New Features
1.A menu for changing the type of interface (Mouse or Touch).  RWeb
2.Support for moving items in the dictionary in the WebDesigner.  RJava
3.The SaveReportMode and SaveReportAsMode properties for the WebDesigner allow you to select one of the three modes of the report template save event.  RJava
4.Two new checks for recursion of expressions - in the variable and in the calculated column.  RWebRNetRWpf
5.The new mode of showing a report in the WebViewer (ViewMode = Continuous).  RJava
6.The new Page tab in the toolbar of the WebDesigner.  RJava
7.The Container select form to clone a component in the WebDesigner.  RJava
8.The new CustomCss property for the WebViewer allows you to set the URL for your CSS style.  RJava
9.The new mode of displaying the WebViewer button toolbar - ToolbarDisplayMode: Simple, Separated.  RJava
10.The new mode of displaying the panel of variables requested by the user in the WebViewer - ParametersPanelPosition: Top, Left.  RJava
11.The Drill-down from of the external report file for the WebViewer.  RJava
12.The fixed table header in the view data in the WebDesigner.  RJava
13.The AllowAutoUpdateCache property in the designer allows the designer to update the cache automatically.  RWeb
14.The primitive lines and rectangles to the WebDesigner.  RJava
15.The ShowQuietZones property to BarCode in the WebDesigner.  RJava
16.Support for resizing two or more components (multiresize) in WebDesigner.  RJava
17.The new onInteraction event for Viewer.  RJS
18.The setup toolbox to the WebDesigner.  RJava
19.Displaying positions of component in the status bar in the WebDesigner.  RJava
20.The new Interaction action for NetCoreViewer.  RWeb
21.Errors and warnings in the report in WebDesigner.  RJava
22.The properties - "unlimitedHeight" & "unlimitedBreakable" - to the page in the designer.  RWebRJS
23.The standard toolbox was added to Designer.V2.  RWpf
24.The new mode of displaying the HTML5 button toolbar - ToolbarDisplayMode: Simple, Separated.  RWeb
25.Support for the Math.Pow function in the interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
26.The new mode of displaying the panel of variables requested by the user in the HTML5 viewer - ParametersPanelPosition: Top, Left.  RWeb
27.The new property - StiOptions.Engine.AllowSimplifyChartValues.  RNetRWpf
28.The vertical alignment to overlay a band in the designer.  RWebRJS
29.The new DesignWindow option for MvcViewer, allows you to set the browser window to open the page of the designer.  RWeb
30.Viewer.exe can load reports which are specified in the command of arguments.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
31.Support for resizing two or more components (multiresize) in Designer.  RWeb
32.The AddMemoryFont method was added in the StiFontCollection class.  RWebRNetRWpf
33.StiOptions.Designer.Editors.allowConnectToDataInGallery in the designer.  RWebRJS
34.The new CustomCss property for the HTML5 viewer allows you to set the URL for your CSS style.  RWeb
35.The Colors property is added to the style of charts.  RWebRJS
36.The new UseCompression property for the HTML5 viewer and designer allows you to enable the packing of requests in Gzip.  RWeb
37.Class Reference for Stimulsoft Reports.JS  RJS
38.The export format - OpenDocument Writer.  RJava
39.The export format - OpenDocument Calc.  RJava
40.In the interpretation mode, the support for the properties - TimeSpan.TotalXXXX is added.  RWebRNetRWpf
41.Support for resources in the MVC Mobile Designer.  RWeb
42.The UseParentStyles property in the designer.  RWebRJS
43.The StoreExportSettings property in the viewer (which allows storing the export settings in the cookies).  RWebRJS
44.Ability to disable output of errors and warnings to the browser console and Node.js console.  RJS
45.Enhanced logging to enable StiOptions.Engine.logLevel = 10.  RJava
46.Support for Bower repository.  RJS
47.The SaveReportMode and SaveReportAsMode properties for the HTML5 designer allow you to select one of the three modes of the report template save event.  RWeb
48.Designer.V2: The Get Style from Selected Components is added to the Style Designer.  RWpf
49.Parsing XML schema from the XML file.  RJava
50.The BorderColorNegative property to candlestick series of chart in the Designer.  RWeb
51.The new mode of showing a report in the viewer (ViewMode = Continuous).  RWebRJS
52.Pass POST form values for WebViewer events.  RWeb
53.The new Page tab in the toolbar of the designer.  RWebRJS
54.The Create label & Create Field on Double Click checkboxes in the dictionary in the Designer.  RJava
55.Copy components with the CTRL button in the Designer.  RJava
56.The PostgreSQL data adapter for NetCore.  RWeb
57.Updated MVC HTML5 Designer. The component code was moved to the Stimulsoft.Report.Mvc library, a fully-functional report preview was added, updated and grouped according to the designer options categories, the work speed was increased.  RWeb
58.The style conditions edit form to Designer.  RJava
59.The MirrorMargins property to the page in the Designer.  RJava
60.The Container select form to clone a component in the designer.  RWebRJS
61.The DockStyle property in Designer.  RJava
62.Static methods StiMobileDesigner.GetRequestParams and StiMobileViewer.GetRequestParams.  RWeb
63.Processing of the SQL query parameters on the server side.  RPHP
64.Client and server date format modes.  RWeb
65.The open button in the viewer.  RJS
66.A JS Preview tab is added to the Designer.  RNet
67.TheTreemap chart.  RNet
68.Added a setup toolbox to the Designer.  RWebRJS
69.Added functions: AddDays(), AddYears(), AddMonths(), AddHours(), AddMinutes(), AddSeconds().  RJava
70.The RequestTimeout property for the HTML5 designer allows you to set the timeout period for the report from the server in seconds.  RWeb
71.The currency symbol ​₹ (Rupee).  RWebRNet
72.The new properties for StiSystemRichTextEditorForm - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowDataColumnTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageDataTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageURLTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowFileTabPage.  RNet
73.The Anchor property for components in the Designer.  RWeb
74.Support for "select items from data column" in the variable items form.  RWebRJS
75.Added the ability to load fonts in the async mode. Some browsers did not load in the synchronous mode. Stimulsoft.Base.StiFontCollection.addOpentypeFontFileAsync(function () { }, "Font.ttf");.  RJS
76.The declaration file (*.d.ts) will now be delivered.  RJS
77.Checking of names for parent and child data sources in the relation form.  RWebRJS
78.The Treemap chart series in the Designer.  RWeb
79.The Report Checker button to the status bar in the Designer.  RWeb
80.Ability to set the PHP event handler options for JS components.  RPHP
81.Charts animation in WebDesigner & WebViewer.  RJava
82."MinSize", "MaxSize", "MinHeight", "MaxHeight", "MinWidth", "MaxWidth" properties for components in the Designer.  RWebRJS
83.Licensing the product by the AJAX request. Now it is enough to just copy the license.key to the stimulsoft folder. The ability to add verification of the authorized user.  RPHP
84.Update function is added to the user account menu.  RWebRNetRWpf
85.Support for moving items in the dictionary in the designer.  RWebRJS
86.Drill-down for all chart types in in reports in WebViewer.  RWeb
