New Features
1.An ability to specify an expression for the Enabled and Printable properties of components.  RWebRNetRWpfDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
2.Support for displaying descriptions when hovering the cursor was added for graphical objects of the Points type on the "Online Map" element of the GIS type.  DWin
3.The ability to set the color and size of various graphic objects on the "Online Map" element of the GIS type was added.  DWin
4.Support for the "Indicator" style for the "Sparkline" component in the report was added.  RNetRWpf
5.An ability to use the Image element together with general dashboard filters is added.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
6.An ability to use an expression is added for Text, Image, ZipCode, and other components.  RNetBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktop
7.An expression can be specified for the DockStyle, HorAlignment, VertAlignment, and ImageRotation properties.  RNetBIDesigner
8.Added support for .NET 5.0 RC1 framework for WinForms and WPF components.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
9.A button to change the direction of the summary columns in the "Pivot Table" element of the dashboard.  DWebDWinDJS
10.The "Image Resolution Mode" option when exportingba report to the PDF file.  RJava
11.An expression can be used for ComponentStyle, EvenStyle, and OddStyle properties.  RNetBIDesigner
12.The new barcode - GS1-128 is added.  RJava
13.Support for expressions in properties such as "Brush", "Alignment", and "Color" for report components was added.  RJava
14.Added the "Labels" property group for the "Gauge" element in the dashboard.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
15.The new "Strips" editor is added in the "Chart" component.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
16.A new "Constant Lines" editor for the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
17.The "Group" property was added for the "Text" element in dashboards.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
18.The "Bubbles" type for the columns of the "Table" element in dashboards was added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
19.An algorithm for protecting against script injection is added in the editor of the "Text" component.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
20.Added the ability to use data columns in the "Image" element of the dashboard.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
21.Support for expression for the "Enabled" and "Printable" properties of report components.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
22.Support for expressions for the "Brush" and "Text Brush" properties of report components was added.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
23.Added support for expressions for the Component Style property. For the "Data" band, the expression can also be used in the "Even Style" and "Odd Style" properties.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
24.The ability to publish the report and dashboard to social networks Twitter and Facebook is added.  RJSDJSBICloud
25.The new barcode - GS1-128 is added.  RJS
26.Improved security for working with XML templates. The DTD / DOCTYPE header is now ignored, which may have contained unsafe content.  RWebRNetRWpf
27.Support for exporting "Bubbles" cells of the "Table" element in dashboards.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
28.The algorithm for exporting a report to a PDF file was optimized. Now, the "Language" tag of the PDF file is filled from the "Culture" property of the report.  RWebRNetRWpf
29.The third overload for the ToCurrencyWordsPt function is added.  RWebRNetRWpf
30.Added support for the new format specification - ZUGFeRD v2.1.  RWebRNetRWpf
31.The new StiOptions.Engine.OrdinalStringComparison option was added. It is used to enable byte string comparison mode when sorting.  RWebRNetRWpf
32.Added support for custom functions in dashboards.  RJSDJS
33.Added the functionality to localize the values that are returned when using the MonthIdent() function. The localization of the returned values depends on the value of the Culture property of the report.  RJSDJS
34.The Format() fucntion is added.  RJSDJS
35.The new Cross-Filtering property is added to each element of dashboards. It controls the applying or not of cross-filters to the specified element.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
36.Added the ability to use an empty field for digital signature when exporting a report to PDF. This can be done using the "pdfunsignedsignaturefield" tag.  RJava
37.Added the ability to use a field in an digital signature when exporting a report to PDF. This can be done using the "pdfdigitalsignature" tag.  RJava
38.The new Orientation property is added to the ListBoxElement.  DWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
39.An encryption of requests to server data adapters was added.  RJSDJS
40.Added the ability to specify arrays of CC and BCC addresses in the settings when sending a report by email.  RPHP
41.Added the ability to use absolute paths in the RouteTemplate for ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core components.  RWebDWeb
42.The Image editor for the "Report Icon" and "Report Image" report properties was added in the WPF V2 report designer.  RWpf
43.The "Shape" component editor in WPF V2 report designer was added.  RWpf
44.Added support for multiple trendlines for the Chart component in WPF V1 and WPF V2 report designers.  RWpf
45.Added the ability for the "Online Map" element of the GIS type with the selected OpenStreetMap provider to create requests by URL to the user server.  DWin
46.The new Cross-Filtering property is added to each element of dashboards. It controls the applying of cross-filters to the specified element.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
