New Features
1.The CanBreak property to the panel component.  RWebRJS
2.Barсode Maxicode.  RJava
3.The SVG image format is now supported.  RWebRNetRWpf
4.Customization of system variables in WebDesigner.  RJava
5.The new static option - StiOptions.Engine.AllowInsertLineBreaksWhenSavingByteArray=true.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.Suppport for SVG images.  RJava
7.The new TrimExcessData property is added to the Maxicode bar-code.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.The new menu item - Interaction - is added to the context menu.  RWpf
9.The Cancel button when loading libraries in the Publish wizard.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.The new static option - StiOptions.Engine.Image.RotateImageByExifOrientationData.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.Caching scripts and styles on the server side for Web components.  RWeb
12.Designer WinForms, Designer Wpf, Designer WpfV2. The following data dictionary options are moved to a separate submenu - Create Fields on Double Click, Create Label, Use Aliases.  RNetRWpf
13.Designer WinForms, Designer Wpf, Designer WpfV2. In the editor of the text component, the verification of the entered expressions is now automatically performed when the text is changed.  RNetRWpf
14.Interaction to the context menu in the designer.  RWebRJS
15.Publishing in Designer.  RWebRJS
16.WPF/Winforms designers. In ReportTree, you can immediately edit events by double click.  RNetRWpf
17.Add No Fill button to color dialog in the designer.  RWebRJS
18.The NumberOfCopies property to the page in the designer.  RWebRJS
19.Mobile interface mode for HTML5 viewer.  RWebRJSRPHP
20.Markers to interaction form in the designer.  RWebRJS
21.The mobile mode of the interface for WebViewer.  RJava
22.The BreakIfLessThan property for the Data band in the designer.  RWebRJS
23.Ability to delete the elements of the dictionary by clicking the Del key.  RWebRJS
24.The new PassQueryParametersToReport property for the HTML5 viewer, if to set it to true, the parameters from the URL will be automatically applied to the report.  RWeb
25.Designer Wpf V2. In the form of editing the data, there was no focus on opening.  RWpf
26.All designers. In the data dictionary, the Settings button has been added, in which some commands for setting up this panel have been transferred.  RNetRWpf
27.The BreakIfLessThan property in WebDesigner.  RJava
28.A new RouteTemplate property for the NetCore viewer.  RWeb
29.Options. appearance.showReportTree and appearance.showPropertiesGrid.  RJS
30.Transferring, in onBeginProcess(), the name of the connection and the name of the date when the data is received.  RPHP
31.The onGetReport event for the viewer.  RJS
32.The Show More button to the dictionary in the designer.  RWebRJS
33.In the designer, notifications for users are added.  RNetRWpf

1.Optimization of the RichText design-time information on the page surface.  RWebRNetRWpf
2.The DataUrl and DataColumn properties of the RichText component is now visible in the properties panel.  RNet
3.Export to HTML. Improved work of the UseStrictTableCellSize property.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
4.Improved dragging of images from the report dictionary.  RNet
5.Optimization of loading a large number of images in a report.  RFlex
6.IStiForeColor is now supported in Ribbon GUI.  RWebRNetRWpf
7.IStiBackColor is now supported in Ribbon GUI.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.Font options from Ribbon GUI can be used in the BarCode component.  RWebRNetRWpf
9.The new TrimExcessData property is added to the Maxicode bar-code in Java.  RJava
10.Optimized loading of the rendered report file in the mode of caching.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.Improved verification of the names of components and data columns for matching with reserved words.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.Saving and loading encrypted reports in the Cloud.  RNetRWpf
13.A new display of markers for the series of the chart.  RNetRWpfRJS
14.The ProcessingDuplicates property now works more correctly in the Based on Value and Tag mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
15.The custom font list in WebDesigner.  RJava
16.Markers in the legend for charts.  RNetRWpf

Fixed Bugs
1.Export to PDF. The file was broken if any image did not contain info.  RJS
2.The ImageUr, ImageData, File and DataColumn properties of the Image component is now visible in the properties panel.  RNet
3.Clustered bar. The problem with Top X.  RNetRWpf
4.Incorrect display in the Preview Settings form.  RNet
5.Some sub-report properties were incorrectly read from MRT/XML.  RJS
6.Error in the browser console, when adding the text component in the designer.  RWebRJS
7.Copy to clipboard in the report checker.  RWebRJS
8.Export to PDF. Not valid hyperlinks are not exported now.  RWebRNetRWpf
