New Features
1.ShowToolbar property of the Designer.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
2.SeriesShowBorder property of the Chart Style.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
3.StiClone component.  RJS
4.CloseDesignerWithoutAsking property to HTML5 designer.  RWebDWeb
5.Labels property for Chart Element.  DWebDJS
6.Support export to JSON data.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
7.Icon chooser to OnlineMap.  DWin
8.LimitRows property to designer.  RWebRJS for the Data band.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
10.Icons for Pictorial Series.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
11.The new class Stimulsoft.Report.Toolbox.StiToolboxSetup. Using it, you can configure the ToolBox status in designers from code.  RNetRWpfDWin
12.New maps. Benelux and Scandinavia.  RNetRWpfDWin
13.Indication of the export process of big dashboards.  DWin
14.Add half cycle marker type to chart series.  DWebDJS
15.The Marker property in the Chart element.  DJS
16.The DataTransformation property for dashboard elements.  DJS
17.The Icon Alignment property for the Indicator element.  DWebDJS
18.Help links in editors of dashboard elements.  DWebDJS
19.Renaming page by double clicking on the tab page.  RNetDWin
20.Totals to table elements.  DWebDJS
21.Custom Maps.  RWebDWeb
22.The ShowDashboard action is available for the interaction functionality of Chart and Table elements.  DWin
23.The Chart mode in OnlineMap.  DWin
24.The Designer Scale Mode option is added to the designer options.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
25.The new map - Taiwan.  RNetRWpfDWin
26.A selection of different icons for the Pictorial series.  DWebDWinDJS
27.Publishing for Angular 6 and 7 versions.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJS
28.The new 'Syilver' theme is added to the Dashboards.  DWin
29.The new 'Style32' style is added to the chart, map and gauge components.  RWebRNetRWpf
30.Access to the current row through the Row constant in the TableElement in the interaction.  DWin
31.The new window for creating maps. Now all types are displayed as tiles. Support for search has been added.  RNetRWpfDWin
32.The new 'AliceBlue' theme is added to the Dashboards.  DWin
33.The new 'Style33' style is added to the chart, map, and gauge components.  RWebRNetRWpf
34.Support for CSV connections in Publish Wizard.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRJava
35.The ability to use current or latest libraries in publish.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
36.StiGaugeStyle. The new property - LinearScaleBrush.  RNetRWpfDWin
37.Advanced Drill Down functionality was added to the Interaction of the Chart Element.  DWin
38.Displaying filters in the corner of dashboard elements.  DWebDJS
39.The X Axis property for Clustered bars chart series.  RWebRJS
40.The ability to close opened tabs in the dashboards viewer.  DWin
41.Change the type button to dashboard elements.  DWebDJS
42.Drill down interactions for dashboards.  DWebDJS
43.The Icon property for Pictorial charts.  DWebDJS
44.New Taiwan and Argentina maps.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
45.New styles - Silver and AliceBlue for dashboards.  DWebDJS
46.Conditions for primitive shapes.  RWebRJS
47.Designer options to run wizards.  RWebRJS
48.The PivotTable conditions.  RNet
49.The Scale Content property for dashboards.  DWebDJS
50.New iif, choose and switch functions were added.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
51.Support for opening big resources, data, reports in the designer.  RWeb
52.Additional conditions for the string types were added.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
53.The Full Row Select and Drill-Down Filtered options were added to the table element interaction.  DWebDWin
54.Export to Excel. The new option - StiOptions.Export.Excel.ImageMoveAndSizeWithCells.  RWebRNetRWpf
55.Export to PDF. Support forf ZUGFeRD v2.0.  RWebRNetRWpf
56.The data adapter - Google Sheets.  RNet
57.The new property - ChartElement.Legend.Labels.ValueType.  DWin
58.The new property - StiOptions.Export.Html.OpenLinksTarget.  RWebRNetRWpf
59.External cache.  RJava
60.Conditions for the Indicator element.  DWin
61.Now you may use icons for Image.  RWebRNetRJSDWebDWinDJS
62.The new option StiOptions.Engine.DisableAntialiasingInPainters.  RNet
63.New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJS
64.Support for Nullable Date in Data Transformation filters.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinDJS
65.Europe Union and Europe maps.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
66.The CustomTextFormat now understands FormatString like "(###)###-####" for the string data type.  RWebRNetRWpf
