Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2015.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new static option StiOptions.Export.Excel.SheetViewMode.
Two new functions ToWordsEnIn(), ToCurrencyWordsEnIn().
The AllowUseAsSqlParameter property was added for the variables.


Export of bar-codes to SVG using primitives.
SqlDataBase connectionString is now encrypted when running the report as a class and in the Code tab of the designer.
Export to PDF. Optimization of export of check boxes.
Export to PDF. All shapes are now exported as primitives.
Now the text with HTML tags looks better when increasing system dpi.
Changed the procedure of filling columns of the date band in the DownThenAcross mode.

Fixed Bugs:

GlobalizationManager did not work doe the drill-down report.
The error when releasing report resources when caching images is enabled.
When the number of columns is more than 701 the result file was damaged.
Export to HTML. Now color (0,255,255,255) is processed correctly.
The Collapsed property now works correctly in the interpretation mode.
Selection of filter values for the chat.
Export to Excel. The Use One Page Header and Footer property sometimes worked incorrectly when using the Cross components.
Exception after dragging a container from page to page using the report tree.
In some cases, the background color (0, x, x, x) of the RichText component was incorrectly processed.
In some cases, the vertical alignment of cross-tab cells was incorrectly saved when saving to the mdc file.
The text of the bar-code was incorrectly displayed with the large font size set.
The SumDistinct function was incorrectlyworking when using the Totals prefix.
The PrintOn property now works correctly for cross-primitives.
The BandFilter export property incorrectly worked for bands with the enabled PrintOnAllPages property.