Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.1

Published on 17 April 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A menu for changing the type of interface (Mouse or Touch).
Two new checks for recursion of expressions - in the variable and in the calculated column.
The new onInteraction event for Viewer.
The new Interaction action for NetCoreViewer.
The standard toolbox was added to Designer.V2.
Support for the Math.Pow function in the interpretation mode.
The new property - StiOptions.Engine.AllowSimplifyChartValues.
Support for resizing two or more components (multiresize) in Designer.
The export format - OpenDocument Writer.
The export format - OpenDocument Calc.
In the interpretation mode, the support for the properties - TimeSpan.TotalXXXX is added.
Support for resources in the MVC Mobile Designer.
The StoreExportSettings property in the viewer (which allows storing the export settings in the cookies).
Enhanced logging to enable StiOptions.Engine.logLevel = 10.
Designer.V2: The Get Style from Selected Components is added to the Style Designer.
Parsing XML schema from the XML file.
The BorderColorNegative property to candlestick series of chart in the Designer.
Pass POST form values for WebViewer events.
The Create label & Create Field on Double Click checkboxes in the dictionary in the Designer.
Copy components with the CTRL button in the Designer.
The PostgreSQL data adapter for NetCore.
The style conditions edit form to Designer.
The MirrorMargins property to the page in the Designer.
The DockStyle property in Designer.
Static methods StiMobileDesigner.GetRequestParams and StiMobileViewer.GetRequestParams.
Processing of the SQL query parameters on the server side.
Client and server date format modes.
The open button in the viewer.
A JS Preview tab is added to the Designer.
TheTreemap chart.
Added a setup toolbox to the Designer.
Added functions: AddDays(), AddYears(), AddMonths(), AddHours(), AddMinutes(), AddSeconds().
The currency symbol ​₹ (Rupee).
The Anchor property for components in the Designer.
The Treemap chart series in the Designer.
The Report Checker button to the status bar in the Designer.
Charts animation in WebDesigner & WebViewer.
"MinSize", "MaxSize", "MinHeight", "MaxHeight", "MinWidth", "MaxWidth" properties for components in the Designer.
Drill-down for all chart types in in reports in WebViewer.
If, in the StiMap component, data is displayed with the group, the prompt appears and displays not only the value of the selected State but the sum value by the group in which it is located.
21 new themes for WebViewer.
The primitive lines and rectangles to the Designer.
User caching methods for report object on the server side for WebViewer, WebViewerFx, WebDesignerFx.
The dblclick event to resources in the Designer.
The new static option StiOptions.Engine.PrintIfDetailEmptyNesting to enable more accurate checking of the PrintIfDetailEmpty property.
The ShowQuietZones property to BarCode in the Designer.
The Anchor property in Designer.
The viewer for WPF. The icons are added, for correct displaying in Windows 10 with a high 4K resolution.
The AllowUseAsSqlParameter property was added for the variables.
Ability to specify the URL for the external sub-report in DesignerFx.
New functions - String.IsNullOrEmpty, String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace, System.Convert.ToBoolean, System.Convert.ToByte, System.Convert.ToChar, System.Convert.ToDateTime, System.Convert.ToDecimal, System.Convert.ToDouble, System.Convert.ToInt16, System.Convert.ToInt32, System.Convert.ToInt64, System.Convert.ToSByte, System.Convert.ToSingle, System.Convert.ToString.
Set parameters for the report in the NetCoreViewer.
The ability to substitute a report template in the CreateReport action for the NetCoreDesigner.


Additional localization folder Locales is added.
Improved support for business objects such as array of strings.
The work of StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WinFormsHighAccuracyWordWrap and StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WpfHighAccuracyWordWrap properties has been significantly improved.
Additional items to the filters of financial charts in the Designer.
Blocking the Delete button, if the property of the component is AllowDelete = false.
Simplified UI of the NuGet dialog.
StiWebViewer and StiWebViewerFx components. Refactoring of classes, updating the list of themes, corrections of methods, removal of unused methods and properties.