87.If, in the StiMap component, data is displayed with the group, the prompt appears and displays not only the value of the selected State but the sum value by the group in which it is located.  RWebRNetRWpf
88.Automatic updating of the report cache on the server for the HTML5 viewer. Can be disabled using the AllowAutoUpdateCache property.  RWeb
89.The fixed table header in the view data in the Designer.  RWebRJS
90.Progress and timeout to view data command in the DesignerJS.  RJS
91.Support for ViewData in Designer V2.  RWpf
92.Support .NET Standard 1.6 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 for NetCore components.  RWeb
93.21 new themes for WebViewer.  RWebRJSRPHP
94.The primitive lines and rectangles to the Designer.  RWebRJS
95.User caching methods for report object on the server side for WebViewer, WebViewerFx, WebDesignerFx.  RWeb
96.The dblclick event to resources in the Designer.  RWeb
97.New StiOptions.Engine.InvertConditionsProcessingOrder = false; For compatibility with 2015.2 set this property to true.  RWebRNetRWpf
98.The topmost property for border in the designer.  RWebRJS
99.Permissions for resources and SQL parameters in the designer.  RWebRJS
100.The new static option StiOptions.Engine.PrintIfDetailEmptyNesting to enable more accurate checking of the PrintIfDetailEmpty property.  RJava
101.The Drill-down from of the external report file for the HTML5 Viewer.  RWebRJS
102.Help links to some forms in the designer.  RWebRJS
103.The ShowQuietZones property to BarCode in the Designer.  RWebRJS
104.The new JSON parser V2.  RJava
105.The Anchor property in Designer.  RJS
106.Designer V2. If many components are displayed in the Toolbar of the Ribbon panel and they do not fit the screen, a horizontal scrollbar is added.  RWpf
107.The Update form in DesignerJS.exe.  RJS
108.The Edit Profile Window.  RNetRWpf
109.Support for licensing in UWP.  RWpf
110.Events to the report tree in the designer.  RWebRJS
111.The viewer for WPF. The icons are added, for correct displaying in Windows 10 with a high 4K resolution.  RWpf
112.Possibility to reset report culture in the Designer.  RWebRJS
113.The open button in the WebViewer.  RJava
114.Animation of charts in the WebViewer.  RJava
115.Drill-down for all chart types in reports in the WebViewer.  RJava
116.The AllowUseAsSqlParameter property was added for the variables.  RJava
117.New static option StiOptions.Engine.AllowAssignEmptyStringInCondition, for backward compatibility with 2016.2.  RWebRNetRWpf
118.DesignerV1 WPF, DesignerV2 WPF. Support for the icons for the data dictionary in 4K resolution for the Office 2013 theme.  RWpf
119.Ability to specify the URL for the external sub-report in DesignerFx.  RWebRJava
120.New functions - String.IsNullOrEmpty, String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace, System.Convert.ToBoolean, System.Convert.ToByte, System.Convert.ToChar, System.Convert.ToDateTime, System.Convert.ToDecimal, System.Convert.ToDouble, System.Convert.ToInt16, System.Convert.ToInt32, System.Convert.ToInt64, System.Convert.ToSByte, System.Convert.ToSingle, System.Convert.ToString.  RJava
121.The new property - StiOptions.Designer.PropertyGrid.AllowEditStyle.  RNet
122.Set parameters for the report in the NetCoreViewer.  RWeb
123.The ability to substitute a report template in the CreateReport action for the NetCoreDesigner.  RWeb
124.The topmost property for the border in the WebDesigner.  RJava
125.Permissions for SQL parameters in the WebDesigner.  RJava
126.Help links to some forms in the WebDesigner.  RJava

1.In the report caching mode, the use of image memory is slightly optimized.  RWebRNetRWpf
2.The third-party library ZKWeb.System.Drawing from NET Core was removed. Now the built-in methods are used.  RWeb
3.Now HTML5 and Flash designers are located in the Stimulsoft.Reports.WebDesign library, and the HTML5 designer preview code has also been updated.  RWeb
4.The ShowToolbox and ShowInsertTab properties to the options form in the designer.  RWebRJS
5.Additional localization folder Locales is added.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.The new display mode in the preview of the designer.  RJS
7.The new static property - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.AllowConnectToDataInGallery.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.Some optimizations in the installation of the application.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
9.Improved support for business objects such as array of strings.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.The work of StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WinFormsHighAccuracyWordWrap and StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WpfHighAccuracyWordWrap properties has been significantly improved.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.The names of some properties of HTML5 and Flash designers for ASP.NET and MVC have been changed.  RWeb
12.Additional items to the filters of financial charts in the Designer.  RWeb
13.Accelerated loading of large reports, as well as working with large reports in the HTML5 designer.  RWeb
14.The GetReport event is always called when the Web viewer or Web designer starts.  RWeb
15.Blocking the Delete button, if the property of the component is AllowDelete = false.  RNetRWpf
16.Simplified UI of the NuGet dialog.  RNetRWpf
17.Effect of the StiOptions.Designer.PropertyGrid.AllowEditStyle property for Cross-tab.  RNet
18.Licensing in Reports.Web for the report printing.  RWeb
19.If the width and height of the component are not set, the Flash designer will be displayed to the entire browser window area.  RWeb
20.Export to PDF. Improved support for PDF/A Compliance - now in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 transparency is allowed.  RWebRNetRWpf
21.StiWebViewer and StiWebViewerFx components. Refactoring of classes, updating the list of themes, corrections of methods, removal of unused methods and properties.  RWeb
22.Supporting demo data in the designer applications for JS and FLEX.  RJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
23.Themes settings are moved to the options form in the DesignerJS.exe.  RJS
24.Added navigation by pages for the view mode = continous in the viewer.  RWebRJS
25.Improved error showing system in the WebViewer.  RWeb
26.By default the fullscreen mode is set for the .NET Core report designer.  RWeb
27.Improved error showing system of WebViewerFx and WebDesignerFx.  RWebRPHPRJava
28.The StiWebDesigner component and the Stimulsoft.Reports.WebDesign assembly is obsolete. The component is moved to the Stimulsoft.Reports.Web assembly and is called StiWebDesignerFx.  RWeb
29.Redesigned Style in DesignerV2.  RWpf
30.Changed names of the WebViewer themes for the purpose of compatibility with other components: Default -> SimpleGray, Office2007 -> Office2007Blue, Office2010 -> Office2010Blue, Office2013 -> Office2013WhiteBlue.  RWeb
31.HTML preview is always visible in the report designer.  RWebRNetRWpf
32.Changed property values for HTML5 components - CacheTimeout = 10 min, RequestTimeout = 30 sec.  RWeb
33.The Flash preview will be available in the WinForms Report Designer if Stimulsoft.Report.Design.WebViewer.dll is present.  RNet
34.Report thumbnails with scaling are now created in the designer.exe.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
35.The What's new command for the current release is added in the Update window.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
36.Saves the report file opened from designer.exe using the Open Report File command in the Recent Files list.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
