Stimulsoft Reports.Flex 2016.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new export command line options to setup exports in ExportsFx: settings_image_compression_method, settings_image_resolution, settings_image_quality.


The KeepDetailsTogether property was changed on more functional KeepDetails in the Flash Designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Chart styles №26, 27, 28 were not loaded in DesignerFx.
IconCondition was incorrectly working when usong the Flex engine.
Incorrect work of the Reset function for the Request form User variables when using lists from the database in Flash.
In some cases, an incorrect rounding of the Y-axis values in Flash charts was applied.
Support for variables and parameters in a query when retreiving columns in Flash Designer.
The error with Copy/Paste of components from one report to another in the Flash Designer.
The error when setting the loading timeout of XML and JSON data in Flash Designer.
Issue with rendering charts with empty data.
The problem with the large timeout when using built-in XML and JSON data adapters in Flash designer.
Improved the editor to select data columns for the RichText component in the Flash designer.
The dialog box to open images for variables worked incorrectly in the Flash designer.
Align images in the middle and on the right edge of Flash Designer.
Portuguese UI localization.
Portuguese UI localization.