Improved error showing system in the WebViewer.
Improved error showing system of WebViewerFx and WebDesignerFx.
The StiWebDesigner component and the Stimulsoft.Reports.WebDesign assembly is obsolete. The component is moved to the Stimulsoft.Reports.Web assembly and is called StiWebDesignerFx.
Changed names of the WebViewer themes for the purpose of compatibility with other components: Default -> SimpleGray, Office2007 -> Office2007Blue, Office2010 -> Office2010Blue, Office2013 -> Office2013WhiteBlue.
Some improvements in the automatic CSV files processing.
By pressing F5, the viewer is called in a separate window.
Draw a bottom border line when the cross-tab has more than one summaries and cross-tab is broken over pages.
Now ReportChecker does not use compilation for the report in the interpretation mode.
Redesigned bar-code form and added additional properties in the Designer.
Updated zoom control in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

DataMatrix and PDF-417 barcodes are now displayed correctly.
UTF-8 symbols in the saved report could be incorrectly stored in the JS designer.
The bar-codes - Msi, Plessey, 2of5Standard, ITF-14 are now displayed correctly.
The CTRL + MouseWheel = Zoom in the Designer.
The list of values for the variable in the WebViewerFx variable panel was not displayed correctly.
Showing null values in the Pie legend.
Positioning of quick buttons.
A bug with selection property in variables.
The ability to set negative margins is blocked.
The ToWords and ToCurrencyWords now work correctly.
Support for the Math.Pow function.
A bug with centering forms when resizing Designer.
Wrong component naming was used in the data source when drag&drop in the wizard.
An error with double click on the column in the report dictionary in some cases.
A bug with help window in Designer.Wpf (rev 2).
Some issues with Report Setup Window.
A bug with centering forms when resizing Designer.
Updated zoom control in the Designer.
A bug with adding a column to the business object in the dictionary of the designer.
Two new checks for recursion of expressions - in the variable and in the calculated column.
CTRL + MouseWheel to change zoom in the Designer.
An error with the Color object in the .Net Core components options.
An error with Drill-Down parameters on the server side for the NetCore viewer.
A bug with applying styles collection in the Designer JS.
Showing Watermark in the design time, if the ShowBehind property is false.
Exception on loading assemblies when the Costura.Fody is used.
A bug with JSON datasources.
Export to Word. Exception was thrown when exporting some RichText components.
The ShowQuietZone property did not work correctly for any barcodes in the Flash Designer.
Export to Excel97. Exception was thrown when exporting from the Trial version of the product and enabled report caching.
The event - StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.ProcessExport was restored.
The drill-down interaction for ClusteredBar Chart.
The Mask Format for string Values.
Export to PDF. Incorrect displaying of transparent border in the PDF/A mode.
An issue with changing the shift mode property.
Oracle stored procedures & functions connections.
An issue with updating of the report tree when the Bring To Front, Send To Back, Move Forward or Move Backward are used.
Added the data source/variable naming conflict validator.
A bug with editable fields and export in the Viewer.
DesignerV2: all windows are reworked.
Excluded search in preview by HTML tags.
An issue with the Reset Defaults in Options.
A bug in the viewer with printing to PDF and opening in the new window.
Designer.V2: an issue with showing of the File button.
A bug with datetime variable in the designer.
Designer.V2: in improvement of the icons on the Ribbon panels on the 4K displays on Windows 10.
Designer.V2: an issue with the Panel status.
Displaying negative values in the Stock Series.
The start window of the Designer.exe reworked.
The new Border Color Negative property for Candlestick Series.
Designer: the issue with ZIndex during moving of the components.
Designer.V2: an issue with the Send to Back and Move to Back commands.
A bug with LargeHeightAutoFactor in the Designer.
Designer.V2: an issue with drag'n'drop of the chart component.
A bug with join table cells in the Designer.
Designer.V2: an issue with movind of the Cross-tab at the design time.
A bug with open styles in the MVC Designer.
DesignerV2: improvement of the progress bar of the loading and rendering process.
