using the digital signature when exporting a report to a PDF documen was fixedt.  RJava
86.The error related to the processing of the "href" tag when exporting a report to a PDF document was fixed.  RJava
87.Some issues with styles in the Cross-tab editor were fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
88.The error with the NPE processing in InitVars action was fixed.  RJava
89.A bug with resetting the filter of the "Chart" element when viewing a dashboard in WPF was fixed.  DWin
90.A bug with opening a hyperlink when clicking on the "Chart" component was fixed.  RWpf
91.Displaying of icons for various types of the "Chart" component on the WPF report designer toolbar was fixed.  RWpf
92.The algorithm of drawing the "Gauge" elements when they intersect on the dashboard was fixed.  DWin
93.The error with inheriting the value for the "Fore Color" property when creating a style of the "Indicator" type was fixed.  RNetRWpf
94.The error when selecting the HTML report view mode in the WPF v2 report designer was fixed.  RWpf
95.A problem with displacement of the watermark with a non-standard report page size in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
96.The error with handling incorrect property values in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf