New Features
1.Designer. Support for custom icons for non-standard data sources in the StiDatabaseSelectForm window.  RNetDWin
2.Support for ODBC and OLEDB data adapters in .NET Core.  RWebDWeb
3.A new mobile mode of the dashboards designer.  DWinBIDesigner
4.Asynchronous action methods for .NET Core components.  RWebDWeb
5.Support for inserting special characters in text editors.  RNetDWin
6.Gauge. Problems with displaying a gauge with negative numbers.  RNetRWpfDWin
7.Dashboards WPF. Support for condition for Pivot.  DWin
8.A new Target Mode property that specifies the Percentage or Variation display for the Indicator.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBIDesktop
9.OnlineMap. The Heatmap mode.  DWin
10.PHPMailer 6 support for PHP 7 and higher.  RPHP
11.Export to ODT format.  RJS
12.Font support for the progress element.  DWebDJS
13.Support for calculated column in the progress indicator.  DWebDJS
14.Drag&drop variables into dashboard elements.  DWeb
15.The new ReportImage property of the Report.  RWebRJS
16.The new France18Regions and FranceDepartments maps.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
17.Some DateTime methods: add quart, add month, and etc.  RJSDJS
18.The new JSON converter parameter tryParseDateTime=false.  RJSDJS
19.Parse expression for dashboard drill-down parameters.  DJS
20.The QuickBooks data connector.  RNet

1.The buttons on the right side of the Ribbon UI are aligned under different scales of operating systems.  RNetDWin
2.Gauge Editor. In the input fields of numerical values it was impossible to enter a value greater than 100 and less than 0.  DWin
3.Some improvements with the position of the Checker window.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
4.Support for loading MDX on preview.  RNet
5.Data transformation. Column type icons - scale support.  RNetDWin
6.Custom database support in StiDatabaseSelectForm.  RNetDWin
7.The variable menu item is added to the Expression editor.  DWinBIDesigner
8.Some improvements of meters drawing.  DWinBIDesigner
9.Fonts from a report resources support in the Style designer.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
10.Update all maps.  RJSDJS
11.Move to TypeScript 3.7 source code.  RJSDJS

Fixed Bugs
1.The New Dictionary command in WebDesigner.  RJava
2.Dashboards WPF. The error occurred when selecting states in maps in the FullScreen mode.  DWin
3.PopupWindow in the menu of localization and styles in Ribbon UI is improved. In some cases, errors may occur when closing popup.  RNetDWin
4.The menu of localization and styles in Ribbon has been improved. In some cases, pressing the buttons could work immediately.  RNetDWin
5.The additional way to get variable value.  DWebDWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
6.The Data source wizard in WebDesigner.  RJava
7.Timestamp with zone of the Oracle type.  RJava
8.Chart condition serialization.  RJava
9.Totals function.  RJava
10.The issue with the position of the TopN editor.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
11.The issue with saving and loading the TopN property of the Indicator and Progress elements.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
12.Some issues with the Cross-tab editor and dragging columns.  RNetBIDesigner
13.The incorrect showing the sort menu on the Chart element was removed.  RNetDWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
14.An incorrect way of the TopN working with a Bar chart.  DWebDWinBIDesignerBIDesktop
15.A bug with filtering data with the help of formatted argument from the Chart element.  DWebDWinBIDesigner
16.Issues with the WebDesigner Dictionary restrictions.  RJava
17.Issues with the Globalization Strings.  RJava
18.The problem with dropping files from the browser to report resources.  RNet
19.A problem with an unhandled error in exporting to TXT on some reports.  RNet
20.Found and fixed the issue with a large number of messages in output when connecting binding.  RWpf
21.The method for parsing SVG maps has been improved. On some maps containing complex patches, the map could not be correctly parsed and displayed.  RNetDWin
22.Support for the drill-down parameter in WPF dashboards.  DWin
23.Dashboards WPF. Improvements in condition for Table.  DWin
24.The labels on Gauge were not displayed correctly in some cases.  RWpf
25.Dashboards WPF. Support for Custom Icon for Indicator.  DWin
26.Fixed problem with entering values for custom range of Gauges.  DWin
27.Issues with the WebDesigner handler.  RJava
28.String.isNullOrEmpty error in the designer.  RPHP
29.Differentiation of fields when they match the columns in Chart Conditions.  DWebDWin
30.Authorization support for connecting through OData v4.  RNetDWin
31.An error occurred when you open the Get Started window without an Internet connection.  RNetDWin
32.Show Nulls and Zero properties for the Chart Series.  RJSDJS
33.The error with a larger number of values on the chart.  RNetDWin
34.Correct displaying of charts with negative values.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesignerBIDesktop
35.Connect to Azure CosmosDB.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
36.Dashboards. Fixed the problem with the appearance of windows only on the primary monitor, even if the designer can be found on the secondary one.  DWin
37.PivotTable cell formating.  DWebDWin
38.Support of the ReportImage property when saving to JSON.  RNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
39.Some issues with blocking the designer closing.  RNetDWebDWinBIDesigner
40.Problems with labels in styles.  DWebDJS
41.Some problems with Heatmap.  DJS
42.Sorting did not work with TopN.  DWebDJS
43.A bug with the date format in some cases.  DWebDJS
44.Culture was not applied to date formatting.  RWebRJS
45.Incorrect page order in drill-down.  DWebDJS
46.The dependent variables were stuck.  RWebRJS
47.The error occurred when double click on a dashboard element.  DWebDJS
48.The error occurred in the console if band headers are hidden.  RJS
49.NaN in the calendar in some cases.  RWebRJS
50.Get data if cell is null.  RJSDJS
51.Convert null number to "null".  RJSDJS
52.Show error occurred if there was no connection to the database.  RJSDJS
53.Set the background color to white on convert image with transparent or black background.  RJS
54.Load aesjs to non Node.js caused crash on some browsers.  RJSDJS
55.Variable value in the dashboard viewer.  DJS
56.Changed bluebirds to polyfill promise.  RJSDJS
57.The error occurred with not assigned DateTime variable.  RNet