Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2016.1

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new static option to set the rounding StiOptions.Engine.MidpointRounding, by default it is set to MidpointRounding.ToEven.
Export to PDF. AES-128 encryption (Acrobat 7 and later).
The new barcode GS1-128.


Export to PDF. The SHA-256 digest now used for digital signature.
Increased speed of rendering large sub-reports. For complex reports speed increased in several times.
The report printing process can be interrupted by setting the IsStopped report flag.
Improved support for multi-threading when working simultaneously with the report template and ready report.
Selecting styles in the Gauge editor.
Improved handling of the CJK punctuation in the wysiwyg mode.
Export to PDF. Improved compatibility with the PDF/A standard.

Fixed Bugs:

If the text was split into several pages then, in some cases, formatting of text from the second page was incorrect.
Improved work of properties of the KeepHeaders band and PrintIfDetailEmpty for master-detail reports.
Исправлена ошибка при переключении локализации в дизайнере. Switching UI localization in the designer.
When selecting the type of displaying "Show From Series" labels the type by defaul was incorrectly displayed.
Highlighting the selected series in the chart editor after moving through the tabs.
EngineV2. The exception when using the group band after the data band with columns.
Some issues when using ReportCacheMode.
Incorrect processing of national characters in chart labels.
When enabling the RightToLeft property for the RichText component the clipboard failed when the page is refreshed.
The chart table has new properties DataCells.ShrinkFontToFitMinimumSize and DataCells.ShrinkFontToFit.
Export to PDF. In some cases, when using the checkbox, the backcolor of other components was incorrectly exported.
Some text wrapping rules in the Wysiwyg mode.
Some issues with drawing the advanced border.
If a component uses the style, the properties of the components, which are taken out of style are no longer displayed in the property grid.
Support for xFFFF literals in expressions.
An error displaying null-value in the ViewData designer.
Incorrect spacing when printing multi-line text in the StiTextQuality.Standard mode.
Some bugs in the parser of expressions.
Text wrap in Chinese/Japanese/Korean languages in the StiText Quality.Wysiwyg mode.
The new BreakIfTrue property is added into the Highlight Condition class. This property stops processing next conditions if the current is being executed.
Check for the correctness of the file name when saving from the viewer.
Customization of styles in the Gauge component.
Scale for the Chart and Gauge was not considered in the HTML export.
Export to PDF. There was an exception when exporting hyperlinks improperly created.
The focus on the selected type of Labels for the Chart component.
A few last report pages were not saved in some cases when using fast caching.
Exception when using the FNC1 command among digits in the Code 128 Auto bar-code.
In some cases, the sum of the page, when using the KeepFooterTogether property, was incorrectly calculated.
Improved work of the Copies property in the printing settings of the report.
When you export to XPS/Word/Excel the empty barcode was not hidden and was displayed with the default value.
Some issues with using WordWrap and Angle together with the component style.
Improved displaying of styles in the Style Designer editor.