Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2013.1.1600

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new DrillDown parameter SeriesTitle is added
The new localization nb-NO is added
The new option StiWebDesignerOptions.Dictionary.ShowActionsMenu is added to WebDesigner
The Format property is added for Chart.SeriesLabels
Improved an error checking and displaying system when rendering reports
Four new styles of Charts
EngineHelper functions to the Interpretation mode
The new method List.ToQueryString()
Optimization of LoadDocument() method, By default is disabled StiOptions.Engine.DocumentLoadingOptimization=false
Name, Alias, Author, Description, CompanyString and LastModifiedString properties are filled in the Word2007/Excel2007 files
Get array element by index in interpretation mode
The ToCurrencyWordsRu function. Support for KZT currency


Business Objects now support sorting in grouping
Some improvements in the export to the text format
StyleDesigner – speedup optimization.
Some changes in totals calculation in some cases
Some chart processing optimization
Additional overloads in the SumDistinct function
Some issues with the export to PDF in Silverlight. Now Acrobat Reader does not ask about saving changes
Some optimization of the TextInCells component
UI of the Flash Designer is slightly changed
Now the Style25 is set by default
The Strings.Length function now has the int type instead of long
Some improvements in nested business objects sorting
Memory usage optimization in the export to DOCX and ODT formats
Some improvements in processing non-unicode symbols in the export to PDF

Fixed Bugs:

Some bugs with the YRightAxis in charts
Some bugs with totals calculation
Small bug in the Master-Detail report wizard
Some bugs with progress information
Some bugs with Rectangle primitives and Sub-Reports
Some bugs with resizing Sub-Reports
Some bugs with saving user-defined chart styles in WebDesigner
Some bugs in the Cross-Tab component
Some bugs in the GUI of the business objects sorting and filtering
Some changes in totals calculation and the CanShrink property
EngineV2, PrintOn.OnlyLastPage и PrintOn.ExceptLastPage if the ResetPageNumber is used
Some bugs with the Cross-Tab component which is placed on Sub-Reports
Switching a report page when missing the focus from the page number text box
Some bugs with bookmarks
Some bugs with the DotMatrix viewer and text encoding
Some bugs with the export to Excel
Some issues with saving settings of the report designer and report viewer
Some corrections with incorrect style names in the export to HTML
Some bugs with copying charts into clipboard in WebDesigner
Some bugs with the HeadersOnAllPages property in Sub-Reports
Some bugs with the HTML page breaking in ViewerFx and WebDesinger
VirtualSource, An issue if the column name starts with "DESC"
Some bugs with the list variable
Some bugs with the metafile is fixed
Some bugs with drawing Round Rectangle Shape at small scales in WebViewerFx
Some bugs with the metafile processing
Some bugs with the PrinOnAllPages property
In some cases incorrect specifying the data column in filters and expressions (the WebDesigner component)
The new theme Office 2013 for WebViewer and MvcViewer
Some bugs with export to PDF and Windings font
Negative data in Pie and Dounut charts
An error with the Drill-Down in WebViewerFx
An error with tooltips in WebViewerFx
Formatting error of the total field in the cross-tab using the Count aggregator
Support for custom connections
A problem with the placing components on the band margines in the Flash Designer
Optimization of Word2007 export of large reports
Some bugs with font editing in WebDesigner
Improved processing of null value in timespan field
The MakeVerticalSpacingEqual layout method
StiCrossPrimitives and PrintOnPreviousPage
Improved sorting of nullable fields
Processing of some null values of business objects fields in StiBusinessObjectHelper.GetValueFromClass
Some bugs with the Virtual Source
Lock for MultiThreading in StiLocalization