37.Removed unused AllowModifyTemplate property from Flash components.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
38.Dependencies for obsolete classes and properties for the StiWebDesignerFx component.  RWeb
39.Import.Rdl. Some minor issues.  RNetRWpf
40.EngineV2. Optimizing the speed of rendering very large reports.  RWebRNetRWpf
41.Some improvements in the automatic CSV files processing.  RWebRNetRWpf
42.Loading styles from the JSON file in the style designer.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
43.Support of the data adapters repository.  RWebRNetRWpf
44.In interpretation mode, the Choose function now can take up to 14 parameters.  RWebRNetRWpf
45.By pressing F5, the viewer is called in a separate window.  RNetRWpf
46.Support for the downloading the Sybase data adapter from the NuGet repository.  RWebRNetRWpf
47.Support for downloading the Teradata data adapter from the NuGet repository.  RWebRNetRWpf
48.Select All was moved to the upper position in the menu of the list variable.  RWebRJS
49.Draw a bottom border line when the cross-tab has more than one summaries and cross-tab is broken over pages.  RWebRNetRWpf
50.Layout of variables in one column in the preview of Designer.  RWeb
51.Now ReportChecker does not use compilation for the report in the interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
52.Redesigned bar-code form and added additional properties in the Designer.  RWebRJS
53.Some issues with license in Windows with FIPS mode activated.  RWebRNetRWpf
54.Updated zoom control in the designer.  RWeb
55.Renamed properties: StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageDataTabPage -> StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowDataTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageURLTabPage -> StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowURLTabPage.  RNet

Fixed Bugs
1.Functions in the initialization expressions for a variable of the Range type were not processed.  RWebRNetRWpf
2.Exception when passing a fractional number to the ToWords function.  RJS
3.DataMatrix and PDF-417 barcodes are now displayed correctly.  RJS
4.A bug with positions of component after undo or redo, when zoom is not equal to 100%.  RWeb
5.UTF-8 symbols in the saved report could be incorrectly stored in the JS designer.  RPHP
6.Displaying the chart in the editor when Label WordWrap = true and Label Angle! = Null.  RWpf
7.The bar-codes - Msi, Plessey, 2of5Standard, ITF-14 are now displayed correctly.  RJS
8.Change the localization when selecting Default.  RWpf
9.A bug with big delay after clicking the Select All in the Variables panel.  RWebRJS
10.Grouping values by the key when using dependent variables.  RNetRWpf
11.The Request from user variables of the List type in the Flash Viewer did not work if they were initialized as an expression.  RWeb
12.Filtering data using expressions did not work correctly when using the Flex Engine.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
13.The CTRL + MouseWheel = Zoom in the Designer.  RWeb
14.A bug when getting images gallery, if not correct connection was used.  RWebRJS
15.The list of values for the variable in the WebViewerFx variable panel was not displayed correctly.  RWeb
16.Support for shadows of chart elements.  RJS
17.Support for font styles - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough - for text elements of the chart.  RJS
18.Showing null values in the Pie legend.  RNetRWpf
19.Applying Watermark Image after closing the Page Setup form.  RWpf
20.Positioning of quick buttons.  RWpf
21.A bug with the report checker, if using cache helper in the designer.  RWeb
22.Gauge rendering with MinValue values greater than 1.  RNetRWpf
23.Localization of all elements of the designer when changing the language.  RWpf
24.A bug with selection property in variables.  RWeb
25.Improper deletion of elements.  RJava
26.The Gantt series crash, if the ReverseVertical property was set to true.  RNetRWpf
27.Some issues in the RTF export.  RJava
28.Ability to Edit Page while viewing the report.  RNet
29.A bug, if properties RequestParameters = true and CalculationMode = Interpretation.  RWeb
30.A bug with PermissionDataConnections and PermissionDataSources in the designer.  RWebRJS
31.The ability to set negative margins is blocked.  RWpf
32.When changing the additional properties of the bar-code, the picture was updated only after switching the tabs.  RNet
33.The ToWords and ToCurrencyWords now work correctly.  RJS
34.Width of the Range Bar if the number of series is more than one.  RNetRWpf
35.Creating columns with unique names in the Edit Data Source form.  RNet
36.Support for the Math.Pow function.  RJS
37.A bug with values of expression controls in the designer.  RWebRJS
38.WebViewer Calendar bug.  RJava
39.Displaying properties when AllowApplyStyle is changed.  RWpf
40.Problems with the Range variables.  RJava
41.Dialog forms. Exception in GridControl when selecting DataSource.  RNetRWpf
42.A bug with centering forms when resizing Designer.  RWeb
43.The value of CheckedValue in StiCheckBox was not saved when there was the JSON type in MDC.  RNetRJS
44.Exception occured, if the DataSet.readJson() method was passed as an empty string parameter.  RJS
45.Wrong component naming was used in the data source when drag&drop in the wizard.  RWebRNetRWpf
46.A bug when appling the text in cells form.  RWeb
47.Exception on loading mrt/json files with BOM.  RWebRNetRWpf
48.An error with double click on the column in the report dictionary in some cases.  RWebRNetRWpf
49.Saving the Separator and CodePage properties in JSON Mrt.  RNetRWpf
50.A bug with help window in Designer.Wpf (rev 2).  RWpf
51.Some memory leaks in the image editor.  RWebRNetRWpf
52.Some issues with Report Setup Window.  RWpf
53.Web designers are moved to the Stimulsoft.Reports.WebDesign assembly, namespace remained the same - Stimulsoft.Report.Web.  RWeb
54.Some memory leaks in the rich text editor.  RWebRNetRWpf
55.Preview JS and Preview Html was not rebuilt in the second pass.  RWpf
56.A bug with centering forms when resizing Designer.  RJS
57.Updated zoom control in the Designer.  RJS
58.In some cases, an error occurred while working with the ExportReportResponse action of the NetCoreViewer component.  RWeb
59.A bug with loading cross components in the designer.  RJS
60.A bug with adding a column to the business object in the dictionary of the designer.  RJS
61.Clear results of previous report compilation before the new report preview in the report designer.  RWpf
62.Two new checks for recursion of expressions - in the variable and in the calculated column.  RJS
63.A problem with using DataColumn with the "params" name which is equal to c# keyword.  RWebRNetRWpf
64.CTRL + MouseWheel to change zoom in the Designer.  RJS
65.Parent element is checked/unchecked when the column is checked/unchecked in the database schema wizard.  RWpf
66.An error with the Color object in the .Net Core components options.  RWeb
67.Viewer WPF. An error occurred when recalling the PageEdit window with the Rebuild Report flag when adding new pages from the viewer to the report.  RWpf
68.Some problems with correct data node selection in the report dictionary.  RWebRNet
69.An error with Drill-Down parameters on the server side for the NetCore viewer.  RWeb
70.Incorrect image specification in the import database wizard.  RNet
71.Correct naming of new connections in the report dictionary.  RWpf
