Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2011.2.1100

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Report Checker
Report Globalization
Selecting properties configuration panel
Showing "Rendering ..." inscription on not yet drawn report pages in the WebViewerFx component
The PrintOnAllPages property for the Header and Footer Band
A button displaying the options bar in the viewer
Support for Double Pass of the Report Generator
The ShowNavigateToolbar option in the ViewerFx
A new AllowDrawSegmentMode option for the viewer
The ShowViewModeToolbar option in the ViewerFx
A Report Setup dialog
A new BrowserTitle option for the viewer
Dynamic sorting of data in the viewer window
Supporting bar-codes when exporting a report
Supporting charts when exporting a report
Ability to change the page order in the designer
Exporting of the CheckBox component
An ability to use the data and time formatting in the ToString method
Exporting shapes in reports
A new Page Setup dialog in the designer
A new panel and editor of the variables
The Cross-Tab component
A new PrintQuality option for the viewer
The CSV Export
A new ShowMainToolbar option for the viewer
A new ShowParametersPanel option for the viewer option
Parameters menu for the components properties panel
An option to disable displaying the export dialog (the ShowExportDialog option)

Fixed Bugs:

Report Checker is improved
A bug when grouping by date and time
A bug when working with chart styles
A bug with column titles of a cross-table
A bug with grouping by date and time
The newly created item in the data dictionary in Web Designer was not selected
A percent value was not correctly calculated when selecting an appropriate text format
A bug with rounding of some numbers
A problem when selecting filters in the Cross-tab
Column types were not loaded, if they had different Name in Source, Name and Alias values
Conditions were not working for cross-table cells
A bug with the PrintOn property
A bug with the report name in the window title of the standalone designer
A bug with the tag `li` when using HTML tags in a text
Some improvements in the Standard and Master-Detail Wizard
A bug with Thumbnails when showing a new report
The Save button was not disabled when setting the appropriate option
A formatting error of some fractional values for numeric, currency and percentage format
Some improvements of PHP scripts for working with databases
Some improvements of the text dialog
A selected DataRelation was not loaded for the Cross-Tab component
Some bugs when editing a DataSource from Other DataSource in Web Designer
Some bugs when exporting to PDF
Errors in dates formatting
Errors with Choose and Switch functions
An error in displaying the attached property in the Properties panel
An error in displaying the QR Code
Now when the key is the absent a report request for loading it will not be sent
An error in text formatting in the cross-table cells
An error in the encoding values when passing GET and POST parameters
An error of positioning of the search bar in a viewer
HTML tags were not taken into account when calculating the size of a cross-table cell
The Conditions property is added in the properties paneAdd: A new ShowParametersButton option for the viewer
An error when changing the panel size of components, leading to incorrect behavior of the designer
Images from the Oracle database were not shown
Images on a page of the report, loaded at designer launch, were not displayed
An error when closing a watermark image editor, if the picture was not defined
An error when copying a Cross-tab
Watermark images support in the export to PDF
Watermark text support (rotation angle only 0 degrees) in the export to PDF
An error when creating a variable using the context menu
Improved compatibility with earlier versions of PHP
Improved connection string parser to connect to the database
When closing the dialog box immediately after editing values, they could not be saved
An error when displaying a panel of switching pages, if there are many pages
The dialog box of saving the changed report was not invoked when closing the standalone designer
An error when displaying information in the header of a Data Band in Web Designer
Improved work with DateTime formatting
When reducing the width to 720 dots unnecessary scrollbars in viewer appeared
An error when printing a CheckBox
An error when printing a CheckBox component
When using the Report Wizard, the system variable {ReportName} will be used as a title
An error when processing the HTML tag
In some cases Cross-tables cells could jump to another container
Offset when printing, if the page orientation did not coincide with the orientation of the printer
In some cases incorrect moving (upward and backward) elements of the data dictionary in Web Designer
An error when selecting a data column for charts, filters, sorting, if a relation is used
In some cases, when loading a report, incorrect page sizes were set
Possibility to set any separator character of fractions
Incorrect positioning of components in the band, in some cases
An error when using a specified style to the selected component on the designer page
An error when using standard styles in conditions
Instead of a null value for the date the 01/01/1970 value was returned
An error when working with certain data sets
It was impossible to set the data source, if it has different name and alias
It was possible to remove the Locked component out the report page
An error with alignment when exporting images
An error with calculating a size of the cross-table cells when justifying
The Image Rotation property did not work for images
An error with loading the XML data, if the method of loading data is used on the server
An error with scrolling names of properties in the Properties panel
An error with the Advanced Border Editor
Some styles to the conditions could not be applied. l of components