Stimulsoft Reports.ANGULAR 2024.2

Published on 04 March 2024
New Features
1.New functions were added: IsAllDataRowNullOrEmpty, IsDataEmpty, IsNumeric, IsNullOrEmpty and IsNullOrWhiteSpace.
2.Support for the .NET 8.0 framework in NuGet packages for all our products has been added.

1.The export format value "Ppt2007" has been replaced by the "PowerPoint" value. So now, you need to use the following line of code to export a report to the Microsoft PowerPoint format: report.ExportDocument(StiExportFormat.PowerPoint, file);.

Fixed Bugs
1.The RequestVerificationToken value for the GetScriptsResult() action in the NetCoreViewer and NetCoreDesigner components was not considered.
2.Export to Word. The transparent background of icons (Image.Icon) was exported incorrectly.

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