A issue with removing image set from a resource or a variable.
Saving the EnableAutoSaveMode and AutoSaveInterval properties as Options in Designer.WPF.
An issue with default colors in Conditions.
Saving the Style property in the form of Options in Designer.WPF.
Reduced the chart's performance with large amount of data.
The error when copying StiTable.
A fix of the Remove() and Replace() functions.
An issue with the Image component that uses data columns with relations.
An issue with Rich Text files saved from MS Word.
An issue with the StiUndefinedType in the Interpretation mode.
An issue with the Keep Header Together and Keep Group Header Together properties.
An issue with the Request From User variable in the StiSelectionMode.First mode.
An issue with the Selection property of the the Dependent variables.
Wordwrap for text items of the Chart.
An issue with the Request From User panel in the Interpretation mode.
Processing Duplicates.
An issue with a column's type during reading from a report tempalte file.
Error retrieving data from an XML column with certain names when using caching in Flex Engine.
An issue with reading a font style from a report template file.
The RequestParameters report property in the Flash Designer preview was not taken into account.
Charts animation.
The style of the selected component in the Ribbon Menu was not displayed.
The Web Preview of the WinForms Report Designer is renamed to Flash Preview.
The positioning error when dragging in the Designer.
A bug with adding and deleting rows of the table in the Designer.
An UI refactoring of the connection builder.
An issue with a custom datetime format of the request from users variables.
Invalid calculation of results in Cross-tab.
List and Range request from user variables for WebViewerFx.
An issue with Large Height property on preview.
Label color for the chart style25 and style26.
The chart label position, if the width of the label > 0.
An issue on XML export when the Report Alias property is empty.
A bug with Apply Style Collection in the designer.
An issue with a border width that could cause the growth of the text component when the border is enabled and style is set to None.
Charts animation.
EngineV2, an issue with multi-level grouping when in some cases headers of sub levels were not shown.
Charts AutoSeriesColumnKey behaviour.
An issue with Show Rulers option (Designer.Wpf.V2).
A bug with bookmarks in the viewer.
An issue with minimazing of the Report Checker after clicking of the Edit button.
A bug with MinSize & MaxSize in the report.
The new Anchor property is added to all simple components.
An issue with drug'n'drop of the System Variables in text editor.
An issue with a calculated column during editing of a Data Source.
PDF export embedded fonts.
The style of a selected component was not shown right.
Output of the CrossTab component header in some cases.
An issue with variables in sub-report.
The HTML export with JPEG image type.
An issue with a datetime format of the report variables in Flash components.
Displaying charts by using the properties of Y Axis-> Labels-> Width.
Infographics context menu in toolbox (themes 2003, 2007, 2010).
AM/PM wrong date time format in some cases for Flash Viewer.
Report name encoding in WebDesigner.
Showing charts in the viewer when opening thumbnails.
Export of Maps to the PDF format.
Report parser.
The Owner Window is set for export windows.
Background of Gauge when exporting, if it was set transparent.
Incorrect name of relation when you drag the columns of data in the Flash Designer editor.
MSSQL Adapter.
WebDesigner saves encrypted reports.
A bug with the LargeHeightAutoFactor in JS Designer.
External links in the Excel export.
The problem with rendering the Cross-tab which was located on the page with the Unlimited Height property set to true.
The error with rendering the Cross-tab component that is located on the page with disabled property Unlimited Breakble = true.
Improved output of CrossTab titles when located in the segmented pages.
Errors when outputting Cross-tab titles located on pages without the use of segmented pages.
The Print Title On All Pages property is marked as obsolete. It's function now executes the Print On All Page property of each title individually.
The new StiOptions.Dictionary.Json.DefaultJsonConverterVersion property. You can change parsing, when connecting to JSON files.
Reprocessed mapping of variables, depending on the value of the StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserElementsPerColumn property.
The new StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserPanelMaxHeight property, which limits the height of the panel with variables when viewing a report in the viewer.
Bugs with symbols ' and " in the data.
Sub-report error.
