Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.1.3

Published on 11 December 2017
New Features
1.The New page button on the Insert panel in the designer.  RWebRJS
2.The new shapes menu to insert panel and toolbox.  RWebRJS

Fixed Bugs
1.In some cases, the first row of data was missing, if an error occurred while processing the hyperlink/bookmark/tag.  RJS
2.Some issues with the cross-tab headers when the cross-tab is placed on the data band.  RWebRNetRWpf
3.The issue with a title of axis in the Chart component.  RJava
4.In the StandardWizard and MasterDetailsWizard, the control to set grouping has been redesigned.  RNetRWpf
5.The WinForms and WPF style editor. When you apply style collection, nothing was added to UndoRedo.  RNetRWpf