67.New properties - Icon and IconColor are added for StiImage and StiImageElement.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
68.Designer WinForms. Drag and drop of ALL types of resource files to the closed designer.  RNet
69.The Sort button is added to the element's action buttons.  DWebDWin
70.Export to Excel. Now you can export the page color.  RWebRNetRWpf
71.JS. Export to TXT is added.  RJS
72.Support for the Get Started window.  RNetRWpf
73.Online maps.  RJS
74.The TimeSpan functions.  RJava
75.The HTML tags - 'p', 'ol', 'ul' now recognize style attributes.  RWebRNetRWpf
76.Expressions are used now in gauge ranges in the Gauge element.  DWin
77.A new item in the menu File -> Help, where you can find links to user manuals, videos, samples and other helpful resources.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaDWebDWinDJSRFlexRUWP
78.The ability to save an image from the image editor.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
79.The Interaction property is added to the Image and Text elements.  DWin
80.Ability to URL encode a password in the connection string.  RJava
81.The Edit Expression button is added to all expression fields.  DWebDWin
82.Support for JPEG CMYK color space images.  RJava
83.Dashboards WPF. Added the ability to close the tabs of dashboards in the preview.  DWin
84.The Interaction property for the Image and Text elements.  DWebDJS
85.The Labels property was added to all types of the Chart element.  DWin
86.Export to PDF. The document security now works.  RJS
87.The Sybase ADS data adapter was added to the designer.  RNetDWin
88.CloseDesignerWithoutAsking property to the HTML5 Designer.  RWebDWeb
89.Data from Other Data Source is supported in Dashboards.  DWebDWin
90.Constant Lines for Chart.  DWin
91.Conditions for Chart.  DWin
92.Support for Online Maps on Dashboards for WPF viewer.  DWin
93.Icon Alignment property for Indicator.  DWin
94.SeriesShowBorder property for the chart style.  RNetRJSDWebDWinDJS
95.Compression in PDF export.  RJava

1.Recombining properties in the propertry grid.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
2.Images of the templates in the File - New menu.  RNet
3.Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the dictionary.  RWebRNetDWin
4.Async operations were added for a selecting data in the new data source form.  RWebRNetDWin
5.The Interaction property is added to the progress element.  DWin
6.Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the empty designer.  RWebRNetDWin
7.Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the report page.  RWebRNetDWin
8.Some improvements in working with resources and undo-redo stack.  RNetDWin
9.Async operations were added for the operation of creating a new database based on a specified resource.  RNetDWin
10.Completely redesigned the position of ToolBox in WinForms/WPF designers. Now you can separately disable each category, as well as adjust displaying of components.  RNetRWpf
11.SpeedUp optimization in the process of deleting items in the dictionary.  RNetDWin
12.SpeedUp improvements in the working with undo-redo buffer and report resources.  RNetDWin
13.WinForms Designer. If the Stimulsoft.Wizard.Wpf assembly is not connected, it was impossible to create an empty dashboard in Ribbon-New.  RNetDWin
14.Async loading of reports from Stimulsoft Cloud.  RNetDWin
15.Async loading of recent reports.  RNetDWin
16.The SelectData window in the designer has become asynchronous.  RWebRJS
17.Creating a new database based on resources.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
18.Small improvements in the variable editor.  RWebRNetDWin
19.Using the Culture property of a report for drawing samples in the text format editor.  RNetDWin
20.The CrossTab editor was redesigned.  RNet
21.Uploading project libraries from the site to the Publish Wizard, correctly displaying the percentage of download.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHP
22.The appearance of marker display for linear chart types has beed changed.  RNetDWebDWin
23.Redesigned Auto Style rendering in Ribbon for dashboards. Now the component style is drawn in the required color, and not just the inscription Auto.  RNetDWin
24.Some imrovements in Request from Users variables proccessing in the WinForms viewer.  RNetDWin
25.Stimulsoft Designer is adopted for hi-res scaling resolutions.  RWebRNetDWebDWinDJS
26.Adaptation for hi-dpi style buttons for components in the Ribbon panel.  RNetDWin
27.The new way to display labels on maps in RegionMap.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
28.Animation of negative values in charts.  RNetRWpfRJS