Some fixes in the cross-tab headers rendering.
A problem with outputting headers of total cells from left to right in the Cross-tab component.
Redesigned interface of the Main Menu in the designer.
Showing ToolTip of the Pie Chart when exporting to HTML.
In the status bar in the Designer WPF V2, the button to call Report Checker is added.
Bugs with visibility of the page buttons in the viewer.
Component styles.
Displaying the Close button via the Stimulsoft.Report.StiOptions.Viewer.Windows.ShowCloseButton property.
A problem with loading images from the file in WebDesignerFx. .
The problem with a long error message, which could not fit in the WebViewerFx or WebDesignerFx dialog.
The Service Unavailable error message.
Behavior of the PreviewSettings property of the report object is corrected.
Restored correct work of disabling option for HTML, Excel, Data and Image exports for ViewerFx.
The Flex veiwer web caching.
The RichText editor in WebDesigner.
Loading of the Selection property for variables in the WebDesignerFx.
AJAX data communication in WebDesigner.
The Percentage format editor in WebDesigner.
Border serialization.
The Interaction editor in WebDesigner.
Interaction for the TreeMap chart.
Chart X axis's labels angle.
The Treemap chart.
Work of the Depender Value property of the double type in variables.
In the New Variable form, when selecting Dependent Value, a list of Variable was not filled.
Adding text components in DataBand when DoubleClick on DataSource columns (the Create Field property on Double Click is enabled).
Setting Empty values for the Brush type properties.
Rendering of Stacked Series, if the YAxis property is set both for Left, and Right Axis.
Sorting for Series.Tags values.
Work with the Chart Interaction, if the data have been loaded through the resources.
A problem with the report name in the designer after its opening.
Menu problems went outside the screen in the Designer.
Null-values in Flash designer/viewer with Flex Engine.
The SubReport editing in WebDesiner.
ColorPicker, in some cases, displayed wrong color in DesignerFx.
Some problems with multiselect of components in the Designer.
The Treemap chart.
Export of the Treemap chart to SVG.
Showing the legend in a chart when there is only one series.
Showing Y Axis of the Bar Series.
Empty values for width and height for the viewer.
Some bugs with checking the Interface type in the Designer and Viewer.
Rendering of Shapes.
The border condition.
The JDBC connection.
The Border menu in conditions for components in the DesignerFx.
The functions from the PrintState (IsNull, Next, Previous) category now work.
Align text by the width when exporting to PDF.
Incorrect loading resource from assembly.
TryParseDouble, TryParseDecimal, TryParseLong functions.
DB BLOB null values parsing.
UI Window - Get Columns from Assembly.
PosgreeSQL QueryTimeout.
Updating the component to select styles in Ribbon Menu.
Drag&drop in the Text Editor.
Nuget packages of components on the web site.
Improved rendering in the viewer when changing Zoom.
A bug with request from user parameters type of datetime.
Primitives could not be docked to the left edge of the container.
An error with rounding when rendering primitives.
The HTML tag "numbered list" was displayed incorrectly.
Using DateTime values for the Scatter Charts arguments.
A bug with the Excel export form in the viewer.
A bug with the request to leave the page when exporting from the preview in the designer.
The Java veiwer displaying variables.
Labels and Area bookmarks in the Chart editor for Treemap series.
A bug with print on all pages in cross-tab without columns.
Interaction for TreeMap.
A bug with GlobalizationManager in the preview of the designer.
Some problems with the GetReportData event for WebViewer and WebViewerFx.
Some problems with calculating percentage summaries at the cross-tab rows.
Some issues with component location shifting in the cross-tab.
Functions in Flash report engine - TryParseDecimal, TryParseDouble, TryParseLong.
A bug with repeating long cross headers in the cross-tab.
A problem with deleting the last page in the report.
The problem with duplicating pages in the report.
A bug with not assigned date time variable.
A bug with CTRL + Move component in the Designer.
Creation of relations during the creation of the data source from JSON.
A bug with adding column to the business object in the dictionary of the designer.