47.Added the ability to use the horizontal and vertical "List Box" dashboard element.  DWebDJS
48.A new "char" data type and PadLeft/PadRight methods are added in the "Interpretation" calculation mode of the report.  RWebRNetRWpf
49.Added support for the new ZUGFeRD v2.1 format specification when exporting a report to PDF.  RJS
50.Added support for multiple trendlines for the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
51.Support for *.WKT files as a data source for the "Online map" element of the GIS type.  RNetRWpfDWin
52.An ability to specify custom colors in the sparkline column of the table element.  DWinBIServerBIDesigner
53.The new Bubble column is added to the table element.  DWinBIServerBIDesigner
54.The Group property is added to the Text element.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
55.Support for GeoJSON files as a data source for the "Online Map" element of the GIS type is added.  RNetRWpfDWin

1.Now the minimum required version of Java is 1.7.  RJava
2.Images loading from the data column in the image element through the hyperlink option is added.  DWinBIDesigner
3.The ability to search in Russian is available in the map selection window. The search algorithm in the editor of the "Regional map" element and the "Maps" component was updated. Now the search for the required type of a map is carried out with the support of the Russian language.  RNetDWin
4.Updated the order of options in the property panel in WPF V1 and WPF V2 report designers.  RWpf
5.Displaying styles for "Indicator" and "Progress" elements on the properties panel in the report designer.  RNet
6.Sets the right sequence after a copy-paste operation.  RNetBIDesigner
7.The error with repeated requesting data when using variables with a request to select or enter values by the user was fixed.  RNet
8.Improved speed of loading reports and dashboards that are designed using the Data Transformation.  RJSDJS
9.The module for Firebird data sources was fixed.  RJSDJS
10.Optimized source codes to work more correctly with .NET 4.5 and .NET Core 3.1.  RNetRWpfDWin
11.All multiline values are decreased to one line string in the filter's menu in the Table element.  DWinBIDesigner
12.The list of components for Reports.Java was updated. All Flash components have been removed from the product.  RJava
13.The Chart.Legend.Visible property of the chart element is modified. The Always mode is added.  DWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
14.Designer and viewer algorithms as well as comments to settings and event were updated and improved.  RPHP
15.A visibility in the properties panel of the BusinessObject property is added to the DataBand, Chart and CrossTab components.  RNetBIDesignerBIDesktop
16.Improved Property panel synchronization in WPF V2 Report Designer.  RWpf
17.The algorithm for displaying component styles on the Property panel after changing them in the style editor.  RWpf
18.The icon for the "New Data Source" menu from the "Recent" category was updated.  RNetRWpf
19.Updated editor for creating the OData data connection.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
20.Optimized and splitted into separate script files - report engive, charts, maps, exports, import from *.xlsx files. Now you can only use required parts of the software.  RJS
21.Improved and simplified conditional formatting editor for dashboard elements.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
22.Updated the editor of filters and conditions for report components, as well as in the editor of data transformation.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
23.Improved data schema retrieval algorithm when using the Cosmos DB adapter.  RWebRNetDWinBIDesigner
24.The "Geometry" element editor is adapted to scale the system up to 150%.  DWin
25.The Menu action replaced by the Save action in the dashboard viewer.  DWinBIDesigner
26.SVG library was moved from svg-salamander to Apache Batik.  RJava

Fixed Bugs
1.Some issues with dependent variables in the Web viewer were fixed.  RJava
2.Some issues when processing a text component with calculations were fixed.  RJava
3.The displaying of "Report Checker" control buttons at the high resolution of the screen was fixed.  RNetDWin
4.The image transparency error when exporting a report to a PDF file was fixed.  RJava
5.Some issues with the TextFormat property editor in the Style designer.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
6.Some issues with the full screen function in the ribbon report viewer.  RNetBIDesigner
7.An issue with visibility of Retrieve button in the Data Source editor.  RNetDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
8.An issues with a variable with selection mode set to Nothing.  RNetDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktop
9.Fixed an issue with putting date when viewing a report or dashboard for values of a variable of the "List" type.  RNet
10.Loading of report files of the *.mrt (JSON) type into WPF designer and report viewer was fixed.  RWpf
11.Added support for the "Indicator" style for the "Sparkline" component in the report.  RNetRWpf
12.The issue with highlighting of some components in the WPF V1 report designer was fixed.  RWpf
13.Fixed moving of Zip Code and Check Box components in the WPF V1 report designer.  RWpf
14.An issue with parsing GeoJSON data when creating a GIS data source.  RNetRWpfDWin
15.Optimization of WinForms (.NET Core) windows of the report designer for different zoom values in the operating system.  RNetDWin
16.The algorithm for calculating the autorange for values greater than 10M in the "Gauge" element was fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