72.A bug with applying styles collection in the Designer JS.  RJS
73.Set focus to the query textbox after 'edit data source form' is loaded.  RWpf
74.Switсhing the report designer to the foreground after clicking the New Report button in the Designer.exe.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
75.Image file locking in the report designer after loading it to the report.  RNetRWpf
76.Showing Watermark in the design time, if the ShowBehind property is false.  RWpf
77.A bug with title properties of the chart in the designer.  RJS
78.The Image component now supports the SVG format.  RNet
79.Exception on loading assemblies when the Costura.Fody is used.  RNetRWpf
80.A bug with the TitleVisible property of strips in the charts.  RWebRJS
81.PDF printing did not work in the Firefox browser.  RWeb
82.A bug with displaying a table in the chart.  RJS
83.A bug with grid lines in the chart.  RJS
84.A bug with JSON datasources.  RJava
85.Export to Word. Exception was thrown when exporting some RichText components.  RWebRNetRWpf
86.Viewer Wpf. When changing the RequestFromUser variables in the WPF viewer, the pages were not always correctly rebuilt.  RWpf
87.The ShowQuietZone property did not work correctly for any barcodes in the Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
88.Export to Excel97. Exception was thrown when exporting from the Trial version of the product and enabled report caching.  RWebRNetRWpf
89.The error with null report in the HTML5 viewer.  RWeb
90.The event - StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.ProcessExport was restored.  RWebRNetRWpf
91.A bug with report units, if units in the system and in the report differed.  RWeb
92.The drill-down interaction for ClusteredBar Chart.  RNetRWpf
93.The Mask Format for string Values.  RWpf
94.Export to PDF. Incorrect displaying of transparent border in the PDF/A mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
95.Some issues in data adapters in the JS report engine.  RJS
96.An issue with changing the shift mode property.  RJS
97.SQL databases did not work in the standalone designer.  RJS
98.Oracle stored procedures & functions connections.  RJava
99.An issue with updating of the report tree when the Bring To Front, Send To Back, Move Forward or Move Backward are used.  RWebRJS
100.Added the data source/variable naming conflict validator.  RJava
101.A bug with editable fields and export in the Viewer.  RJS
102.DesignerV2: all windows are reworked.  RWpf
103.Excluded search in preview by HTML tags.  RNetRWpf
104.An issue with the Reset Defaults in Options.  RWpf
105.A bug in the viewer with printing to PDF and opening in the new window.  RWeb
106.Designer.V2: an issue with showing of the File button.  RWpf
107.Some issues with the PDF export.  RJava
108.A bug with datetime variable in the designer.  RJS
109.Designer.V2: in improvement of the icons on the Ribbon panels on the 4K displays on Windows 10.  RWpf
110.An error occurred while testing the connection to the database in the HTML5 designer.  RPHP
111.Designer.V2: an issue with the Panel status.  RWpf
112.Stimulsoft licensing did not work in IBM Websphere.  RJava
113.Displaying negative values in the Stock Series.  RNetRWpf
114.Big delays when working with a large amount of data in the designer.  RWebRJS
115.The start window of the Designer.exe reworked.  RWpf
116.A bug with HyperlinkDataColumn, TagDataColumn, ToolTipDataColumn properties in chart series.  RWebRJS
117.The new Border Color Negative property for Candlestick Series.  RNetRWpf
118.Designer: the issue with ZIndex during moving of the components.  RWpf
119.Designer.V2: an issue with the Send to Back and Move to Back commands.  RWpf
120.A bug with LargeHeightAutoFactor in the Designer.  RWeb
121.Designer.V2: an issue with drag'n'drop of the chart component.  RWpf
122.In the MySQL adapter, it crashed when the database schema was obtained, if there were tables with the names "files", "events" and others in the database.  RJS
123.A bug with join table cells in the Designer.  RJS
124.Designer.V2: an issue with movind of the Cross-tab at the design time.  RWpf
125.Incorrect position of the HTML5 MVC viewer panels.  RWeb
126.A bug with open styles in the MVC Designer.  RWeb
127.DesignerV2: improvement of the progress bar of the loading and rendering process.  RWpf
128.A bug with variables which have expressions.  RJS
129.A issue with removing image set from a resource or a variable.  RNet
130.Saving the EnableAutoSaveMode and AutoSaveInterval properties as Options in Designer.WPF.  RWpf
131.An issue with default colors in Conditions.  RJava
132.Saving the Style property in the form of Options in Designer.WPF.  RWpf
133.Reduced the chart's performance with large amount of data.  RJava
134.Joining cells of the Table component.  RJS
135.The error when copying StiTable.  RWpf
136.A fix of the Remove() and Replace() functions.  RJava
137.In some cases, an error occurred while verifying the license key on macOS when using SWC libraries.  RFlex
138.An issue with the Image component that uses data columns with relations.  RWeb
139.If the Title before Header page property is set to true, then, when loading a report, the container for some components in the Flash designer could be incorrectly identified.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
140.An issue with Rich Text files saved from MS Word.  RNetRWpf
141.Adding a new page when creating a sub-report component.  RWebRJS
142.An issue with the StiUndefinedType in the Interpretation mode.  RNetRWpf
143.Problems when printing a report from an HTML5 viewer on Azure.  RWeb
144.An issue with the Keep Header Together and Keep Group Header Together properties.  RJS
145.An issue with the Request From User variable in the StiSelectionMode.First mode.  RNetRWpf
146.The PDF export on MacOS.  RJava
147.An issue with the Selection property of the the Dependent variables.  RWebRJS
148.A bug with sizes of table cells, when the table is created with the help of a wizard.  RWebRJS
149.Wordwrap for text items of the Chart.  RJS
150.An issue with the Request From User panel in the Interpretation mode.  RWpf
151.Processing Duplicates.  RJava
152.An issue with a column's type during reading from a report tempalte file.  RWebRNetRWpf
153.Visual Studio design mode for Web components.  RWeb
154.A bug with text margins of a component in the designer.  RWebRJS
155.Error retrieving data from an XML column with certain names when using caching in Flex Engine.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
156.An issue with reading a font style from a report template file.  RJS
157.Export to PDF. Arabic text is now exported correctly.  RJS
158.The RequestParameters report property in the Flash Designer preview was not taken into account.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
159.A bug with sizes of columns when changing report unit.  RWebRJS
160.Charts animation.  RJS
161.Some issues in the sub-report.  RJS
162.The style of the selected component in the Ribbon Menu was not displayed.  RWpf
163.The Web Preview of the WinForms Report Designer is renamed to Flash Preview.  RNet
164.A bug with the marker size in charts.  RJS
165.The positioning error when dragging in the Designer.  RWebRJS
166.A bug with adding and deleting rows of the table in the Designer.  RJS
167.An UI refactoring of the connection builder.  RNetRWpf
168.In some cases, after the preview, the Property panel (wrongly set to zero width) could disappear in the Flash designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
