Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2019.3.3

Published on 22 July 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The ability to save an image from the image editor.


Export to Word. LineHeight of the RichText correction.
Some fixes in RichText in Net4.7.
Adaptation of the designer and viewer for HiDpi resolution.

Fixed Bugs:

Incorect working with 'code tab visible' property in the designer.
EngineV2. TextHorAlignment was not restored after Condition.
Export to HTML. The name of the font with spaces is now in quotes.
Export to PDF. Support for additional diacritics for Arabic language.
Export to Excel. In some cases, there were problems when using BandFilter.
The compilation error occurred, if DataSource.Name started with Parent and there was a Relation with the same name.
Export to HTML. Zoom for HTML tags now works.
EngineV2. PageNumbers in SubReports collection did not work in the Interpretation mode.
Engine, Anchors in the SubReports collection.
Some issues with proxy settings.
The ReportDisplayMode and ImagesQuality values were not taken into account when printing the report as an HTML document from the viewer.
A bug with saving the report designer window in a normal state.
The error occured when rounding text width when using the AutoWidth property.
EngineV2. Data band with CountData did not work as detail band for the master with BusinessObject.
Export to HTML table. The null reference exception in some cases.
Export to HTML table. When using watermark, an incorrect HTML file structure was obtained.