29.Support for data filters in OData.  RNet
30.Replaced "Y Axis" property to "X Axis" for Clustered Bar series.  RWebRNetRJS
31.Speed optimizations in rendering dashboards.  DWebDWinDJS
32.Improved table export to all image formats.  DWebDWin
33.We completely redesigned the style selection menu in Ribbon. Now styles are displayed in several columns for easy viewing.  RNetDWin
34.The TopN button is added to the element's action buttons.  DWebDWin
35.Some improvements in drawing indicators in the table element.  DWin
36.Dashboards WPF viewer. Cache clearing before loading a new report.  DWin
37.Some optimizations of the view data form.  RNetDWin
38.The code editor is improved for better working with dashboards.  DWin
39.Engine. Optimizations of speed when using a large number of Totals functions by the group.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
40.Export to Word. LineHeight of the RichText correction.  RWebRNetRWpf
41.Some fixes in RichText in Net4.7.  RWebRNet
42.Toolbox was redesigned. Now Chart, Map, Gauge are placed in a separate category.  RNetRWpf
43.The WPF themes have been improved. In some controls the system focus was overlayed on the content.  RWpf
44.Adaptation of the designer and viewer for HiDpi resolution.  RWebDWeb
45.Some improvements of Drill-down reports from the Dashboards.  DWebDWin

Fixed Bugs
1.Footer is added to TableElement. It's possible to show summary.  DWin
2.Issues with multiple levels of Business Objects in report.  RWeb
3.Issue with buttons hiding outside of the Dashboard.  DWebDJS
4.Marker property for Chart Element.  DWebDJS
5.Underline font in PDF export.  RJava
6.Issues with multipage texts, its alignment, and export to some formats.  RWebRNetRWpf
7.LineSpacing caused wrong breaking of text components.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.An empty line at the end of RichText if FullConvertExpression property set to true.  RWebRNet
9.Issue with page breaking of long text with columns on the Data band.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.Wordwrap property doesn't work in Div mode of the HTML export.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
11.Duplicating styles if band is created again by the DataBand Wizard.  RNet
12.Issues with report rendering when PrintAtBottom property is enabled.  RJS
13.Clone component is not working.  RJS
14.Optimizing of the File - New menu.  RNet
15.HTML parsing.  RJava
16.DayOfWeek function is fixed.  RJava
17.WebDesigner. Copy/Paste functionality is fixed.  RJava
18.Some troubles with the drill-down functionality in the WinForms dashboard viewer.  DWin
19.Issues with the Text formats.  RJava
20.Some issues with localization in the designer.  RNetDWin
21.Issues with the HTML parser.  RJava
22.WebDesigner. Style Editor.  RJava
23.A problem with rendering StiGauge if you enable the old editor mode.  RNetRWpfDWin
24.Improvement in rendering styles in the Ribbon Panel.  RNet
25.Some problems with Postgre Sql Connections.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
26.A bug with Hyperlinks for dashboard table cells.  DWebDJS
27.Report looping with the RequestParameters property set to true.  RJS
28.A bug with Format in the filter of a dashboard element.  DWebDJS
29.Restore Cancel button for connections command.  RJS
30.A bug with the Pictorial chart.  DJS
31.The error occurred when saving some types of Icon Set Conditions in the Flash designer.  RWeb
32.The text rendering in StiMap is reworked.  RNetRWpfDWin
33.The error occurred when changing the chart type in .NET Core 2.1 and higher.  DWeb
34.The new map - Argentina is added.  RNetRWpfDWin
35.Dashboards.WPF. Fixed error when opening mdx/mrx files in the viewer.  DWin
36.The problem with rendering style collections in Ribbon.  RNet
37.WPF V2. Fixed a bug in the HTML preview from the designer.  RWpf
38.Label step for YAxis if the step value is less than 1.  RNetRWpf
39.The error occurred when publishing a report with maps in the JS framework.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJS
40.Displaying labels with a value of Format when animating charts.  RWebDWeb
41.WrapGap in the Cross-tab.  RNet
42.Some issues with the painting of the selected cells in the table element.  DWin
43.The show border property for charts.  RJSDWebDJS
44.The heat map for Czech Republic did not work with the data connected.  RNetDWin
45.Labels in maps on HIDPI were not beautifully rendered.  RNetDWin
46.DB column null checker.  RJava
47.Drill-Down triggered when clicking on a component with the Editable mode.  RWpf
48.Some characters in the title of the report bookmarks were not escaped.  RWeb
49.Some issues with packing and unpacking expressions when editing JSON resources.  RNetDWin
