Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.3.3

Published on 22 July 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The ability to save an image from the image editor.
The Interaction property is added to the Image and Text elements.
Ability to URL encode a password in the connection string.
The Edit Expression button is added to all expression fields.
Support for JPEG CMYK color space images.
Dashboards WPF. Added the ability to close the tabs of dashboards in the preview.
The Interaction property for the Image and Text elements.
The Labels property was added to all types of the Chart element.
Export to PDF. The document security now works.
The Sybase ADS data adapter was added to the designer.


Export to Word. LineHeight of the RichText correction.
Some fixes in RichText in Net4.7.
Toolbox was redesigned. Now Chart, Map, Gauge are placed in a separate category.
The WPF themes have been improved. In some controls the system focus was overlayed on the content.
Adaptation of the designer and viewer for HiDpi resolution.

Fixed Bugs:

Incorrect height of some headers.
Incorect working with 'code tab visible' property in the designer.
Some errors in working with encrypted files in the viewer.
Some issues with HIDPI in the WinForms report viewer.
The Layout propetty is now obsolete. Please use the Interaction property instead.
WebViewer/WebDesigner. The Div display mode.
Export to HTML.
Some errors in the localization of the expression menu.
EngineV2. TextHorAlignment was not restored after Condition.
CrossTab. When changing the text size, HTML tags were not taken into account.
Export to HTML. The name of the font with spaces is now in quotes.
Export to PDF. Support for additional diacritics for Arabic language.
Export to Excel. In some cases, there were problems when using BandFilter.
Export to PDF. Compression now works.
The compilation error occurred, if DataSource.Name started with Parent and there was a Relation with the same name.
Export to HTML. Zoom for HTML tags now works.
EngineV2. PageNumbers in SubReports collection did not work in the Interpretation mode.
Engine, Anchors in the SubReports collection.
Support for Custom Map for Winforms and WPF.
Some issues with calculation of some values in the Pivot element.
Some issues with proxy settings.
The WebDesigner saving mode.
Issues with preserving WhiteSpaces.
When errors occur when saving/loading files from the cloud, the Owner was not set in the MessageBox and the window could fail under the current one.
When a report was closed in the designer, all elements in ReportTree were cleared.
When drag'and'drop Image/Text/RTF to the page, they were added as a resource to the dictionary and not a component to the page.
The ReportDisplayMode and ImagesQuality values were not taken into account when printing the report as an HTML document from the viewer.
Currency rounding.
Pivot Table. The TopN function.
A bug with saving the report designer window in a normal state.
The error occured when rounding text width when using the AutoWidth property.
EngineV2. Data band with CountData did not work as detail band for the master with BusinessObject.
Export to HTML table. The null reference exception in some cases.
Export to HTML table. When using watermark, an incorrect HTML file structure was obtained.