17.A bug with switching filters in dashboards was fixed.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
18.Some issues for the "Sparklines" columns in the "Table" element of the dashboard was added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
19.A bug with changing the background color when conditionally formatting report components was fixed.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
20.A bug with the "Pivot Table" element of the dashboard with empty data was fixed.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
21.A bug when changing the cell type in the "Table" component is fixed.  RJS
22.Exporting the background color for the Sparkline component is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
23.Some errors when exporting the "Table" element in dashboards were fixed.  RJSDJS
24.Optimized the export to PDF algorithm for the Sparkline component. Now, sparklines are exported as primitives.  RJS
25.The algorithm of exporting for QR barcode images when converting a report to Word and Excel files.  RJS
26.The error processing the value of the "Fully convert expression" property for the RichText component in the WinForms (.NET Core) report designer.  RNet
27.Cache storage path changed. The Stimulsoft folder is now the root for the cache folders.  RWebRNetRWpf
28.The error in processing the 'Report Icon' property in the "Compilation" mode was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
29.The export of background color for cells of the "Indicator" type in the "Table" element of the dashboard was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
30.The error with report generation was fixed.  RNet
31.Fixed some bugs in the report designer.  RWpf
32.The export of "Zip Code" and "Text in Cells" components taking into account the scale value of the operating system was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
33.Some bugs with handling the "Grow to Height" and "Dock Style" properties of report components.  RWebRNetRWpf
34.The error processing image opacity when exporting to PDF file is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
35.A error of a connection that was created using columns with the DateTime data type.  RJSDJS
36.A bug with viewing a query when editing a PostgreSQL data source was fixed.  RJSDJS
37.The error with multilevel conditions when conditional formatting of report components was fixed.  RJSDJS
38.The error in the "Query Timeout" parameter for MS SQL and MySQL data sources.  RJSDJS
39.The connection error with PostgreSQL data storage was fixed.  RJSDJS
40.The error of using variables as parameters in SQL queries of data sources.  RJSDJS
41.Some errors with dates in the "Table" element of the dashboard were fixed.  RJSDJS
42.Issues with filtering data by date in the "Table" element of the dashboard were fixed.  RJSDJS
43.Fixed some errors for the "Sub-Report" component in reports.  RJS
44.A bug with passing the path to the database as an argument to data connection events was fixed.  RJSDJS
45.A bug with working of packed product scripts was fixed.  RJSDJS
46.Fixed a bug when using numeric, currency and percentage formatting functions for string data.  RJSDJS
47.The horizontal and vertical alignment for the "Image" element using icons in it was fixed.  DWin
48.A bug with the "Negative in Red" parameter for numeric formatting of the "Indicator" element.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
49.Issues with rounding values when using abbreviations in the numeric formatting of dashboard elements were fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
50.The logarithmic calculation of the range of axes for the "Chart" component with series of the "Scatter" type was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
51.The brush state in the "Shape" element editor was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
52.Fixed an issue with clearing unused resources in the "Online map" element of the GIS type on the dashboard when scaling the map.  DWin
53.Some issues with displaying time values in the table element are fixed.  DWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
54.Some issues are fixed and some improvements are made in the filters editor of theTable element.  DWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
55.An issue with hiding a progress indicator at the date picker in the dashboard was fixed.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
56.The error with initializing the system color palette of report components for Linux operating systems was fixed.  RWeb
57.Some issues with exporting a report to PDF and using the Allow Editable option were fixed.  RJava
58.Some issues with the Summary tab in the Text Editor was fixed.  RNetBIDesignerBIDesktop
59.The issue with loading rendered reports into the dashboard viewer.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
60.A bug with the Lazy loading feature for Angular components was fixed.  RWeb
61.A problem with the UTF-7 encoding for web components in .NET 5.0 was fixed.  RWebDWeb
62.The error in processing and saving online maps when exporting a report to an MDC file.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
63.Processing of hyperlinks when exporting a report to an HTML file was fixed.  RJava
64.An issue with auto-transfer of the Cross-tab component on report pages was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
65.The issue when opening reports from the Recent tab in WPF Report Designer was fixed.  RWpf
66.The error related to using the Editor tool when viewing reports in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
67.An issue with displaying the selected value for the Component Style property in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RNet