50.Drawing Labels for charts.  DJS
51.Some issues with viewing the JSON resources.  RNetDWin
52.The work of the Style property for Chart Labels.  DWebDWin
53.The Code128Auto barcode worked incorrectly.  RJS
54.An error occurred while selecting Value in the Conditions Chart that was removed from the Chart.  DWin
55.The StiText.LineHeight property now works in the export to HTML, PDF, and Word.  RJS
56.Export to Word/Excel. Maps were incorrectly exported.  RJS
57.Color Each for Bubble Series.  RNetRWpfRJS
58.Export to PDF. RoundedRectangle Primitive was not exported.  RJS
59.Color Legend Item for Bubble series.  RJS
60.Export to Excel. Currency Positive/Negative patterns now work correctly.  RJS
61.Labels Position for chart.  DJS
62.Local settings for currency.  RJava
63.The transfer of parameters from a series of the Donut type did not work.  DWebDWinDJS
64.Improvements in the expression calculation in the dashboards.  DWebDWin
65.StyleDesigner. When executing the GetStyleFromSelectedComponent operation, the Progress element ignored the ForeColor property.  RNetRWpfDWin
66.Problems with loading HIDPI images.  RWebDWeb
67.The problem with caching dashboards.  DWeb
68.Some issues with the report preview in the StiRibbonDesignerControl.  RNet
69.Issues with drawing styles in the style designer were fixed.  RWebRNetDWin
70.Some problems with painting conditions and interactions symbol at a component in the wizards.  RNet
71.A bug with Save Page As.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
72.Some problems with saving and loading StiViewerControl settings.  RNet
73.Some problems with WebDesigner Range/Stepped Range charts.  RJava
74.Support for Request From User variables in dashboards.  DWebDJS
75.A bug with showing a report rendering progress in the report designer in a HiDPI environment.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
76.Bugs with groupmap and heatmap with group.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
77.Problems with the PDF export.  RJava
78.A problem when using StiCacheHelper with dashboards.  RWeb
79.Export to Excel. The file was broken, if the name of the sheet contained more than 30 characters.  RWebRNetRWpf
80.WebDesigner Navigation through Continuous Mode.  RJava
81.LineScaling of text was reset to 1, if the text was broken into parts.  RWebRNetRWpf
82.Export to PDF. TextAngle in the Wysiwyg mode did not work.  RWebRNetRWpf
83.Automatically Shifting Components.  RJava
84.Export to Excel. Null reference exception in some cases.  DWin
85.Some issues with Chart styles.  RJava
86.Print to PDF in Chrome version 77.  RWebRNetRJSRPHP
87.Export to HTML. When using EmptyBrush, extra divs were added.  RWebRNetRWpf
88.Export to Word. HTML tags - "margin-top/bottom".  RJava
89.When HorAlign was set to Width, the line width and height of the textbox were incorrectly calculated.  RWebRNetRWpf
90.Some issues with the export to HTML.  RJava
91.EngineV2. The CanBreak property in the interpretation mode sometimes worked incorrectly.  RWebRNetRWpf
92.Binding values of the arguments of the charts to the report culture.  RNetRWpf
93.Export to PDF. Rotated images were not exported correctly in ResolutionMode=Auto mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
94.The MaxNumberOfLines property of Text incorrectly worked in HiDPI.  RNet
95.Showing labels for charts with double values (Value-Argument, etc.).  RNetRWpfRJS
96.WPF. The TextOptions.LineLimit property now works.  RWpf
97.Incorrect displaying of some properties in Gauge custom styles.  RNetRWpf
98.Export to Excel. When exporting a certain combination of HTML tags, it resulted in a corrupted file.  RWebRNetRWpf
99.Wpf, Export of RichText to several formats did not work.  RWpf
100.The Range DateTime variable failed when no data assigned.  RWpf
101.Engine. Rendering a long RichText on Win7 could cause an exception.  RWebRNetRWpf
102.Correct axis labels for Gantt and Bar series in dashboards.  RNet
103.Interactive sorting might not work correctly if the column type in the dictionary was different from the type in the database.  RWebRNetRWpf
104.The Gantt chart in dashboards.  RNetRJS
105.Export to Word. HTML tags "margin-top/bottom" were not exported.  RWebRNetRWpf
106.Wpf. Margins of RichText did not display correctly with different zoom.  RWpf
107.JS. Exception occurred when working with the Calibri font that was loaded into StiFontCollection.  RJS
108.WPF v1/v2. The error could occur when adding some cultures to the Globalization Strings.  RWpf
109.JS. Sorting by calculated column did not work correctly.  RJS
110.Some issues with loading reports from the old version.  RWebRNetRWpf
111.JS, export to PDF. Rotated image was incorrectly exported.  RJS