169.An issue with a custom datetime format of the request from users variables.  RWeb
170.Request from User variables that have the Nullable type in Flash components.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
171.Invalid calculation of results in Cross-tab.  RNetRWpf
172.Some issues with charts in the designer.  RJS
173.List and Range request from user variables for WebViewerFx.  RWeb
174.An issue with Large Height property on preview.  RJS
175.Clicking the Redo.  RWpf
176.Label color for the chart style25 and style26.  RJS
177.Saving report in mrt-json.  RWpf
178.The chart label position, if the width of the label > 0.  RJS
179.An issue on XML export when the Report Alias property is empty.  RWebRNetRWpf
180.A bug with Apply Style Collection in the designer.  RWeb
181.An issue with a border width that could cause the growth of the text component when the border is enabled and style is set to None.  RWebRNetRWpf
182.If the component style is specified, then controls on home panel set disabled.  RWebRJS
183.Charts animation.  RJS
184.EngineV2, an issue with multi-level grouping when in some cases headers of sub levels were not shown.  RWebRNetRWpf
185.The Selected Style in the Condition form when the Edit Style is locked.  RNet
186.Charts AutoSeriesColumnKey behaviour.  RJava
187.An issue with Show Rulers option (Designer.Wpf.V2).  RWpf
188.A bug with bookmarks in the viewer.  RJS
189.An issue with minimazing of the Report Checker after clicking of the Edit button.  RWpf
190.A bug with opening virtual datesources from the report file.  RJS
191.A bug with MinSize & MaxSize in the report.  RJS
192.Lost Watermark.ImageHyperlink property when opening the report file.  RJS
193.The new Anchor property is added to all simple components.  RNetRWpf
194.An issue with drug'n'drop of the System Variables in text editor.  RWpf
195.An issue with a calculated column during editing of a Data Source.  RWpf
196.The problem with styles in the designer, if a report is inherited from StiReport.  RWeb
197.PDF export embedded fonts.  RJava
198.The style of a selected component was not shown right.  RWpf
199.Export to Word/Excel. The images from the data source were not exported correctly. All images were replaced by the last one.  RJS
200.Output of the CrossTab component header in some cases.  RNetRWpf
201.An issue with variables in sub-report.  RJava
202.Engine. Bands and containers did not render the Tag property.  RJS
203.The HTML export with JPEG image type.  RJava
204.An issue with a datetime format of the report variables in Flash components.  RFlex
205.Get types schema from MSSQL database.  RJS
206.Displaying charts by using the properties of Y Axis-> Labels-> Width.  RNetRWpfRJS
207.Showing Radar Series, if there are more then 1.  RNetRWpf
208.Correct displaying of charts with the Zoom different from 100%.  RWpf
209.Infographics context menu in toolbox (themes 2003, 2007, 2010).  RWpf
210.Empty and null DateTime were displayed as the current time. Now it is empty.  RJS
211.The work of the tooltip on the elements of the linear diagrams with the markers disabled.  RNetRWpf
212.AM/PM wrong date time format in some cases for Flash Viewer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
213.Hyperlink and Tooltip for chart elements.  RWpf
214.Report name encoding in WebDesigner.  RJava
215.WordWrap text in one cell for the Excel export.  RPHPRFlex
216.Showing charts in the viewer when opening thumbnails.  RWpf
217.Crash when using Guid Variable.  RWpf
218.Export of Maps to the PDF format.  RNetRWpf
219.A bug with the column name when creating a data source from other data sources.  RJS
220.The Trial state in JS Preview.  RNetRWpf
221.Report parser.  RJava
222.When switching the theme in the Designer V2, the Dictionary-Properties-ReportTree panels were lost.  RWpf
223.A bug with the image watermark in the preview of the designer.  RJS
224.The Owner Window is set for export windows.  RWpf
225.Designer V2. Adding "{}" when dragging the Group Header from the dictionary to the editor.  RWpf
226.Background of Gauge when exporting, if it was set transparent.  RNetRWpf
227.The double click did not work for the dictionary to add data to the Group Header Band editor.  RWpf
228.Some corrections in the interface for displaying style formatting (Style Designer).  RNet
229.Incorrect name of relation when you drag the columns of data in the Flash Designer editor.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
230.A bug with the subReportUrl property in the Sub-Report component.  RJS
231.The work of the report checker in the Preview tab.  RWpf
232.Designer V2. The title of the designer window was not displayed correctly.  RWpf
233.When you save a report template in a Json format to a stream after the end of the recording, the stream was closed.  RWebRNetRWpf
234.MSSQL Adapter.  RJava
235.Changed SDK version on nwjs v0.22.0.  RJS
236.Export to Excel. Extra lines in the ExportDataOnly mode.  RJS
237.WebDesigner saves encrypted reports.  RJava
238.An incorrect icon in the toolbar of the designer.  RJS
239.In some cases, when exporting to some formats, ClearType was disabled in the system.  RWebRNetRWpf
240.A bug with the LargeHeightAutoFactor in JS Designer.  RJS
241.Transferring a picture from the images folder to a script.  RJS
242.Connection to the database was not closed after retrieving parameters.  RWebRNetRWpf
243.The Format function incorrectly formatted numbers of the BigDecimal type.  RJava
244.The Restore Defaults button in the Options window.  RNet
245.External links in the Excel export.  RJava
246.A bug with offset primitive lines on 1px in the Designer.  RWebRJS
247.The designer crashed when deleting the resources of the data source.  RWpf
248.The problem with rendering the Cross-tab which was located on the page with the Unlimited Height property set to true.  RNetRWpf
249.The error with new values of request from user datetime variables in the list for the Flash viewer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
250.The error with rendering the Cross-tab component that is located on the page with disabled property Unlimited Breakble = true.  RNetRWpf
251.An expression with a function was not calculated if the name of this function was the same as the name of any component.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
252.Improved output of CrossTab titles when located in the segmented pages.  RNetRWpf
253.The SaveReportAs action for MVC HTML5 Designer.  RWeb
254.Errors when outputting Cross-tab titles located on pages without the use of segmented pages.  RNetRWpf
255.A bug with bookmark labels in the viewer.  RWebRJS
256.Some fixes with Oracle RefCursor parameters.  RWebRNetRWpf
257.The Print Title On All Pages property is marked as obsolete. It's function now executes the Print On All Page property of each title individually.  RNetRWpf
258.An error in the designer when loading the JPG image into resources.  RWpf
259.The new StiOptions.Dictionary.Json.DefaultJsonConverterVersion property. You can change parsing, when connecting to JSON files.  RNetRWpf
260.The designer falls when specifying the dependent variable on itself.  RWpf
261.Reprocessed mapping of variables, depending on the value of the StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserElementsPerColumn property.  RNetRWpf
262.A bug with dots/lines grid modes in the Designer.  RJS
263.A bug with exports, when a report has bookmarks.  RJS