9.Incorrect work of the Stretch property of the image in the EngineV1.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.Global optimization of the memory consumption when the report engine works with images. In some reports, the memory consumption is up to 3 times lower.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.Support of the SVG image format in the image component and watermark.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.Reducing theFont size.  RJava
13.The calculated column editor in WebDesigner.  RJava
14.Export to HTML. The charts could not be exported correctly if a bookmark is specified for the page.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
15.A bug with deleting image source in the designer.  RWebRJS
16.A bug with the text alignment of area labels in the chart.  RJS
17.A bug with the ability to change the title style of a chart.  RWebRJS
18.Export to HTML. Page.Bookmark and Charts.  RJava
19.Primitives in WebDesigner.  RJava
20.Engine. The error with rounding when the CanBreak property for the Container and Panel works.  RJS
21.The CanBreak property of the Panel component was not correctly stored in JSON.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
22.The barcode border was displayed only in design-time.  RJS
23.The ShowQuietZone barcode property did not work.  RJS
24.Some issues in the image editor in WPF.  RWpf
25.Incorrect alignment of the image component in some cases in WPF.  RWpf
26.The cast to char type now works correctly.  RJS
27.Viewer.exe can be used together with any valid license for any product.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
28.Parameters panel in webviewer.  RJava
29.Print to PDF in the Safari browser.  RWeb
30.An error in MVC components, if the URL for routes ends with a slash.  RWeb
31.When rendering a report without Progress, memory was not freed in time after processing RichText components.  RWpf
32.Export to ExcelXml. The exception when exporting from WebViewer.  RWebRNet
33.A problem with custom routers in the .NET Core components.  RWeb
34.Loading report from URL in the .NET Core components.  RWeb
35.In some cases, there was a problem in the HTML5 designer when using Master Page.  RWeb
36.The error of the URL.createObjectURL function when printing to PDF in some browsers.  RWeb
37.Reports that are rendered using WPF are now exported to image formats using WPF methods.  RWpf
38.Barcode Maxicode. The error in Mode3 with some input data.  RWebRNetRWpf
39.Barcode Maxicode. Change the coding algorithm to improve compatibility with other products.  RWebRNetRWpf
40.Animated line series.  RWebRNetRJSRJava
41.The print To PDF function in WebViewer.  RJava
42.WordWrap in WebViewer.  RJava
43.Exception when open the report page template in the designer.  RNetRWpf
44.Some exceptions in the report checker.  RNetRWpf
45.Export to Word. For ArialUnicodeMS the correction factor is added so that the line height corresponds to the preview.  RWebRNetRWpf
46.Margins were incorrectly loaded from the MDC file.  RJS
47.Export to PDF. The Watermark is now exported correctly.  RJS
48.The NameInSource property in DataSource.  RJava
49.System variables - ReportChanged and ReportCreated.  RJava
50.Virtual DataSource. Incorrect verification of the data source name.  RNet
51.Some bugs with properties of the table component in the designer.  RJS
52.A bug with positions properties, if the value is empty.  RWebRJS
53.Errors with properties OpenLinksWindow, OpenExportedReportWindow, DesignWindow in Web components.  RWeb
54.WebDesigner displaying in IE.  RJava
55.There was no possibility to send a PDF report in the preview of the Flash designer.  RWebRPHPRFlex
56.WPF Designer. Fixed an issue with memory leak, in case you create several designers in a row in a single window.  RWpf
57.The DefaultUnit property for the new report was not considered when runnig the HTML5 designer.  RWeb
58.The ShowTooltips property did not work for some elements of the HTML5 designer interface.  RWebRJSRPHP
59.The UndoMaxLevel property of the HTML5 designer did not work.  RWeb
60.Markers in the page setup, sub-report setup, cross-tab editor, interactions editor, data band setup, group-header band editor.  RNet
61.The error with preview in the MVC designer when using the custom controller.  RWeb
62.Errors in XML and JSON adapters when loading a file from a local drive to .NET Core.  RWeb
63.A bug with context menu in the dictionary panel.  RWebRJS
64.Editing image URL in WebDesigner.  RJava
65.An issue when opening the New Data Source window.  RNetRWpf
66.Selecting a style for charts if no series is specified.  RNetRWpf
67.The problem with opening chart styles by clicking the Show More button.  RNet
68.Displaying Title in charts.  RJS
69.When loading the report into the designer, the LargeHeight property did not work.  RWpf
70.The column type conversion from string to TimeSpan did not work.  RWebRNetRWpf
71.Incorrect displaying of LinesOfUnderlining when setting HighDpi in the system.  RWpf
72.In the interpretation mode, addition and subtraction of DateTime and TimeSpan types now works correctly.  RWebRNetRWpf