112.JS, export to Excel. On some systems, you could get a corrupted file if the system DecimalSeparator is not a point.  RJS
113.JS. When editing StiTable, AlignToGrid did not work.  RJS
114.Print to PDF in Chrome 77.  RJava
115.Mouse over on a chart in a HiDPI environment.  RNetDWin
116.Format Value for chart tooltip.  DWinDJS
117.Color Each for Bubble Series.  RWebRNetRJSDWebDWinDJS
118.WinForms, WPF. StiMap. When exporting to Image/Excel, the connected data was ignored and the map was drawn empty.  RNetRWpfDWin
119.Export to Excel. TextFormat.Abbreviation now works properly.  RWebRNetRWpf
120.Export to Excel. The apostrophe in the name of the sheet is invalid.  RWebRNetRWpf
121.Ошибка отображения вьювера на странице с использованием Web API. Error displaying the viewer on the page using the Web API.  RWeb
122.For TextAngle=360, text alignment was applied incorrectly.  RNet
123.Export to Excel. TextAngle was not exported correctly.  RWebRNetRWpf
124.A big with relation levels.  RJSDJS
125.Export to Excel. Text alignment was applied incorrectly, if TextAngle is set to a value other than zero.  RWebRNetRWpf
126.A bug with chart markers tooltips.  RJSDJS
127.Export to PowerPoint. TextAngle was not exported. .  RWebRNetRWpf
128.A bug with multi-level drill-down.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
129.Export to PowerPoint. When using the DashDotDot style of lines, the result was a corrupted file.  RWebRNetRWpf
130.A bug with sorting in reports.  RJS
131.Save positions and selecting cell in the table after filtering.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
132.When working with the CanGrow and CanShrink properties, the LineSpacing text property was not considered.  RJS
133.Some issues with position of the report checker in some situations.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
134.Designer WinForms. Drag and drop of ALL types of resource files to the report page.  RNet
135.The issue with the SumDistinct function.  RJava
136.The issue with exporting charts to PDF.  RJava
137.Incorrect version of the Framework when publishing in WinForms.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHP
138.Incorrect column names when exporting a table to data files (XML, JSON, CSV and others).  DWebDWin
139.CrossTab headers parser.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRUWP
140.Improved export of dashboards to Excel, fixed styles when exporting dashboards and individual elements.  DWebDWin
141.CrossTab. UnlimitedBreakable rendering on DataBand.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRUWP
142.Some issues with calculation of variables in SQL Queries.  DWebDWin
143.Improvements to parsing patches in maps - support for multiple values for the parameters H, h, V, v.  RNetRWpfDWin
144.Analyze-cache should be cleaned when the Submit button is clicked.  RWebRNetDWin
145.Some issues with datetime filters.  DWebDWin
146.Some issues with filters.  DWebDWin
147.Problems with Cross-tab conditions.  RJava
148.Cache cleaning when new report is opened.  DWin
149.The StiOptions.Engine.ReportResources.ResourcesPath property now works properly.  RWebRNetRWpf
150.Designer WinForms. In some cases, when opening the designer, the window sizes could be set incorrectly and the window was very small.  RNet
151.Export to Image. The exception occurred if ImageType=Grayscale.  RWebRNetRWpf
152.Support for GSS codes for maps. You can set it in the Key field when connecting data.  RWebRNetRWpfDWin
153.When using Html tags or Wysiwyg TextQuality, Font Fallback now works.  RWebRNet
154.An exception when compiling a report if ReportLanguage=VB and the logical operators "and", "or" are used in the arguments of aggregate functions.  RWebRNetRWpf
155.The Login window. Fixed problem of incorrect positioning of the popup window.  RNetRWpfDWin
156.Dashboards Wpf Viewer. Improvement on drawing special characters.  RWpfDWin
157.JS. Report hung if an exception occurred in data path parsing.  RJS
158.Tooltips for charts when using filters.  DWin
159.JS, ToWordsEnGb decimals round error.  RJS
160.Support for formats for axis in charts.  DWebDWinDJS
161.JS. In some cases, TextFormat did not load correctly from the template.  RJS
162.Some problems with the export to Word.  RJava
163.HTML text rendering.  RJava
164.A stackoverflow bug with some reports.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
165.Some problems with editing a dashboard from the viewer.  DWin
166.Export of indicators in a table with width enabled stretching.  DWebDWin
167.Export to HTML. LineHeight did not work correctly in paragraphs.  RWebRNetRWpf
