Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.3.6

Published on 23 September 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The PivotTable conditions.
New iif, choose and switch functions were added.
Additional conditions for the string types were added.
The Full Row Select and Drill-Down Filtered options were added to the table element interaction.
Export to PDF. Support forf ZUGFeRD v2.0.
The new property - StiOptions.Export.Html.OpenLinksTarget.
Conditions for the Indicator element.
Now you may use icons for Image.
New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than.
Support for Nullable Date in Data Transformation filters.
Europe Union and Europe maps.
New properties - Icon and IconColor are added for StiImage and StiImageElement.


Replaced "Y Axis" property to "X Axis" for Clustered Bar series.

Fixed Bugs:

Issues with drawing styles in the style designer were fixed.
Some problems with painting conditions and interactions symbol at a component in the wizards.
Some problems with saving and loading StiViewerControl settings.
Some problems with WebDesigner Range/Stepped Range charts.
A bug with showing a report rendering progress in the report designer in a HiDPI environment.
Problems with the PDF export.
WebDesigner Navigation through Continuous Mode.
Automatically Shifting Components.
Some issues with Chart styles.
Print to PDF in Chrome version 77.
Export to Word. HTML tags - "margin-top/bottom".
Some issues with the export to HTML.
Export to PDF. Rotated images were not exported correctly in ResolutionMode=Auto mode.
The MaxNumberOfLines property of Text incorrectly worked in HiDPI.
WPF. The TextOptions.LineLimit property now works.
Export to Excel. When exporting a certain combination of HTML tags, it resulted in a corrupted file.
Wpf, Export of RichText to several formats did not work.
Engine. Rendering a long RichText on Win7 could cause an exception.
Interactive sorting might not work correctly if the column type in the dictionary was different from the type in the database.
Export to Word. HTML tags "margin-top/bottom" were not exported.
Wpf. Margins of RichText did not display correctly with different zoom.
JS. Exception occurred when working with the Calibri font that was loaded into StiFontCollection.
JS. Sorting by calculated column did not work correctly.
JS, export to PDF. Rotated image was incorrectly exported.
JS, export to Excel. On some systems, you could get a corrupted file if the system DecimalSeparator is not a point.
JS. When editing StiTable, AlignToGrid did not work.
Print to PDF in Chrome 77.
Mouse over on a chart in a HiDPI environment.
Format Value for chart tooltip.
Color Each for Bubble Series.
Ошибка отображения вьювера на странице с использованием Web API. Error displaying the viewer on the page using the Web API.
A big with relation levels.
A bug with chart markers tooltips.
A bug with multi-level drill-down.
A bug with sorting in reports.
Save positions and selecting cell in the table after filtering.