264.The new StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserPanelMaxHeight property, which limits the height of the panel with variables when viewing a report in the viewer.  RNetRWpf
265.The encrypted report template was not saved correctly.  RJS
266.Bugs with symbols ' and " in the data.  RWebRJS
267.Export to HTML. The simultaneous underline and strikeout options for the text did not work.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
268.Sub-report error.  RJava
269.Export to PDF. Underline and strikeout options for the text did not work.  RJS
270.Some fixes in the cross-tab headers rendering.  RNetRWpf
271.Export to SVG. Text strikeout.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
272.Some bugs with the tree map chart in the designer.  RWebRJS
273.A problem with outputting headers of total cells from left to right in the Cross-tab component.  RNetRWpf
274.Some fixes in drawing styles in the report designer.  RNetRWpf
275.Intersection Labels in charts.  RNet
276.Redesigned interface of the Main Menu in the designer.  RNet
277.Images of the wizards are adopted for the 4k resolution.  RWpf
278.Showing ToolTip of the Pie Chart when exporting to HTML.  RWebRNetRWpf
279.DesignerV2. When switching to the Preview tab, this tab was not highlighted until the rendering of the report was finished.  RWpf
280.Editing Watermark Text.  RWpf
281.In the status bar in the Designer WPF V2, the button to call Report Checker is added.  RWpf
282.When copying components from DesignerV2 to other designers, components were inserted with incorrect sizes.  RNetRWpf
283.The Color Each property for Treemap series.  RJS
284.DesignerV2. The Get Style command from Selected Components did not work in the style editor.  RWpf
285.Text formatter - custom format.  RJava
286.DesignerV2. When switching the component style to Ribbon, displaying the component was not redrawn automatically.  RWpf
287.DesignerV2. In the Ribbon MainMenu, the file icons in the Recent File were cut.  RWpf
288.Previously, in pure Node.js, all xml (data, localizations, mrt) files were not working. Now there is an xml parser and in the nodejs.  RJS
289.Bugs with visibility of the page buttons in the viewer.  RNetRWpf
290.An error occurred while processing the @@ operator in SQL queries.  RPHP
291.The error using JavaScript commands for the Flash designer.  RWeb
292.A bug with the license text in the DesignerJS.exe.  RJS
293.PDF export with non-standard page sizes.  RJava
294.Component styles.  RJava
295.DesignerV2. When going to the Preview tab, one can see a balloon with information about the errors if they occurred while rendering.  RWpf
296.If the required PHP driver for a particular database adapter was not found, an appropriate error was thrown.  RPHP
297.Displaying the Close button via the Stimulsoft.Report.StiOptions.Viewer.Windows.ShowCloseButton property.  RWpf
298.A bug with not correct values of the autoWidth property in the property grid of the Designer.  RWebRJS
299.When opening the DesignerV2, RecentFiles is updated every time you show it so that you can always see all the recent savings.  RWpf
300.The nodejs version did not work.  RJS
301.Incorrect processing of the URL to the data, if it contains spaces.  RFlex
302.A bug with getting images from the gallery in the Designer JS.  RJS
303.The JSON data did not work as a simple array.  RFlex
304.A problem with loading images from the file in WebDesignerFx. .  RWeb
305.The problem with a long error message, which could not fit in the WebViewerFx or WebDesignerFx dialog.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
306.The image in the variable of the Image type was not remembered, if the value of the expression was selected before that.  RNetRWpf
307.A bug with Session timeout in the DesignerJS.exe.  RJS
308.Updating the column list for values in the Chart Wizard when adding New Data Source.  RNet
309.The Service Unavailable error message.  RJava
310.Behavior of the PreviewSettings property of the report object is corrected.  RNetRWpf
311.V2: The value editor for the Assign Expression parameter in Highlight Condition.  RWpf
312.Restored correct work of disabling option for HTML, Excel, Data and Image exports for ViewerFx.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
313.The rotated text in the Flash viewer was not displayed in some cases.  RWeb
314.The Flex veiwer web caching.  RJava
315.JS Preview in the report designer now can work with local files.  RNetRWpf
316.Dragging the column to the drill down parameters.  RWpf
317.The RichText editor in WebDesigner.  RJava
318.A bug in the wizard form, if the last step was not reached.  RWebRJS
319.Absence of some properties for the table of charts in the designer.  RWebRJS
320.Loading of the Selection property for variables in the WebDesignerFx.  RWebRJava
321.In some cases, hyperlinks using bookmarks did not work in exported reports.  RWebRNetRWpf
322.AJAX data communication in WebDesigner.  RJava
323.Displaying gallery in the Image Editor.  RNetRWpf
324.The Percentage format editor in WebDesigner.  RJava
325.A bug in the wizard form, if the table is selected.  RJS
326.Conflict with the WordWrap property with the flex-direction style in the designer.  RJS
327.Border serialization.  RJava
328.Improved themes - 2007, 2010.  RWpf
329.Exporting and printing a detailed report in some cases did not work correctly in the Flash viewer.  RWeb
330.Interactive actions and variables requested by the user did not work for some types of reports in MvcViewerFx.  RWeb
331.Migration on TypeScript 2.4.  RJS
332.The TimeSerial function worked incorrectly.  RJS
333.A bug with check report in the designer.  RWebRJS
334.The Interaction editor in WebDesigner.  RJava
335.The Save&Load position of the Data Selection window.  RWpf
336.The globalization editor in Designer JS.  RJS
337.CSP(Content Security Policy). Problems with "eval" in source code in the Designer.  RJS
338.Interaction for the TreeMap chart.  RNet
339.Export to PDF. Now FontsInfoStore was not used by default for the Wysiwyg/AllowHtmlTags mode, because there were some problems in Azure. To enable it, you should enable the StiOptions.Export.Pdf.ForceUseFontsInfoStoreForWysiwyg property.  RWebRNetRWpf
340.Chart X axis's labels angle.  RJava
341.Localization of some elements in the designer.exe after choosing other localization file.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
342.File was locked after StiSerializeManager.deserializeReport.  RJava
343.The Treemap chart.  RWpf
344.Issues with showing version and description of the available build in the update window.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
345.Report serialization (StiParameter).  RJava
346.Work of the Depender Value property of the double type in variables.  RWpf
347.Excel data were hung if an empty or not existed path to the file was specified.  RJS
348.In the New Variable form, when selecting Dependent Value, a list of Variable was not filled.  RNet
349.The report locale is considered in all text formats.  RJS
350.A rare error when rendering a footer inside the complex structure of nested containers.  RWebRNetRWpf
351.Adding text components in DataBand when DoubleClick on DataSource columns (the Create Field property on Double Click is enabled).  RWpf
352.The value of the AssignExpression property was not saved and loaded.  RJS
353.Date/Time add() functions.  RJava
354.Setting Empty values for the Brush type properties.  RWpf