168.StiViewerControl.There was a very long preparation of the report with a large number of pages before displaying it.  RNet
169.When using Drill-Down, the RequestParameters property should not be taken into account.  RWebRNetRWpf
170.Export to PDF. When the RichText as image property was enabled, the transparent background did not work.  RWebRNetRWpf
171.Chart rendering issues.  RJava
172.CrossTab rendering KeepCrossTabTogether & ParentContainer.CanBreak=false.  RNet
173.The catching of the incorrect storing type and wrong data row processing.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
174.Some issues with viewing the JSON data in report resources which cannot be parsed as data.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
175.Some problems with the DistinctCountIf function.  DWebDWin
176.Some issues with exporting report from the report which was combined with dashboard.  DWin
177.Incorrect expression escaping was fixed in the Data Transformation property of an element.  DWebDWin
178.Export to HTML. Extra borders were drawn for CheckBox, if the Hyperlink property was enabled.  RWebRNetRWpf
179.Some RichText files with images were not displayed.  RWebRNetRWpf
180.Incorrect height of some headers.  DWeb
181.Incorect working with 'code tab visible' property in the designer.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
182.Some errors in working with encrypted files in the viewer.  RNetDWin
183.Some issues with HIDPI in the WinForms report viewer.  RNet
184.The Layout propetty is now obsolete. Please use the Interaction property instead.  DWin
185.WebViewer/WebDesigner. The Div display mode.  RJava
186.Export to HTML.  RJava
187.Some errors in the localization of the expression menu.  DWin
188.EngineV2. TextHorAlignment was not restored after Condition.  RWebRNetRWpf
189.CrossTab. When changing the text size, HTML tags were not taken into account.  RWpf
190.Export to HTML. The name of the font with spaces is now in quotes.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
191.Export to PDF. Support for additional diacritics for Arabic language.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
192.Export to Excel. In some cases, there were problems when using BandFilter.  RWebRNetRWpf
193.Export to PDF. Compression now works.  RJS
194.The compilation error occurred, if DataSource.Name started with Parent and there was a Relation with the same name.  RWebRNetRWpf
195.Export to HTML. Zoom for HTML tags now works.  RWebRNetRWpf
196.EngineV2. PageNumbers in SubReports collection did not work in the Interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
197.Engine, Anchors in the SubReports collection.  RWebRNetRWpf
198.Support for Custom Map for Winforms and WPF.  RNetRWpfDWin
199.Some issues with calculation of some values in the Pivot element.  DWin
200.Some issues with proxy settings.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin
201.The WebDesigner saving mode.  RJava
202.Issues with preserving WhiteSpaces.  RJava
203.When errors occur when saving/loading files from the cloud, the Owner was not set in the MessageBox and the window could fail under the current one.  RNetRWpfDWin
204.When a report was closed in the designer, all elements in ReportTree were cleared.  RNet
205.When drag'and'drop Image/Text/RTF to the page, they were added as a resource to the dictionary and not a component to the page.  RNet
206.The ReportDisplayMode and ImagesQuality values were not taken into account when printing the report as an HTML document from the viewer.  RWeb
207.Currency rounding.  RJava
208.Pivot Table. The TopN function.  RJS
209.A bug with saving the report designer window in a normal state.  RWebRNetDWin
210.The error occured when rounding text width when using the AutoWidth property.  RWebRNetRWpf
211.EngineV2. Data band with CountData did not work as detail band for the master with BusinessObject.  RWebRNetRWpf
212.Export to HTML table. The null reference exception in some cases.  RWebRNetRWpf
213.Export to HTML table. When using watermark, an incorrect HTML file structure was obtained.  RWebRNetRWpf
214.Some issues with dashboards element's buttons.  DWin
215.Changed MinimumSize Ribbon Designer.  RNetDWin
216.Issue with dropping Excel file on Dashboard.  DWin
217.Hotkeys stopped working.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
218.Some troubles with saving position of the Designer.  RWebRNetDWebDWin
219.Issue with Drill-down parameters from chart in Dashboards.  DWebDWin
220.Issues with Drill-down to Report pages from Dashboards.  DWin
221.Issue of StiWpfDesignerControl connected with Dashboards.  RWpf
222.Sorting of Data Band.  RJava
223.Duplicated parameter names aren't created more in the sql source editor form.  RWebRNetDWebDWin