Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2019.4

Published on 21 October 2019
New Features
1.Support for .NET Core 3.0.  2019.4.2
2.Support for the CosmosDB connection.  2019.4.2
3.User Sort to Chart,Gauge,Progress,Indicator elements.  2019.4.2
4.The MaximizeAfterCreating option was added to the designer.  2019.4.2
5.Support for Data.World.  2019.4.2
6.Sort menu for Chart, Gauge, Progress, Indicator elements in dashboards. 
7.Conditions for indicators elements in dashboard. 
8.Interactirons and Layout for Gauge,Progress, and Indicator elements. 
9.Support for MongoDB queries. 
10.The 'StiOptions.Designer.AllowAsyncDataCommands' option is added. 
11.Support for retreiving data from the Data.World online service.  2019.4.2
12.Ability to work with Fields Argument and Series in Chart Conditions.  2019.4.2

1.The Culture report property is now applied to formatting of all elements in the Dashboards. 
2.Rendering Axis Labels when specifying the Width property. 
3.Drawing charts with no data connection. 
4.Updated dashboard object creation code in the Publish wizard.  2019.4.2
5.Some improvements in sort localization in the table element UI.  2019.4.2
6.The Report.Culture property шы now applied to the DateTimePicker element.  2019.4.2
7.Animating all types of Line series markers for Chart.  2019.4.2
8.Column Chart animation when the Start From Zero axis value is set to false.  2019.4.2

Fixed Bugs
1.Clear dashboards and report cachs on the server side.  2019.4.2
2.If there was no data, the Table element did not show totals.  2019.4.2
3.A problem with disappearing dropdown menus.  2019.4.2
4.DatePicker could not select "Today".  2019.4.2
5.The error occurred when exporting a table with total in dashboards.  2019.4.2
6.CrossTab memory optimization.  2019.4.2
7.PivotTable memory optimization.  2019.4.2
8.A bug with styles when the type of a dashboard element was changed. 
9.Rounding values when working with variation in indicator conditions. 
10.Displacement of signatures in indicators. 
11.The problem with displaying elements with fractional size values. 
12.Some issues with SQL Command. 
13.A bug with applying the report culture setting to the chart element.  2019.4.2
14.Work with negative Range Color values in Gauge.  2019.4.2