Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.3.1

Published on 11 June 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new option - ShowOpenAfterExport.
Theme settings form.
Groups are added to the New DataSource form.
The new option NewReport that manages data from the previous report in a new one.
ShowNulls and ShowZeros properties in the Chart element.
MinimumColor and MaximumColor properties to the Table element.
The new system variables - Line, LineABC, LineRoman.
The ReplyTo functionality in StiEmailOptions.
Support for xs:schema from the XML file.
The ssl parameter was added to the connection string for Postgre.
The option for the Postgre scheme was added.
Checking a host name in the license.
The ability to add variables to connectionstring for OData.
The new functions - Line, LineABC, LineRoman.
Loading/saving styles from the code.
Export to HTML. Styles for more correct printing.
Support for Surrogates and Supplementary Characters for TextQuality=Wysiwyg.
Encryption of the connection string and SQL query when sending a command to the server.
New properties - Axis.StartFromZero, Axis.ShowEdgeValues, Axis.Range.
'ShowNulls' and 'ShowZeros' options are added to some kinds of series in the Chart Element.
Improvement in rendering maps. Now, when zooming in, if possible, hidden titles will appear dynamically.
The Gauge element now has added the Mode property, which enables/disables the automatic data setting mode.
The new simplified Chart editor is added. You may call the old one as the advanced chart editor. You can easily switch between them directly in the editor.
MinimumColor and MaximumColor are added to the color scale column of the Table element.
New system variables - 'Line', 'LineABC' and 'LineRoman' are added to the Table element.
The new functionality, Embed all data to resources in the Publish wizard.
A new Constant Lines editor of the Chart component is added.
A new Position property is added to the ConstantLine of the Chart element.
Support for Bullet gauge in the Report editor.
The Histogram chart.
A new editor of the Labels property is added.
A new ExceptionProvider has been made, now all these errors can be sent to us for analysis.
Transferring authorization cookies when loading file data by URL.
Some correction of a default size of the text element editor.
An expression can be used in the ConstantLines.AxisValue property of the Chart component.
An expression can be used in the 'Strips.MinValue', 'Strips.MaxValue', 'Strips.Text' properties of the Chart component.
The new properties - ХAxis, YRightAxis for the Chart element.
The new map - Asia.


Viewer. Icons were changed on new.
Designer. The new resizing corner icons of components for the Touch mode.
Export to PDF. Speed optimizations for multi-threading.
Custom map editor. Improvements to support the display of hidden signatures when zooming in.
Async loading images from a URL at the design time in the report designer.
The Advanced Chart editor is improved.
Synchronize data dictionary is enabled by default in the Publish Wizard.
The Constant Lines editor of the Chart element is redesigned.
The Strips Editor is updated.
The priority of the Percent of Total property to display over the Value Format property of the chart.
A tooltip for the Gantt chart.
Dashboard WPF. When you click on a map element, its zoom was always reset to the default value.
Gauge. Improvements for setting min/max/majorInterval values so that the displayed values are more readable and beautiful.
A visibility of the Labels.Conditions is changed to true.

Fixed Bugs:

Some issues with touch events.
The names of some countries were output farther then their location.
SOme issues with the iPad pencil.
The wrong report name "comes" from the wizard.
A bug with range timespan variables.
Filters did not work when the data compression option was enabled.
Export Excel-XML. The file extension is fixed on .excelxml.
A bug with drag-drop componets, if cache helper was activated.
A bug with hyperlinks in the viewer.
Some problems with Drill-down on multi levels.
The byte[] type of a column did not load.
The GetData() method has been added to keep the compatibility of code in events.
The localization of the dashbords did not work.
New functions were added.
The crash occurred if the image was null.
Timespan range variables did not work.
Days are added to timespan. Earlier there were only hours, minutes, and seconds.
For OData, a variable of the datetime type was put incorrectly.
OnBeginProcessData did not work for OData.
The value of the variable was not updated.
When loading MRT XML, it crashed if the character &#x was used.
Object.saveAs => Stimulsoft.System.StiObject.saveAs.
The problem with saving empty styles.
Speed increased.
An issue with the monthIdent function.
Enabled SVG in the export menu for report.
Problems with the table components if they were created by dragging from a dictionary.
Bugs when loading styles from a file.
Designer. The page count (the entire status panel below) was not updated after loading the file in the preview panel.
Export to Word. A bug when exporting pages with UnlimitedHeight.
Export to Image. Incorrect Wysiwyg text size if the system scaling was set.
Engine. A bug with text measuring for TextQuality=Wysiwyg and Angle=180degrees.
Compilation error if the same interactive sorting was set for two fields.
Export to PPTX. Text overflow clipping.
A sorting error if DataSourceName contained spaces.
Export to PDF. Custom properties must not be exported in the PDF/A mode.
The error in VirtualSource. It could interfere with the correct operation of the basis source.
Engine. When using the Autowidth property for rotated text, the sizes could go beyond the boundaries of the container.
Export toSVG. In some cases, text boxes with the same guids were not displayed due to invalid clipPath.
Export to PDF. When using gradient/glare brushes, the size of the PDF file was greatly increased.
Export to Excel97. All sheets were selected.
Engine. RichText in multithreading was rendered with errors.
The issue with theToQueryString duplicates.
Export to PDF. More accurate displaying of text on charts.
Export to PDF. IconSet is now exported.
Engine. When using LineSpacing, the text was incorrectly paginated.
The issue with rendering text on the div mode.
Issues with the text format.
Bookmarks/Tags on some containers.
Some issues with the excelValue.
Issues with zooming of Images.
Some issues with exporting report to data formats.
The Postgre data adapter of the column type.
Some issues with "en-GB" localization at the Publish function.
Some issues with the Online Map.
Issues with the Charts legend.
Gauge. In some cases, data values could not be set in preview.
WPF Viewer. In rare cases, the use of Editable fields could lead to an unhandled error.
Designer WPF. For StiAxis.Interaction, the wrong editor was called.
The themes for maps have been slightly updated so that the boundaries in all cases are more accurate.
Map. With an increase of scale, titles were moved out of their positions, which led to an ugly view.
The Share window is adopted to HiDPI.
Some issues with an editing of the SteppedRange series from the Chart editor.
Some issues with hyperlinks and invisible columns.
Rendering with the Cache mode on.
Some issues with creating a new dashboard page when the Gauge editor is opened.
Issues with Database relations.
TopN for Stacked Series.
The issue with the Show Edge Values property for the XTop axis.
Setting chart properties X Top, Y Right.
The Пantt chart was slowly building.
The combination of chart filters through OR.
An error saving compiled report in NET Core.
When you disabled/enabled the Designer Toolbox, the buttons could not be displayed correctly.
The next properties did not work in the WPF designer - ShowPanelDictionary, ShowPanelProperties, ShowPanelReportTree.
Map. Support for rendering Bubble instead of values.
In some reports interactive sorting did not trigger.
Исправлена проблема с падением дизайнера при выделении столбцов таблицы через Ctrl. The problem with the designer crash when selecting table columns via Ctrl.
Tooltip in Toolboxes of WPF designers did not display correctly.
Bookmarks in reports with Cache mode = on.
An expression can be used in the ConstantLines.Text property of the Chart component.
Transferring the correct file name when exporting a report with preview after export.
A bug with Interactive sorting in the viewer.
Online map. The back color was not considered.
Incorrect maps names.