Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2020.1

Published on 19 December 2019
New Features
1.Support for ODBC and OLEDB data adapters in .NET Core. 
2.Asynchronous action methods for .NET Core components. 
3.A new Target Mode property that specifies the Percentage or Variation display for the Indicator. 
4.Font support for the progress element. 
5.Support for calculated column in the progress indicator. 
6.Drag&drop variables into dashboard elements. 
7.The new France18Regions and FranceDepartments maps. 

Fixed Bugs
1.The additional way to get variable value. 
2.The issue with the position of the TopN editor. 
3.The issue with saving and loading the TopN property of the Indicator and Progress elements. 
4.An incorrect way of the TopN working with a Bar chart. 
5.A bug with filtering data with the help of formatted argument from the Chart element. 
6.Differentiation of fields when they match the columns in Chart Conditions. 
7.Correct displaying of charts with negative values. 
8.Connect to Azure CosmosDB. 
9.PivotTable cell formating. 
10.Support of the ReportImage property when saving to JSON. 
11.Some issues with blocking the designer closing. 
12.Problems with labels in styles. 
13.Sorting did not work with TopN. 
14.A bug with the date format in some cases. 
15.Incorrect page order in drill-down. 
16.The error occurred when double click on a dashboard element.