Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.10

Published on 17 July 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Events to the report tree in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Wrong HTML5 work of the designer, if it is added to the page dynamically.
Export to PDF from the WPF application, incorrect vertical alignment of text lines in the Wysiwyg mode, if the system has a large font size.
In some cases, an error occurred in the StiJsonToDataSetConverter class if the child-array is empty.
Multilevel drill-down report with Request from User variables in the Flash viewer.
You could delete the first (main) report when drill-down on panel of the Flash viewer.
A bug with empty error messages in the designer.
The error with printing a report as PDF in the Edge browser.
The error with the size of the window when printing with a preview in the HTML5 viewer.
In some cases, when rendering several data bands with columns, the positioning of the columns could be disrupted.
An exception when using fonts loaded using the StiFontCollection.AddMemoryFont() method.
Opening and saving Templates through the context menu on the report page.
An old bug with relations (there was an error in the code).
If there is virtual data and relations and there are a lot of them, it was crached.
Test version of customDatasource.
Changes in code for compilation without warnings.
The synchronize method did not work with the dataset.
Transferring preview options in the designer into a separate category (now all the options of the viewer are applicable to the preview).