73.If to connect assemblies of additional themes to the designer WpfV2, and select any theme (except Office 2013), the designer crashed with an error when loading.  RWpf
74.Viewer: The EditReport button could cause an error in some cases.  RWpf
75.AdvancedBorder clone operation.  RJava
76.An error occurred when there was no internet connection in the Publish wizard.  RWebRNetRWpf
77.The name of the output file of the package in the Publish wizard.  RWebRNetRWpf
78.In StiViewerControl, the problem with obsolete properties ShowComboBoxZoom and ShowExport is fixed.  RNet
79.A bug with the Aspect Ratio property of the Image component.  RWebRJS
80.Export to HTML. In the AllowHtmlTags mode, all characters of the UnicodeCategory.OtherLetter category (for example, Arabic, Chinese, etc. languages) were not exported.  RJS
81.The page margins (0,0,0,0) in the JSON format were incorrectly saved.  RWebRNetRWpf
82.Sometimes the text was rotated incorrectly.  RJS
83.The PrintOn property for panels did not work correctly.  RJS
84.A bug with dublicating names of categories in the dictionary.  RWebRJS
85.A bug with coping text in the report checker.  RWebRJS
86.A bug with login form from preview mode in the designer.  RWebRJS
87.Viewer. When drawing the StiImage component, the ObjectToDraw property was not taken into account.  RWpf
88.The Child band in WebDesigner.  RJava
89.Drawing financial series with styles.  RJS
90.Work of the Show Shadow property of the style of the PieChart.  RJS
91.A bug with the new query button in the designer.  RWebRJS
92.TextInCells was not correctly exported, if the PageNumber or TotalPageCount was used in the expression.  RWebRNetRWpf
93.The error on variable is initialized by an empty expression.  RJava
94.A bug with the icon in the report designer.  RNet
95.Incorrect report designer form border in Office2007 and Office 2013 GUI modes.  RNet
96.A bug with positions of tooltips in the toolbox of the designer.  RWebRJS
97.Problems with the positioning of tooltips in the toolbox of the designer.  RWebRJS
98.Check for empty RouteData in the NetCore viewer component.  RWeb
99.Designer V2. An error occurred when opening and sending some reports as a parameter.  RWpf
100.StiSettings. Redesigned Save/Load methods so that there are no problems with simultaneous access to a file from several applications.  RNetRWpf
101.Setup. If an error occurs during the installation, now not only the error appears but it is also a hyperlink to open the file with a description of the error.  RWpf
102.Designer Wpf/V2. When the designer was added as a control but not as the designer.exe, some controls were not displayed in the color selection form (there were no themes for them).  RWpf
103.All designers (WinForms, Wpf). Redesigned the visual appearance of the ComboBox selection of components in the Property panel.  RNetRWpf
104.All designers. In the Property panel the Settings button with a convenient set of commands was added.  RNetRWpf
105.The String Format and Replace methods.  RJava
106.The Undo function in the WebDesigner.  RJava
107.The report checker in the WebDesigner.  RJava
108.Designer WinForms. When changing localization, some elements were not localized.  RNet
109.Viewer (WinForms, WPF, WPF V2). The last save mode was not saved.  RNetRWpf
110.A bug with loading MDC Json containing a chart with StiTreemapSeries.  RNetRWpf
111.When saving the report to MDC, the value of PreviewSettings was not saved.  RWebRNetRWpf
112.Viewer.exe did not remember the folder of the last open report.  RWpf
113.Loading data from URL in the NET Core components.  RWeb
114.The PassQueryParametersToReport option for the MvcViewer component.  RWeb
115.The extra splitter on the HTML5 viewer panel.  RWeb
116.A bug with parameters names "Year", "Month" and others.  RJS
117.When copying with the CTRL button, the band was not placed to the allowed position, but remained in the middle of the page.  RWebRJS
118.JSON database relations.  RJava
119.WebDesigner. The number format service.  RJava
120.Parser 'cast' operation.  RJava
121.A bug with the DateTime.Step property in the chart.  RJS
122.Bugs with title.alignment, labels.textAlignment, title.direction in charts.  RJS
123.Localization values of the Publish dialog items.  RNet
124.Rendering of column fields in the cross-tab in some cases.  RWebRNetRWpf
125.Incorrect average function calculating with integer types in the cross-tab.  RWebRNetRWpf
126.Some bugs with HTML tags in the cross-tab in WPF.  RWpf
127.Auto-name in the forms Data Source Edit Form.  RNetRWpf
128.Saving diagrams in json mdc.  RNetRWpf
129.The Trial status for the 2003 theme.  RNet
130.The locked component could be moved along with the unlocked component.  RNet
131.The behavior of the ShowCloseButton property in StiRibbonViewerControl.  RNet
132.Some issues with the Cross-Tab component and the UnlimitedBreakable property of the page.  RWebRNetRWpf
133.A bug with custom functions in the designer.  RWebRJS