Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2019.3.6

Published on 23 September 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features: for the Data band.
Icons for Pictorial Series.
The new class Stimulsoft.Report.Toolbox.StiToolboxSetup. Using it, you can configure the ToolBox status in designers from code.
New maps. Benelux and Scandinavia.
The new map - Taiwan.
Publishing for Angular 6 and 7 versions.
The new 'Style32' style is added to the chart, map and gauge components.
The new window for creating maps. Now all types are displayed as tiles. Support for search has been added.
The new 'Style33' style is added to the chart, map, and gauge components.
Support for CSV connections in Publish Wizard.
The ability to use current or latest libraries in publish.
StiGaugeStyle. The new property - LinearScaleBrush.
Export to Excel. The new option - StiOptions.Export.Excel.ImageMoveAndSizeWithCells.
Export to PDF. Support forf ZUGFeRD v2.0.
The new property - StiOptions.Export.Html.OpenLinksTarget.
New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than.
Support for Nullable Date in Data Transformation filters.
The CustomTextFormat now understands FormatString like "(###)###-####" for the string data type.
Export to Excel. Now you can export the page color.
Support for the Get Started window.
The HTML tags - 'p', 'ol', 'ul' now recognize style attributes.
A new item in the menu File -> Help, where you can find links to user manuals, videos, samples and other helpful resources.


Completely redesigned the position of ToolBox in WinForms/WPF designers. Now you can separately disable each category, as well as adjust displaying of components.
Uploading project libraries from the site to the Publish Wizard, correctly displaying the percentage of download.
Animation of negative values in charts.
Engine. Optimizations of speed when using a large number of Totals functions by the group.
Export to Word. LineHeight of the RichText correction.
Toolbox was redesigned. Now Chart, Map, Gauge are placed in a separate category.
The WPF themes have been improved. In some controls the system focus was overlayed on the content.

Fixed Bugs:

Issues with multipage texts, its alignment, and export to some formats.
LineSpacing caused wrong breaking of text components.
Issue with page breaking of long text with columns on the Data band.
Wordwrap property doesn't work in Div mode of the HTML export.
A problem with rendering StiGauge if you enable the old editor mode.
The text rendering in StiMap is reworked.
The new map - Argentina is added.
WPF V2. Fixed a bug in the HTML preview from the designer.
Label step for YAxis if the step value is less than 1.
The error occurred when publishing a report with maps in the JS framework.
Drill-Down triggered when clicking on a component with the Editable mode.
Color Each for Bubble Series.
StyleDesigner. When executing the GetStyleFromSelectedComponent operation, the Progress element ignored the ForeColor property.
Export to Excel. The file was broken, if the name of the sheet contained more than 30 characters.
LineScaling of text was reset to 1, if the text was broken into parts.
Export to PDF. TextAngle in the Wysiwyg mode did not work.
Export to HTML. When using EmptyBrush, extra divs were added.
When HorAlign was set to Width, the line width and height of the textbox were incorrectly calculated.
EngineV2. The CanBreak property in the interpretation mode sometimes worked incorrectly.
Binding values of the arguments of the charts to the report culture.
Export to PDF. Rotated images were not exported correctly in ResolutionMode=Auto mode.
Showing labels for charts with double values (Value-Argument, etc.).
WPF. The TextOptions.LineLimit property now works.
Incorrect displaying of some properties in Gauge custom styles.
Export to Excel. When exporting a certain combination of HTML tags, it resulted in a corrupted file.
Wpf, Export of RichText to several formats did not work.
The Range DateTime variable failed when no data assigned.
Engine. Rendering a long RichText on Win7 could cause an exception.
Interactive sorting might not work correctly if the column type in the dictionary was different from the type in the database.
Export to Word. HTML tags "margin-top/bottom" were not exported.
Wpf. Margins of RichText did not display correctly with different zoom.
WPF v1/v2. The error could occur when adding some cultures to the Globalization Strings.
Some issues with loading reports from the old version.
WinForms, WPF. StiMap. When exporting to Image/Excel, the connected data was ignored and the map was drawn empty.
Export to Excel. TextFormat.Abbreviation now works properly.
Export to Excel. The apostrophe in the name of the sheet is invalid.
Export to Excel. TextAngle was not exported correctly.
Export to Excel. Text alignment was applied incorrectly, if TextAngle is set to a value other than zero.
Export to PowerPoint. TextAngle was not exported. .
Export to PowerPoint. When using the DashDotDot style of lines, the result was a corrupted file.
Incorrect version of the Framework when publishing in WinForms.
CrossTab headers parser.
CrossTab. UnlimitedBreakable rendering on DataBand.
Improvements to parsing patches in maps - support for multiple values for the parameters H, h, V, v.
The StiOptions.Engine.ReportResources.ResourcesPath property now works properly.
Export to Image. The exception occurred if ImageType=Grayscale.
Support for GSS codes for maps. You can set it in the Key field when connecting data.
An exception when compiling a report if ReportLanguage=VB and the logical operators "and", "or" are used in the arguments of aggregate functions.
The Login window. Fixed problem of incorrect positioning of the popup window.
Dashboards Wpf Viewer. Improvement on drawing special characters.
Export to HTML. LineHeight did not work correctly in paragraphs.
When using Drill-Down, the RequestParameters property should not be taken into account.
Export to PDF. When the RichText as image property was enabled, the transparent background did not work.
The catching of the incorrect storing type and wrong data row processing.
Some issues with viewing the JSON data in report resources which cannot be parsed as data.
Export to HTML. Extra borders were drawn for CheckBox, if the Hyperlink property was enabled.
Some RichText files with images were not displayed.
EngineV2. TextHorAlignment was not restored after Condition.
CrossTab. When changing the text size, HTML tags were not taken into account.
Export to HTML. The name of the font with spaces is now in quotes.
Export to PDF. Support for additional diacritics for Arabic language.
Export to Excel. In some cases, there were problems when using BandFilter.
The compilation error occurred, if DataSource.Name started with Parent and there was a Relation with the same name.
Export to HTML. Zoom for HTML tags now works.
EngineV2. PageNumbers in SubReports collection did not work in the Interpretation mode.
Engine, Anchors in the SubReports collection.
Support for Custom Map for Winforms and WPF.
Some issues with proxy settings.
When errors occur when saving/loading files from the cloud, the Owner was not set in the MessageBox and the window could fail under the current one.
The error occured when rounding text width when using the AutoWidth property.
EngineV2. Data band with CountData did not work as detail band for the master with BusinessObject.
Export to HTML table. The null reference exception in some cases.
Export to HTML table. When using watermark, an incorrect HTML file structure was obtained.
Issue of StiWpfDesignerControl connected with Dashboards.