355.The value of the AssignExpression property was not saved and loaded in JSON mrt.  RNet
356.Print without preview error in the IE browser in some cases for the HTML5 viewer.  RWeb
357.A bug with the Conditions form interface.  RWebRJS
358.Rendering of Stacked Series, if the YAxis property is set both for Left, and Right Axis.  RNetRWpf
359.A bug with the Break If True property in the Conditions form.  RJS
360.Sorting for Series.Tags values.  RNetRWpf
361.Designer V2. The text in the Condition dialog of the style was not localized.  RWpf
362.Error with property - ShowMoreDetailsButton - of the StiWebDesignerFx component.  RWeb
363.Work with the Chart Interaction, if the data have been loaded through the resources.  RWpf
364.Designer V2. In some cases, in the Property Grid, when selecting several elements, -1 was added in the properties of the Enum type.  RWpf
365.SubReportUrl.  RJava
366.Event from xml mrt was not loaded.  RJS
367.A problem with the report name in the designer after its opening.  RNet
368.A bug with language of the documentation in the Designer.  RJS
369.Now the fraction separator is used from the locale settings.  RJS
370.When the event started, the variables were passed, but the values of these variables were needed.  RJS
371.Menu problems went outside the screen in the Designer.  RWebRJS
372.Adding the Gauge style by clicking the F7 in the Style Editor.  RNet
373.MaxData MaxTime MinData MinTime functions did not work.  RJS
374.Several problems with FIPS support.  RWebRNetRWpf
375.When using events, the changed variables were not applied back.  RJS
376.Null-values in Flash designer/viewer with Flex Engine.  RJava
377.Error with property - AutoHideScrollbars of the Flash components.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
378.The SubReport editing in WebDesiner.  RJava
379.Footers with the enabled PrintOnAllPages property are now displayed in the correct order.  RWebRNetRWpf
380.Error with property - ExitUrl of the Flash designer.  RWeb
381.ColorPicker, in some cases, displayed wrong color in DesignerFx.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
382.Error with property - ShowPreviewZoomButtons of the Flash designer.  RWeb
383.Some problems with multiselect of components in the Designer.  RWebRJS
384.Error with property - ShowEmailDialog and ShowEmailExportDialog of theFlash components.  RWeb
385.The Treemap chart.  RJS
386.View data was hanging, if there were no data.  RJS
387.The error with the SetReportModifiedWhenOpening property of the Flash designer.  RWeb
388.Export of the Treemap chart to SVG.  RNetRWpf
389.If the report is modified but not saved, then when the browser was closed, no request was made to save the Flash designer.  RWeb
390.Showing the legend in a chart when there is only one series.  RJS
391.A bug with grid lines, if page large height factor > 1.  RWebRJS
392.The error with the DefaultEmailAddress of the Flash designer.  RWeb
393.Showing Y Axis of the Bar Series.  RJS
394.Some issues with slow designer starts in some cases.  RWpf
395.A bug with relations in the dictionary.  RWebRJS
396.Empty values for width and height for the viewer.  RJS
397.A bug when closing the report that has charts.  RJS
398.DesignerV2: Hot keys did not work.  RWpf
399.Some bugs with checking the Interface type in the Designer and Viewer.  RWeb
400.A bug with autodetecting the touch interface in the Designer.  RWebRJS
401.Designer WinForms, WPF. The function of copying the style of the component did not work in the page editing mode.  RNetRWpf
402.Rendering of Shapes.  RJava
403.All the designers of WinForms, WPF, WpfV2. StiReport.Culture could not remove the selected culture.  RNetRWpf
404.The PrintDialog (WinForms) was displayed without focus.  RNet
405.The border condition.  RJava
406.DesignerV2: In MainMenu, the Close button closed the report, not the designer itself.  RWpf
407.The JDBC connection.  RJava
408.Word Wrap in Chart labels.  RWpf
409.Hide buttons in main menu when the report is closed.  RNet
410.The Border menu in conditions for components in the DesignerFx.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
411.Angle in Chart Labels.  RWpf
412.DesignerV2: UI JS Preview.  RWpf
413.The functions from the PrintState (IsNull, Next, Previous) category now work.  RJS
414.The Draw Border parameter in Chart Labels.  RWpf
415.Wrong HTML5 work of the designer, if it is added to the page dynamically.  RWeb
416.Align text by the width when exporting to PDF.  RJS
417.Localization was not changed in the Account menu.  RWpf
418.Export to PDF from the WPF application, incorrect vertical alignment of text lines in the Wysiwyg mode, if the system has a large font size.  RWpf
419.Export to PDF. Some symbols in the report Alias caused the creation of a corrupted PDF file.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
420.In some cases, an error occurred in the StiJsonToDataSetConverter class if the child-array is empty.  RWebRNetRWpf
421.Designer V2. The list of cultures in the StiReport.Culture property in the PropertyGrid was opened slowly.  RWpf
422.Multilevel drill-down report with Request from User variables in the Flash viewer.  RWeb
423.Incorrect loading resource from assembly.  RWebRNetRWpf
424.A bug with images of products in the Update form.  RJS
425.You could delete the first (main) report when drill-down on panel of the Flash viewer.  RWeb
426.Checking an expression in a text editor.  RWpf
427.A bug with empty error messages in the designer.  RJS
428.Redesigned window of the profile editor.  RWpf
429.DesignerV2. The Styles dialog. Icons were not shown in the Location category. Added support for 4K monitors.  RWpf
430.The error with printing a report as PDF in the Edge browser.  RWeb
431.The error with the size of the window when printing with a preview in the HTML5 viewer.  RWeb
432.TryParseDouble, TryParseDecimal, TryParseLong functions.  RJava
433.Displaying icons of Interactive Sorting in the Viewer.  RNetRWpf
434.In some cases, when rendering several data bands with columns, the positioning of the columns could be disrupted.  RWebRNetRWpf
435.DB BLOB null values parsing.  RJava
436.A bug with the report tree button in Russian localization in the Designer.  RWebRJS
437.An exception when using fonts loaded using the StiFontCollection.AddMemoryFont() method.  RWpf
438.UI Window - Get Columns from Assembly.  RWpf
439.Request from user default list value for HTML5 Viewer.  RWeb
440.Export to RTF. "Hyperlink used Bookmarks" did not work.  RWebRNetRWpf
441.Empty request from the user list for Flash Viewer.  RWeb
442.Opening and saving Templates through the context menu on the report page.  RNet
443.DesignerV2 and Designer - the minimum window sizes are limited.  RWpf
444.An old bug with relations (there was an error in the code).  RJS
445.Drill-down reports with data from report resources in the HTML5 Viewer.  RWeb
446.If there is virtual data and relations and there are a lot of them, it was crached.  RJS
447.PosgreeSQL QueryTimeout.  RJava
448.A bug with bookmarks which have the symbol - '.  RWeb
449.Test version of customDatasource.  RJS
450.Updating the component to select styles in Ribbon Menu.  RNet
451.Changes in code for compilation without warnings.  RJS
452.Drag&drop in the Text Editor.  RWpf
453.The synchronize method did not work with the dataset.  RJS
454.Nuget packages of components on the web site.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRPHPRJavaRFlex
455.Some issues with data adapters from the NuGet repository.  RWebRNetRWpf
