Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.4.2

Published on 11 September 2020
New Features
1.The new functions - ToWords(), DayOfWeek(),DateDiff(), DateSerial().  RJava
2.Added caching mode to speed up rendering of the "Region Map" element in the designer.  DWin
3.Added the "Trend Line Color" property for the chart style.  RNetDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
4.Added a new "Box and Whisker" chart.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
5.Added "Firebase" data adapter to connect with Google Firebase service.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
6.Added "Conditions" for the "Progress" dashboard element.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner

1.Some improvements in the "Send Email" action. Now the email send application will not reopen if the user has canceled the sending an email.  RWpf
2.Some improvements in the compatibility of the "Gauge" report component with the old and new editor.  RNetRWpf
3.Improvements in the rendering of labels in the "Outside" mode of the "Gauge" dashboard element.  DWin
4.Improvement with the drag and drop of the "Map" component from the toolbox in Ribbon.  RNetRWpf
5.Some Improvements in Data Source Menu. The "New Data Source" form in the "All" category did not include items in the "Objects" category.  RNet
6.Now values that are returned by the "MonthIdent" function depend on the "Culture" property of a report.  DWinBIDesignerBICloud
7.The "InvokeRefreshViewer" method works now for dashboards.  DWin
8.Some improvements regarding parsing months which are saved as strings.  DWinBIDesigner
9.Some improvements ragarding "DayOfWeekIndex" and "DayOfWeekIdent" functions.  DWinBIDesigner
10.An extended checking of regions in the "Regional Map" element.  DWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
11.Optimization of the SVG export for the "Chart" element.  RJS
12.Ability to remove the "Recent Data Source" tab.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
13.Filtering optimization for multiple data rows.  DWebDWin
14.Splitting projects for correct compilation of .NET Core source codes on Linux and macOS systems.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
15.Increased security of "Web Viewer" and "Web Designer" components when using some types of parameters in URL requests.  RWebDWeb

Fixed Bugs
1.Fixed work of the "Watermark" expression.  RJS
2.The culture character for the group separator in numbers was not taken into account.  RJS
3.Fixed the issue with the DateTime parse in milliseconds.  RJS
4.Fixed some issues with the "Retrieve Columns" button in the SQL source editor.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
5.Fixed errors when working with windows when using two different dashboard viewers.  DWin
6.The "GIS" map was not displayed correctly in the designer when the component was moved across the page.  DWin
7.The "Custom Map" did not work if you save the report in MDC format and open it in the viewer.  RNetRWpfDWin
8.Fixed some issues with accelerating the rendering of "Gauge" in the designer mode, if the value expression is specified incorrectly.  RNetRWpf
9.Fixed issues with the "Cross-Tab" component rendering.  RJava
10.Fixed the issue with the "Cross-Tab" header rendering.  RJava
11.Fixed some security issues with relative URLs and the ASP.NET WebForms component.  RWeb
12.Fixed the "Pivot Table" summary column names.  DWebDWinDJS
13.Fixed some issues with TXT resources in the "Rich Text" editor.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
14.Fixed the issue with rendering HTML in reports.  RJava
15.Fixed some issues with the "Truncate" function.  RJava
16.Fixed some issues with the variables with more than one dependency.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
17.Fixed some issues with the "Range" axis mode for the "Radar" charts.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBIDesktop
18.Fixed some issues with the data filtering for "Treemap" charts.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBIDesktop
19.Fixed some issues with the drawing a "Constant Line" if the width is greater than 1.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
20.Fixed some issues with the displaying percent on the "Radar" charts.  DWebDWinDJS
21.Fixed some issues with the "Drag and Drop" elements from the toolbar on the dashboard.  DWinBIDesigner
22.Fixed some issues with the drawing chart "Icons" in exports to PDF, HTML.  RJS
23.Fixed some issues with the saving conditions when changing the style of series titles.  RNetBIDesigner
24.Fixed some issues with the supported multi-series for the "Waterfall" chart.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
25.Fixed some issues with displaying the correct color for the "Dougnut" chart when using conditions.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
26.Fixed some issues with the "Drag and Drop" the "Image" and "Text" files on the dashboard.  DWinBIDesigner
27.Fixed some issues with the conditions for "Pie" charts.  DWin
28.Fixed some issues with the conditions for "Treemap" charts.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
29.Fixed some issues with loading the "Sunburst" charts from .MRT files (XML format).  RJS
30.Fixed some issues with the PDF printing in the last Firefox version.  RWebDWeb