68.Saving property values for all component styles in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RNetRWpf
69.The issue with displaying component styles in the quick style selection menu on the Ribbon tab "Home" in the report designer was fixed.  RNet
70.The problem with displaying the list of values for the "Combo Box" element when viewing dashboards in the WPF viewer was fixed.  DWin
71.Some bugs with online map in reports were fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
72.Fixed a bug when designing reports with a Pie chart in the WPF report designer.  RWpf
73.Some issues when using the animation in charts.  RJSDJS
74.Errors in displaying username in the About menu were fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
75.An issue with displaying the calendar in a variable of the DateTime type was fixed.  RJSDJS
76.A problem with the RAM when using the "Refresh Time" option in dashboards.  RJSDJS
77.A problem with deleting relations from data sources in the data dictionary was fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
78.An issue with the drill-down of the dashboard in full screen view was fixed.  DWebDJS
79.The error with message about user activation.  RJSDJS
80.Fixed a bug with the Pie chart legend.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
81.Displaying the "Chart" component on the "Insert" tab in the report designer was fixed.  RWeb
82.Data drill-down in the Div export mode for displaying report pages was fixed.  RWebDWebBIServerBICloud
83.A problem with processing drill-down parameters for the "Indicator" element on the dashboard was fixed.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
84.Added support for multiple trendlines for the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
85.Changing property values of "Enum" type on the properties panel in the WPF V1 report designer was fixed.  RWpf
86.The issue with displaying of the "Maps" report component of the "Online" type in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
87.Issues with page highlighting when viewing reports in WPF viewer were fixed.  RWpf
88.Fixed filling with the background color of the page when exporting a report to MS Word.  RWebRNetRWpf
89.Fixed processing of the HREF tag when exporting a report to an HTML file.  RWebRNetRWpf
90.The issue with the algorithm for processing fractional parts in negative values when using the ToCurrencyWords function was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
91.A problem occurred when using the Auto Series Key Data Column option in report charts.  RJS
92.An issue related to adding items to the "Favorites" category in the "New Data Source" menu was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
93.The problem with displaying empty values in the "Gauge" element on the dashboard was fixed.  DJS
94.The issue with displaying the axis title in charts when using a range of values.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
95.The issue with displaying icons in the "Image" component for reports and dashboards.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSBIDesigner
96.A problem related to using the Category - Value heading style in a Cluster Bar chart was fixed.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
97.Fixed a problem that occurred when using basic authentication when connecting to a data store via an OData v4 adapter.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
98.Fixed a bug in the "Prevent Intersection" option for a "Clustered Bar" chart when designing reports.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSBIDesigner
99.An error with processing the "Sub-Report" component when rendering a report was fixed.  RJS
100.Reading XSD schema from internal XML data file was fixed.  RJSDJS
101.The error with processing relations between data sources was fixed.  RJSDJS
102.Loading data from XML files was fixed.  RJSDJS
103.The issue with displaying the "Cross-Tab" component when opening an MDC file in the viewer was fixed.  RJS
104.Fixed an issue with sorting values in the data transformation for dashboard elements.  RJSDJS
105.The error with processing custom data sources was fixed.  RJSDJS
106.Fixed the algorithm for grouping elements on the dashboard.  DJS
107.More precise specifying of table column types for different PostgreSQL versions was fixed.  RPHP
108.The error with loading a report with a Sunburst chart from an MRT (JSON) file was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfDWinBIDesigner
109.Some issues with getting localization values in the multithread mode were fixed.  RNetRWpfDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
110.The issue with the incorrect using of 'Allows Run Stored Proc' parameter in the SQL Source Editor form.  RNetDWinBIServerBIDesignerBIDesktopBICloud
111.Incorrect displaying of the small size of the "Online Map" element of the GIS type in the report designer was fixed.  DWin
112.Triggering of a false event and filters when moving the "Regional map" element and triggering the MouseUp event was fixed.  DWin
113.The functionality of the "Text Format" quick button for a text component was fixed.  RNet
114.The algorithm for calculating the autorange for values greater than 10M in the "Gauge" element was fixed.  DWin
115.The error of double clicking on the Data band was fixed.  RNetRWpf
116.Clearing Recent connections in the "New Data Source" window was fixed.  RNet
117.Checking for valid characters in the "Decimal Digits" field for the percentage format of the text was added.  RNet
118.The issue with saving the value of a linear gauge was fixed when exporting a report to a *.mdc (JSON) file.  RNet
119.The error in processing the MonthName() function in reports was fixed.  RJava
120.The error parsing XML data when creating a data source based on them was fixed.  RJava