Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.1.8

Published on 18 February 2018
New Features
1.The Shapes editor form in the designer.  RWebRJS
2.Showing the Help buttons in the standalone designer forms.  RJS
3.The RenderTo property in the property grid in the designer.  RWebRJS

Fixed Bugs
1.Designer Wpf V2. The bool properties did not work.  RWpf
2.A bug with auto zoom by page width or page height in the viewer.  RWeb
3.Filtering in charts.  RJS
4.The error with CopyStyle.  RWpf
5.Drill-down when clicking on Labels in charts.  RNet
6.Charts rotation.  RWebRJSRJava
7.WebDesigner button ChartStyles.  RJava