456.Transferring preview options in the designer into a separate category (now all the options of the viewer are applicable to the preview).  RJS
457.Improved rendering in the viewer when changing Zoom.  RWpf
458.A bug with band positions after copy-paste.  RWebRJS
459.An error occured, if the event code hd one line and did not end with ";".  RJS
460.A bug with request from user parameters type of datetime.  RWeb
461.If, in any properties, there was a combination of such characters as /Q, then they were stored incorrectly, respectively, everything was loaded incorrectly.  RJS
462.Textboxes with TextQuality = Wysiwyg were exported incorrectly, if the ClearType option was enabled in the system.  RWebRNet
463.Engine. In the interpretation mode, filters could not work, if the DataSource name contained spaces or dots.  RWebRNetRWpf
464.Convert.ToDateTime() now works correctly.  RJS
465.Primitives could not be docked to the left edge of the container.  RJS
466.Engine. Filters did not work if the DataSource name contained spaces or dots.  RJS
467.An error with rounding when rendering primitives.  RJS
468.Improved error showing system in the WebViewer.  RJava
469.A parallel line in the line chart.  RJS
470.The HTML tag "numbered list" was displayed incorrectly.  RJS
471.The WebViewer width in the full screen mode.  RJava
472.Incorrect definition of the license type when exporting to the Image format.  RWpf
473.A bug with zoom menu in the viewer.  RJava
474.Changed names of the WebViewer themes for the purpose of compatibility with other components: Default -> SimpleGray, Office2007 -> Office2007Blue, Office2010 -> Office2010Blue, Office2013 -> Office2013WhiteBlue.  RJava
475.Exception when checking the syntax of expressions that contain 'null'.  RNetRWpf
476.Using DateTime values for the Scatter Charts arguments.  RNetRWpf
477.If there is an array of simple elements in the loaded JSON (row number bool), then this array was unloaded.  RJS
478.A bug with the Excel export form in the viewer.  RWeb
479.When loading JSON, relations were broken. The issue was in in big and small letters in JSON.  RJS
480.A bug with the request to leave the page when exporting from the preview in the designer.  RWeb
481.A bug with displaying messages forms, after changing localization in the Designer.  RJS
482.JSON and the relationId of nested objects were incorrectly considered for an nesting level greater than three.  RNetRJS
483.The dependent variable was not cleared if the new value of the main variable was selected.  RJS
484.License key file location for macOS in AIR applications.  RFlex
485.Cross-tab. The Summary cells had the incorrectly working HideZeros property when the string type was set to string.  RWebRNetRWpf
486.The correct value for the requestParams.Designer.FileName parameter for the Flash Designer was not set.  RWeb
487.The designer for Mac is now working. The designer for Mac is going to Mac OS.  RJS
488.The Java veiwer displaying variables.  RJava
489.Variable types of list and range did not work correctly.  RJS
490.The designer for Mac now supports localization.  RJS
491.Labels and Area bookmarks in the Chart editor for Treemap series.  RWpf
492.Error loading JSON and XML data from some types of URLs.  RWebRNetRWpf
493.The designer for Linux is built on the Linux platform.  RJS
494.The error with auto insertion of connection name from long URL in the edit connection form.  RWebRJS
495.For some types of business objects, the Count property was counted in one less.  RWebRNetRWpf
496.A bug with print on all pages in cross-tab without columns.  RWebRNetRWpf
497.The And/Or value for the filtering type in the data sources in the Flash Designer was not saved.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
498.Convert JSON array to the data source with simple types of values.  RNetRWpf
499.Timeout and server status error display for the HTML5 Viewer.  RWeb
500.Interaction for TreeMap.  RWpf
501.Increased testConnection speed in WebDesigner.  RJava
502.The DaysInMonth function now works correctly.  RJS
503.The CheckStatus of the ComponentStyleIsNotFoundAtPage check has changed from Error to Warning.  RNetRWpfRJS
504.The BreakIfTrue flag for MultiLevel Condition was not saved in the report template.  RWebRNetRWpf
505.A bug with GlobalizationManager in the preview of the designer.  RWeb
506.Custom format did not correctly output the data if the input data were not a numerals.  RJS
507.Exception on opening a report in which RectanglePrimitive had lost start/end points.  RJS
508.Some problems with the GetReportData event for WebViewer and WebViewerFx.  RWeb
509.Sub-Report was not rendered if it is specified as separate files.  RJS
510.Engine. Memory leaks are fixed in dataSources when functions that change the state of dataSources are working.  RWebRNetRWpf
511.Some problems with calculating percentage summaries at the cross-tab rows.  RWebRNetRWpf
512.The StiHeaderBand.PrintIfEmpty property was not working correctly.  RJS
513.Data with some date and time formats in Flash components were incorrectly read.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
514.Some issues with component location shifting in the cross-tab.  RWebRNetRWpf
515.Border series label in chart.  RJS
516.Issue with the @ symbol in DB queries.  RJava
517.Null data in the cross-tab were written as NaN and not as 0.  RJS
518.It crashed if to use in association with ractive.js.  RJS
519.Functions in Flash report engine - TryParseDecimal, TryParseDouble, TryParseLong.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
520.A bug with saving styles from the report.  RWebRJS
521.WebViewer parameter error.  RJava
522.Work of the Labels-> Step for YAxis Logarithmic Scale property.  RNetRWpf
523.Displaying chart labels.  RJava
524.A bug with repeating long cross headers in the cross-tab.  RWebRNetRWpf
525.The controls from the MDC xml were incorrectly loaded.  RJS
526.A bug with cache helper in the Designer.  RWeb
527.Some properties of rendered charts for MDC JSON were not saved or loaded.  RNetRJS
528.Displaying of ValueType = Argument in Labels for StackedColumnSeries.  RNetRWpf
529.V2. Primitives and cross-primitives were not deleted from the page in the template.  RWpf
530.Drawing when ColorEach = True for Stacked Column Series.  RNetRWpf
531.Correct displaying of export forms when using the Owner Form property TopMost = true.  RNet
532.Correct displaying of Values Labels if ReverseHorizontal = True for Stacked Column Series.  RNetRWpf
533.Position Other values in Bar series.  RNetRWpfRJS
534.A problem with deleting the last page in the report.  RWpf
535.Data source/variable naming conflict validator.  RJava
536.V2. Events in the PropertyGrid for Series are added.  RWpf
537.The problem with duplicating pages in the report.  RWpf
538.When saving to WPF, V2 designer did not change the name of the Report File in the header.  RWpf
539.A bug with not assigned date time variable.  RWebRJS
540.Refactoring of stimulsoft-web and stimulsoft-flex libs.  RJava
541.Numder formatting.  RJava
542.A bug with CTRL + Move component in the Designer.  RWebRJS
543.RichText editing through F2.  RNet
544.The CustomCss property for MVC HTML5 Viewer.  RWeb
545.Creation of relations during the creation of the data source from JSON.  RNetRWpf
546.Parser "cast" operation.  RJava
547.A bug with adding column to the business object in the dictionary of the designer.  RWeb
548.Displaying the properties of the series when opening the Chart Editor first time.  RWpf