Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2019.3.6

Published on 23 September 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Icon chooser to OnlineMap.
The new class Stimulsoft.Report.Toolbox.StiToolboxSetup. Using it, you can configure the ToolBox status in designers from code.
New maps. Benelux and Scandinavia.
Indication of the export process of big dashboards.
Renaming page by double clicking on the tab page.
The ShowDashboard action is available for the interaction functionality of Chart and Table elements.
The Chart mode in OnlineMap.
The Designer Scale Mode option is added to the designer options.
The new map - Taiwan.
A selection of different icons for the Pictorial series.
Publishing for Angular 6 and 7 versions.
The new 'Syilver' theme is added to the Dashboards.
Access to the current row through the Row constant in the TableElement in the interaction.
The new window for creating maps. Now all types are displayed as tiles. Support for search has been added.
The new 'AliceBlue' theme is added to the Dashboards.
StiGaugeStyle. The new property - LinearScaleBrush.
Advanced Drill Down functionality was added to the Interaction of the Chart Element.
The ability to close opened tabs in the dashboards viewer.
New iif, choose and switch functions were added.
Additional conditions for the string types were added.
The Full Row Select and Drill-Down Filtered options were added to the table element interaction.
The new property - ChartElement.Legend.Labels.ValueType.
Conditions for the Indicator element.
Now you may use icons for Image.
New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than.
Support for Nullable Date in Data Transformation filters.
The Sort button is added to the element's action buttons.
Expressions are used now in gauge ranges in the Gauge element.
A new item in the menu File -> Help, where you can find links to user manuals, videos, samples and other helpful resources.
The ability to save an image from the image editor.
The Interaction property is added to the Image and Text elements.
The Edit Expression button is added to all expression fields.
Dashboards WPF. Added the ability to close the tabs of dashboards in the preview.
The Labels property was added to all types of the Chart element.
The Sybase ADS data adapter was added to the designer.
Data from Other Data Source is supported in Dashboards.
Constant Lines for Chart.
Conditions for Chart.
Support for Online Maps on Dashboards for WPF viewer.
Icon Alignment property for Indicator.
SeriesShowBorder property for the chart style.


Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the dictionary.
Async operations were added for a selecting data in the new data source form.
The Interaction property is added to the progress element.
Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the empty designer.
Async operations were added for drag&drop files to the report page.
Some improvements in working with resources and undo-redo stack.
Async operations were added for the operation of creating a new database based on a specified resource.
SpeedUp optimization in the process of deleting items in the dictionary.
SpeedUp improvements in the working with undo-redo buffer and report resources.
WinForms Designer. If the Stimulsoft.Wizard.Wpf assembly is not connected, it was impossible to create an empty dashboard in Ribbon-New.
Async loading of reports from Stimulsoft Cloud.
Async loading of recent reports.
Small improvements in the variable editor.
Using the Culture property of a report for drawing samples in the text format editor.
The appearance of marker display for linear chart types has beed changed.
Redesigned Auto Style rendering in Ribbon for dashboards. Now the component style is drawn in the required color, and not just the inscription Auto.
Some imrovements in Request from Users variables proccessing in the WinForms viewer.
Stimulsoft Designer is adopted for hi-res scaling resolutions.
Adaptation for hi-dpi style buttons for components in the Ribbon panel.
Speed optimizations in rendering dashboards.
Improved table export to all image formats.
We completely redesigned the style selection menu in Ribbon. Now styles are displayed in several columns for easy viewing.
The TopN button is added to the element's action buttons.
Some improvements in drawing indicators in the table element.
Dashboards WPF viewer. Cache clearing before loading a new report.
Some optimizations of the view data form.
The code editor is improved for better working with dashboards.
Some improvements of Drill-down reports from the Dashboards.

Fixed Bugs:

Footer is added to TableElement. It's possible to show summary.
Some troubles with the drill-down functionality in the WinForms dashboard viewer.
Some issues with localization in the designer.
A problem with rendering StiGauge if you enable the old editor mode.
The text rendering in StiMap is reworked.
The new map - Argentina is added.
Dashboards.WPF. Fixed error when opening mdx/mrx files in the viewer.
The error occurred when publishing a report with maps in the JS framework.
Some issues with the painting of the selected cells in the table element.
The heat map for Czech Republic did not work with the data connected.
Labels in maps on HIDPI were not beautifully rendered.
Some issues with packing and unpacking expressions when editing JSON resources.
Some issues with viewing the JSON resources.
The work of the Style property for Chart Labels.
An error occurred while selecting Value in the Conditions Chart that was removed from the Chart.
The transfer of parameters from a series of the Donut type did not work.
Improvements in the expression calculation in the dashboards.
StyleDesigner. When executing the GetStyleFromSelectedComponent operation, the Progress element ignored the ForeColor property.
Issues with drawing styles in the style designer were fixed.
A bug with showing a report rendering progress in the report designer in a HiDPI environment.
Export to Excel. Null reference exception in some cases.
Mouse over on a chart in a HiDPI environment.
Format Value for chart tooltip.
Color Each for Bubble Series.
WinForms, WPF. StiMap. When exporting to Image/Excel, the connected data was ignored and the map was drawn empty.
Some issues with position of the report checker in some situations.
Incorrect column names when exporting a table to data files (XML, JSON, CSV and others).
Improved export of dashboards to Excel, fixed styles when exporting dashboards and individual elements.
Some issues with calculation of variables in SQL Queries.
Improvements to parsing patches in maps - support for multiple values for the parameters H, h, V, v.
Analyze-cache should be cleaned when the Submit button is clicked.
Some issues with datetime filters.
Some issues with filters.
Cache cleaning when new report is opened.
Support for GSS codes for maps. You can set it in the Key field when connecting data.
The Login window. Fixed problem of incorrect positioning of the popup window.
Dashboards Wpf Viewer. Improvement on drawing special characters.
Tooltips for charts when using filters.
Support for formats for axis in charts.
A stackoverflow bug with some reports.
Some problems with editing a dashboard from the viewer.
Export of indicators in a table with width enabled stretching.
The catching of the incorrect storing type and wrong data row processing.
Some issues with viewing the JSON data in report resources which cannot be parsed as data.
Some problems with the DistinctCountIf function.
Some issues with exporting report from the report which was combined with dashboard.
Incorrect expression escaping was fixed in the Data Transformation property of an element.
Incorect working with 'code tab visible' property in the designer.
Some errors in working with encrypted files in the viewer.
The Layout propetty is now obsolete. Please use the Interaction property instead.
Some errors in the localization of the expression menu.
Support for Custom Map for Winforms and WPF.
Some issues with calculation of some values in the Pivot element.
Some issues with proxy settings.
When errors occur when saving/loading files from the cloud, the Owner was not set in the MessageBox and the window could fail under the current one.
A bug with saving the report designer window in a normal state.
Some issues with dashboards element's buttons.
Changed MinimumSize Ribbon Designer.
Issue with dropping Excel file on Dashboard.
Hotkeys stopped working.
Some troubles with saving position of the Designer.
Issue with Drill-down parameters from chart in Dashboards.
Issues with Drill-down to Report pages from Dashboards.
Duplicated parameter names aren't created more in the sql source editor form.