Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2017.1.8

Published on 06 July 2017
Business Intelligence 


Export to PDF. Improved support for PDF/A Compliance - now in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 transparency is allowed.

Fixed Bugs:

Crash when using Guid Variable.
The Trial state in JS Preview.
The work of the report checker in the Preview tab.
When you save a report template in a Json format to a stream after the end of the recording, the stream was closed.
In some cases, when exporting to some formats, ClearType was disabled in the system.
Connection to the database was not closed after retrieving parameters.
The designer crashed when deleting the resources of the data source.
Some fixes with Oracle RefCursor parameters.
An error in the designer when loading the JPG image into resources.
The designer falls when specifying the dependent variable on itself.
Editing Watermark Text.
The image in the variable of the Image type was not remembered, if the value of the expression was selected before that.
V2: The value editor for the Assign Expression parameter in Highlight Condition.
Dragging the column to the drill down parameters.
In some cases, hyperlinks using bookmarks did not work in exported reports.
Displaying gallery in the Image Editor.
The Save&Load position of the Data Selection window.
Export to PDF. Now FontsInfoStore was not used by default for the Wysiwyg/AllowHtmlTags mode, because there were some problems in Azure. To enable it, you should enable the StiOptions.Export.Pdf.ForceUseFontsInfoStoreForWysiwyg property.