Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2011.2.1100

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Report Checker
Report Globalization
The PrintOnAllPages property for the Header and Footer Band
Support for Double Pass of the Report Generator
A Report Setup dialog
Ability to change the page order in the designer
Exporting shapes in reports
A new Page Setup dialog in the designer
A new panel and editor of the variables
The CSV Export

Fixed Bugs:

Report Checker is improved
The newly created item in the data dictionary in Web Designer was not selected
A percent value was not correctly calculated when selecting an appropriate text format
A problem when selecting filters in the Cross-tab
A bug with the PrintOn property
A bug with the tag `li` when using HTML tags in a text
Some improvements in the Standard and Master-Detail Wizard
A bug with Thumbnails when showing a new report
Some improvements of the text dialog
Some bugs when editing a DataSource from Other DataSource in Web Designer
Some bugs when exporting to PDF
An error of positioning of the search bar in a viewer
An error when copying a Cross-tab
An error when creating a variable using the context menu
When closing the dialog box immediately after editing values, they could not be saved
An error when displaying a panel of switching pages, if there are many pages
An error when displaying information in the header of a Data Band in Web Designer
An error when printing a CheckBox
An error when printing a CheckBox component
In some cases Cross-tables cells could jump to another container
In some cases incorrect moving (upward and backward) elements of the data dictionary in Web Designer
In some cases, when loading a report, incorrect page sizes were set
Possibility to set any separator character of fractions
An error when using standard styles in conditions