Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.3.1

Published on 20 May 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Indication of the export process of big dashboards.
The DataTransformation property for dashboard elements.
Renaming page by double clicking on the tab page.
The ShowDashboard action is available for the interaction functionality of Chart and Table elements.
The new map - Taiwan.
Publishing for Angular 6 and 7 versions.
The new 'Syilver' theme is added to the Dashboards.
The new 'Style32' style is added to the chart, map and gauge components.
Access to the current row through the Row constant in the TableElement in the interaction.
The new 'AliceBlue' theme is added to the Dashboards.
The new 'Style33' style is added to the chart, map, and gauge components.
StiGaugeStyle. The new property - LinearScaleBrush.
Advanced Drill Down functionality was added to the Interaction of the Chart Element.
The ability to close opened tabs in the dashboards viewer.
Drill down interactions for dashboards.
New Taiwan and Argentina maps.
New styles - Silver and AliceBlue for dashboards.
Conditions for primitive shapes.
Designer options to run wizards.
The Scale Content property for dashboards.
Support for opening big resources, data, reports in the designer.
Export to Excel. The new option - StiOptions.Export.Excel.ImageMoveAndSizeWithCells.
The data adapter - Google Sheets.
The new property - ChartElement.Legend.Labels.ValueType.
External cache.


Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the dictionary.
Async operations were added for a selecting data in the new data source form.
Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the empty designer.
Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the report page.
Some improvements in working with resources and undo-redo stack.
Async operations were added for the operation of creating a new database based on a specified resource.
SpeedUp optimization in the process of deleting items in the dictionary.
SpeedUp improvements in the working with undo-redo buffer and report resources.
WinForms Designer. If the Stimulsoft.Wizard.Wpf assembly is not connected, it was impossible to create an empty dashboard in Ribbon-New.
Async loading of reports from Stimulsoft Cloud.
Async loading of recent reports.
The SelectData window in the designer has become asynchronous.
Creating a new database based on resources.
Adaptation for hi-dpi style buttons for components in the Ribbon panel.
The new way to display labels on maps in RegionMap.
Animation of negative values in charts.
Support for data filters in OData.

Fixed Bugs:

Some issues with localization in the designer.
A bug with Hyperlinks for dashboard table cells.
Report looping with the RequestParameters property set to true.
Restore Cancel button for connections command.
The error occurred when saving some types of Icon Set Conditions in the Flash designer.
The text rendering in StiMap is reworked.
The error occurred when changing the chart type in .NET Core 2.1 and higher.
The new map - Argentina is added.
Dashboards.WPF. Fixed error when opening mdx/mrx files in the viewer.
WPF V2. Fixed a bug in the HTML preview from the designer.
The error occurred when publishing a report with maps in the JS framework.
WrapGap in the Cross-tab.
Some issues with the painting of the selected cells in the table element.
DB column null checker.
Some characters in the title of the report bookmarks were not escaped.
Some issues with packing and unpacking expressions when editing JSON resources.
Some issues with viewing the JSON resources.
The Code128Auto barcode worked incorrectly.
The StiText.LineHeight property now works in the export to HTML, PDF, and Word.
Export to Word/Excel. Maps were incorrectly exported.
Export to PDF. RoundedRectangle Primitive was not exported.
Export to Excel. Currency Positive/Negative patterns now work correctly.
Local settings for currency.
Improvements in the expression calculation in the dashboards.
StyleDesigner. When executing the GetStyleFromSelectedComponent operation, the Progress element ignored the ForeColor property.
A bug with Save Page As.
Support for Request From User variables in dashboards.
Bugs with groupmap and heatmap with group.
A problem when using StiCacheHelper with dashboards.
Export to Excel. The file was broken, if the name of the sheet contained more than 30 characters.
LineScaling of text was reset to 1, if the text was broken into parts.
Export to PDF. TextAngle in the Wysiwyg mode did not work.
Export to Excel. Null reference exception in some cases.
Export to HTML. When using EmptyBrush, extra divs were added.
When HorAlign was set to Width, the line width and height of the textbox were incorrectly calculated.
EngineV2. The CanBreak property in the interpretation mode sometimes worked incorrectly.
Binding values of the arguments of the charts to the report culture.
Showing labels for charts with double values (Value-Argument, etc.).
Incorrect displaying of some properties in Gauge custom styles.
The Range DateTime variable failed when no data assigned.
Correct axis labels for Gantt and Bar series in dashboards.
The Gantt chart in dashboards.
WPF v1/v2. The error could occur when adding some cultures to the Globalization Strings.
Some issues with loading reports from the old version.